Just a quick note tonight, as we ready this Oct-Nov edition of RReNews for delivery! To be sure, it is cold here, with minus-0 temps for the last week. While we dress for it when going outside, I am ready for palm trees, a warm breeze, and sunshine! When are those Arizona Border rallies again?

You need to grab a beverage and a bowl of popcorn before you settle in with this edition! While we always have wonderful contributions to our pages, we were blessed and knocked it out of the park this month. Head to the bottom to find the SCCA Words from the Wheel: 2021 Championship Standings for Course, Tour, GTA, as well as learning the Manufacturer of the Year. Calls to action for the Robert V. Ridges Award, the Planning Calendar, news on the Virtual Convention in Jan '21, SCCA BOD Minutes for September and October, learn the USRRC 2021 host, and more!

Yet on your way down, you will find worthy articles, a podcast, and updates on Starr's Tips for TSD Rallyists. A parent who doesn't have favorites, I will venture to point a few stops you must make today!

Mike Shaw looks at the Nor'Wester as a first-time competitor, and it ends with one of the best podcasts for our sport in years! And, Sorem made me cry while listening to it! I was driving down to the KP (home to 20+ years of the multi-day Mayday Mayday rallies), and it had me melancholy with memories and moments of rally characters from my past! You will enjoy the conversation between him and Sorem. Perhaps we'll share some of those in the upcoming months!
• Sadly, it looks like we'll be saying goodby to Lily Tomlin in her role of "ringy-dingy," as it applies to the Richta GPS Checkpoints app. Continued improvement coming from Richta HQ!
Father and Son Sain take on the North by Northwest and New Jersey Monte in October
• Ride (literally) with Davis as he shares "vintage" adventures of the Great American Mountain Rally 
• Learn of the "only constant is change" for a recce-trek and planning for the Nor'Wester in the PNW
Beyer, aka Dr. Devio, an enjoyable, easy read on the Finger Lakes Region Route of All Evil
• Lessons learned by the Milwaukee Region on their successful Kettle Moraine Color Tour
• GTA events and ideas from the PCA Northern New Jersey Region - they are tricksters, indeed
• We like rallies, fun, and charity events – Westmoreland Ramble served up all that

As this edition is jam-packed, our December edition will have a return to the Starr's Armchair Rally column for his last submission and Smuncher's Attic – treasures from the archives of Bruce Gezon!

We've had some of our local rallyists struggling with Covid in the last two months, and I am grateful they were vaccinated prior. We are making strides of return to freedom of travel, and road rally schedules show that more are coming online in 2022.

There is much to be thankful for as we close out this year. In December, we begin our 10th year of working on Road Rally eNews. I hope you'll choose to be a part of our 10th year and be a part of this rally community that shares how-tos, posts up pre and post-event write-ups about their events, and serves to reach the road rally community across North America.
Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan