No apologies for this edition. My Mum, who got me started in a road rally along with my Pop, was up for a sixteen-day holiday. We covered Alaska via plane, sternwheeler on the Chena River, the twelve-hour Alaska Railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage, beach bluff lodging, circle track races at Alaska Raceway Park on the 3rd of July, and down to the Homer Spit. I willingly gave up work for her and my Grand Niece's visit. While eager to try just about anything, at 83, she is unsure how many more treks she will make in the future. The USAF brought my family North to Alaska in 1973, and she has been back six times for visits. While rallying has oft been a part of those visits, the sport is inactive at this time for the local Region.

Honestly, I believed I would have hours each day to give to work-life and volunteer, yet...bed by midnight and lots of traveling didn't work in my favor! At some point, I just gave up and decided to "be in the moment." We are now back at the office and will do better at our volunteer delivery two times a month. We hope you'll all understand and choose to support our choice of family or volunteer time.
Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Crew