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ROAD RALLY eNews — January 2019
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos
2018 SCCA RoadRally Champions are Crowned
2018 SCCA Course Championship
2018 SCCA Tour Championship
2018 SCCA GTA Championship
2018 Lifetime Points & Manufacturer of Year
2018 SCCA GTA Lifetime Points
2018 SCCA TSD Lifetime Points
2018 SCCA Manufacturer of Year
The SCCA RoadRally competition season is based on a calendar year – January to December. As promised, RReNews publishes the standings for the SCCA National Road Rally Championships from Bruce Gezon , Points Keeper.

The Manufacturer's Championship will include all events sanctioned and also be known as the Championship Calendar. For the 2018 Manufacturer’s Championship after 541 cars competed in 46 championship rallies of which sixteen were Nationals for an average of 11.76 cars per event.
We want to thank Bruce for being faithful to RReNews and for providing the Standings so timely each month!
Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon
The January 1970 Sports Car News had several interesting articles and photos. The first photo is that of Vic Wallder, 1969 recipient of the Robert V. Ridges Memorial Award. He and his wife Jessie later moved to Florida where he continued to keep the Lifetime Points Standings until 1997. The article about the Highland Fling Rally has some good stuff regarding clarity and accuracy. The article continues on second photo.

The When In Rome... gimmick rally had 73 cars and a Caesarian ‘section’. Are rallies really harder now?

The last article tells about a New Jersey rally for planes, cars, and motorcycles. Planes? Really? I’ll bet the street signs were hard to see. Our October Thing was a creation for the Bell Lab group who you might know gave us Roger and Kathy Bohl, creators of the Heuer Robo rally computer. Twelve airplanes must have meant for some tricky maneuvering at intersections.
News has reached our Shores...
Road Rally Has Lost a Champion, Dave Jameson Passes
It is with deep sadness that I inform you that my very close friend and long-time rally partner, Dave Jameson , passed away yesterday evening. He had been suffering from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease for the past several years. Although he had many days where he was not able to communicate, Rosie and I were fortunate to have visited him recently on a good day when he was in good spirits and able to have a pleasant conversation.

We first met at local rallies in 1978 shortly after Dave and his family moved to Tucson. After competing together in 1985 in the Great Race in a 1936 Ford, we began running many SCCA rallies together. We drove to many of these events and enjoyed the adventure of the trips as much as the rallies. We talked about everything from history to astronomy to trains, as well rallying and cars, of course. Dave did it all, from TSD and gimmick rallies to Pro Rallies, Jeep Cup, and autocrosses, as well as taking many trips with his family to explore much of the United States. He and his wife, Lois, traveled extensively, visiting Spain, Italy, Greece, Africa, Bali, Israel, and Egypt, and Hong Kong. He always had a number of car projects underway at his “yard”, as he called it.

We would sometimes do what normal people would consider outrageous. We once drove to Phoenix with his truck and my Fiat X1/9 to run a First Friday Nighter after which we drove most of the night to Parker, Arizona to watch the Parker 400 offroad race. My Fiat stayed at a fellow rallyist’s house in Phoenix. After sleeping for a few hours on the ground in sleeping bags and then watching the race on Saturday, we drove back to Phoenix to stay at a motel. The next morning, we got up early to retrieve my Fiat and then both competed in an autocross before returning to Tucson late that night.

Dave was a truly dedicated rallyist. Besides running as many rallies as he could, he wrote countless local and SCCA rallies in the Tucson area. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the rally community.

No formal memorial service is planned, yet a memorial dinner with friends and family was held December 15 in Tucson. Dave is survived by his wife Lois and her family as well his son Daniel and his wife Ariel and family. Sincerely, Karl Broberg

RReNews will be running a further piece on Dave, with comments from those in the Road Rally Community and their exploits in rallying with Dave. Should you have stories to share, please send them to us at by February 1st.
Rally Wrap-Ups from West and East Coasts
Route of All Evil Road Rally by Rallymaster Frank Beyer

I, a rally junkie, make up imaginary courses rather than counting sheep. My time waster is Google Maps. My New Years resolutions involve rallies and my 2018 list included a Route of All Evil to celebrate my 50th year of getting lost on back...

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Whisker's Big Day at the Ghouls Gambol Rally, by Paul Eklund

For over 50 years, Ghosts, Goblins, Spooks, Spirits, the Dead, the Undead and even those that WISHED they were dead, have returned to haunt the Cascade Sports Car Club Halloween Rally. Like many road rallies today,...

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Susq Region & Frontier Barn Quilt Trail team up for...

As the 2018 year comes to an end I, as we all do, find myself reflecting on the year's activities. Now after 4 years as an SCCA member I consider myself a veteran to the autocross hobby. Still having so much more to learn about auto crossing my...

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"There's an App for That" by Rich Bireta
"Eliminating the need for checkpoint crews opens the door to different and better events than we have today.

I can envision a Divisional Rally with 50 timed checkpoints or a National with 200 timed checkpoints. Compare that to the minimum 9 and 18 today.

Long distance, linear events from Hell to Paradise (Michigan) for example (look them up on Google Maps) can be staged with no concern for checkpoint worker logistics and no need to pause the competitors while the checkpoint crews move to stay ahead of the competing cars."
There's an App for That

By CRRwUS on December 23, 2018 December 2018 - 2019 promises to be an exciting year for Road Rallying in terms of the technology used for timing and scoring. There is one automated system currently available and another planned for early 2019.

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Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
Post Your Upcoming Rally Dates and Invites HERE?
You bet ! We welcome you to Come Join Us! RReNews is not an SCCA Publication, yet produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America by road rally enthusiasts.

Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, Furrin Group, or local marque clubs! Please checkout our growing list of Road Rally events across North America here !

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to list, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events . And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here !
WI: Return of the Yeti Road Rally

The Return of Yeti Road Rally is back for 2019! Save the date! Come and run the best snow-covered backroads Wisconsin has to offer. Proceeds benefit Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter, and the Beaver Dam High...

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PA: 2019 Food Drive Road Rally

Everyone feels great about giving during the holidays, but what happens when we get into the depths of winter after the New Year? It's cold, it's dark, but people are still hungry. The SCCA Philadelphia Region says let's break out some cars and...

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VT: Winter Challenge Rally

The 15th Annual Winter Challenge Rally Weekend will consist of a single SCCA New England Region rally running from 4PM Saturday until 2AM Sunday with two breaks. Although no car-breaking roads will be used, the majority of the roads chosen are...

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SC: Rally Your Heart - The Krewes Rally

Rally Your Heart, will be held over the March 30-31st weekend this year. Rally Your Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising donations and awareness for charitable organizations for Military Veterans.

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AZ: Trail to Vail Road Rally

The Arizona Border Region prepares for their Arizona Border Spring Weekend . Rallymaster John Sears. Registration is in the breakfast room of the Comfort Suites at 11A, with the rally starting at Noon and ending at approximately 4P. Registration...

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HI: Dub81 Subaru Charity Road Rally

We are also happy to announce Servco Subaru Honolulu has agreed to sponsorthe SCCA Hawaii Rally program for 2019. With Servco Subaru Honolulu's supportwe've been able to donate $2500.00 to Make-A-Wish Hawaii for 2018. In 2017we raised $3000.00...

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PA: Steel Haul National Course Rally

Got this FYI on the Steel Haul National Course Rally this morning, January 11, 2019, and we'll be updating as news comes in from C huck Larouere, Rallymaster. See information on the Iron Run Divisional Course Rally scheduled for April 28th and...

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PA: Iron Run Divisional Course Rally

Got this FYI on the Iron Run Divisional Course Rally this morning, January 11, 2019, and we'll be updating as news comes in from Chuck Larouere, Rallymaster. See information on the Steel Haul National Course Rally scheduled for April 27th and...

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SCCA Matters — Words from the Wheel, Rally Planning Calendar and NEC Chairman Update
News from the SCCA Natl Events Committee by Mike Thompson

It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. Blame it on a lack of nagging by Cheryl. The 2018 season is wrapped up, and you'll find the Standings elsewhere in this edition. Congratulations to those Champions.

The 2019 National Championship Calendar is well underway. As of now there are five confirmed National Course Rallies, four confirmed National Tour Rallies, three confirmed Divisional Tour Rallies, and two confirmed Divisional GTA Rallies. If your Committee is considering a National or Divisional event, please calendar it as sooner rather than later. Remember it costs nothing to calendar an event. 

One of the topics of discussion on a NEC conference call was the definition of BLINKER in the Road Rally Regs (RRR) glossary. The definition was written decades ago to define overhead blinkers encountered at intersections and blinkers at a railroad crossing. We are now starting to see blinkers at crosswalks, some of which are nearly impossible to discern unless they are operating, blinkers surrounding stop signs, and speed warning blinkers that only blink when you are speeding. The dilemma is do we rewrite the definition to clearly support these ‘new style’ blinkers, leave the definition as defined, or delete it entirely. In the meantime, organizers should be aware of the various kinds of blinkers that may be encountered.

We welcome your input on this blinker matter, and I encourage you to send your comments to .

December 23, 2018
Mike Thompson , NEC Chairman
News from RRB Chairman Jim Crittenden
To: SCCA RoadRally Community
Subject: RoadRally Update
As our 2018 SCCA RoadRally season is nearly complete, there are several items related to next year’s season that I want to pass along to you.

There will be only two minor changes to the 2019 SCCA RoadRally Rules (RRRs). Time allowances must be allowed on all SCCA rallies for any reason and without penalty. This is a safety measure and is merely codifying what is already being done on almost all rallies these days. Second, the following sentence will be added to Article 18: For tour rallies, it is considered desirable to set the leg times close to the middle of the second or hundredth whenever possible.

Sanction and insurance fees will remain mostly unchanged next year. Social rallies will pay for insurance based on the number of cars. The 2019 sanction and insurance fee structure that we expect to be approved by the SCCA Board of Directors is:
Rally Type, Sanction Fee, Insurance Fee, Total Per Car Fees/Notes
National $10/car $4/car $14/car
Divisional $4/car $4/car $8/car
Regional $2/car $4/car $6/car
Social No Sanction Fee $4/car $4/car up to a maximum of $40/event. Maximum total rally distance: 75 miles. May not be a part of any championship award series.
Charity $80/event Flat Fee. Must be a 501C3 Charity.
Multi-day As above $4/car/day

Best Regards,
Jim Crittenden
Chair – RoadRally Board
From the Home Office in Palmer...
From the Home Office in Palmer…

Last time we wrote, we asked, "Are you a techie? We like gadgets and the latest devices, yet are more geek than tech!" We are back and glad to report we are making our way through the latest Wordpress upgrades and building out our website once again. To those not on Facebook (where we do post on occasion), please remember that you can keep-up with our posts there directly on our webpage!

Thank you to those who wrote, called, and visited with us in person over fourth quarter of 2018. There is no difference in simply turning the page on a calendar, yet we are delighted that 2018 has closed with its challenges for our RReNews Team, and we begin with a fresh sheet before us.

On November 30th, we had an earthquake here in Alaska, that got our attention! Worse were the multiple aftershocks daily, and while they have spread in the "reminders" they are still as unsettling as ever. We were overwhelmed by the care and concern many of you expressed via texts, phone calls and emails in those first few days! Thank you for your caring and concern.

We very much appreciate the support of Cascade Sports Car Club and Paul "Pablo" Eklund to share our posts and encourage readership. And with that, we apologize we had a small break in production; as volunteers too, we know you are still with us and we are grateful for that! Peter Schneider , your submitted pieces are not lost in the internet, yet will be filling the upcoming pages!

A reminder to all that while we have produced RReNews in association with the Sports Car Club of America since 2013, our efforts is to provide a community for all Road Rally on North America which SCCA has supported as it brings awareness to the sport — we search out events from independent car clubs, communities, and marque clubs!
To those of you receiving this edition as your first Road Rally eNews, welcome to our motorsports family! We are a collaborative effort — should you be a Rallymaster, please send in your information months out (as soon as you have the details 'n date), send photos 'n standings 'n post-event write-ups! Rallyists write your experiences, contribute to our There is an App for That, My First Road Rally, and be a part of this road rally community!

We hope you will checkout our in-progress website, which has survived the recent Gutenberg Wordpress update. We have been challenged with our calendar app in this migration, yet it appears we are good to go and ready for your events to be listed! Please check it out, and more importantly — please send us the dates and information about your upcoming area road rally events! The RReNews crew removed over 134 events (due to the updates with Wordpress), and while we were disheartened to see the history removed — we admit it gave us a sense of starting fresh in 2019! Later this Spring we will release a means for you to post up your events directly via Community Events. Stay tuned.

We've been blessed with temps from -2° to 19° these past few weeks. I am ready for 35° weather; it is all relative, isn't it? I am certainly enjoying the length of days increasing since the Winter Solstice. It is getting noticeable, especially on sunny days!

In closing, thank you for your time and we'll see you down the road,

Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Team
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It's Here, so Let's Use It!
We encouraged all of you to start using the #comeroadrally hashtag in your posts about rallying. One reader wrote to ask what that meant and how it could help! It is a means to easily find information on the internet for common causes. Perhaps you have attended a seminar, wedding, or motorsport event where they have asked you to use a hashtag in your posts? Hashtag is # for those unfamiliar. So should you enter #comeroadrally into your browser, you may find a similar page such as this where you can find articles, images and more about road rally (and a few oddities beyond)!
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