"Republican" Caucus Targets GRA-Endorsed Nominees
They say that after the primary is over, all Republicans are supposed join together, sing Kumbaya, and work together to get our Republican nominees elected in November. That's what they said, anyway, before the GRA helped 13 of our endorsed Republican State House candidates win their Republican nominations in the May primary. As some nominees and new activists are learning now, that's "rules for thee and not for me!"

All in all, the GRA got not only 13 endorsed State House candidates primary wins, but also won three endorsed State Senate races, two congressional candidate races, and three state-wide races!

But last weekend, the State House Republican Caucus (which is controlled by Speaker David Ralston) met with the Republican nominees in Georgia to give several of our endorsed nominees in viable races against Democrats the ol' smack down: How dare you get the endorsement of the GRA?! If you are with the GRA, we will provide you with zero help in the general election—and we may even find a way to help your opponent! If you're with the GRA, we're against you!
RINO Speaker David Ralston
(R-Blue Ridge)
At least three of these endorsed nominees have received intense pressure to renounce the GRA, their endorsement, and even their membership in the GRA!

So right now when the Atlanta Establishment could be trying to mend old wounds and build bridges to earn conservative support for the general election —instead they're stirring more division! Why would they risk losing these critical viable seats to Democrats? Why sabotage their own party? Why would the State House "Republican Caucus" be so against activists dedicated to promoting accountability to the principles of the Republican platform?
This is the same caucus leadership that opposed a special session to investigate and evaluate the allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, and who opposed getting rid of the QR codes and the absentee drop boxes. It's also the same ones who pushed the Mental Heath Parity bill, who imposed eugenics (it's okay to murder the baby this alternative way) language on the Heartbeat bill, who blocked the Constitutional Carry bill for several years, who blocked legislation to stop taxpayers from having to pay for abortion services for state employees, who "balance the budget" as our state law requires by issuing more debt through bonds, etc., etc., etc.

In each of these fights and more, it has been the GRA and our endorsed legislators who have been standing up against this wayward Republican leadership. Our numbers are growing in the legislature with this recent batch of primary victories, and it's making them nervous. Why?

Because it would only take ten votes to unseat David Ralston (Blue Ridge) from being Speaker of the Georgia State House, and they know that most of our endorsed candidates have pledged to vote against Ralston as Speaker next year. They also know we are in reach of obtaining that objective. They know we are a threat to these RINOs. They fear us.
So now more than ever we need to support our GRA endorsed candidates! Any donations you can make to the GRA-PAC to help us get them elected in November will work to secure them as champions for you in the causes you care about! If you agree that our endorsed nominees need to stay courageous and stand up to Ralston, then chip in $25, $50, or $100 today to help them win this November!

If the Republican Caucus won't support them, and is using intimidation tactics to pressure them to cave, they need to count on us.
Support our GRA-endorsed Republican nominees.
Let's encourage and embolden our endorsed candidates to courageously stand up for the issues that concern us from the Republican platform — the issues so many Republicans in the legislature seem reluctant to advance! Don't abandon them to the intimidation tactics of David Ralston and his gang of thugs in the so-called "Republican" Caucus. Help us fight back with your $50, $100, or $250 donation today.
Our GRA-endorsed legislators have been the few Republicans consistently standing up for you and I—the grassroots—in our concerns at the state legislature.
Federal Jury Awards Judge Roy Moore $8.2 Million in Damages After Finding a Democrat Super-PAC Defamed Him in the 2017 U.S. Senate Race in Alabama
In spite of winning two state-wide elections as Chief Justice of Alabama, and winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, Judge Roy Moore has never been favored by the Republican Establishment.
Speaking of the double-standards of the RINOS and the Establishment, do you recall how back in 2017 they threw stalwart conservative Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore of Alabama under the bus when he was suddenly outrageously accused about 30 days before the general election of things that had allegedly occurred nearly 40 years earlier—even though no such allegations had ever come up in his two previous elections for Chief Justice of the state?
With so many dissatisfied with many of the RINOs holding the nomination for November, we often hear the chant, "But any Republican is better than a Democrat!" Well, where was the attitude of “any Republican is better than a Democrat” in the 2017 Alabama U.S. Senate race? Guess what? If they hadn’t let the Democrat win that race, Republicans would still have control the U.S. Senate today, and all of these terrible Democrat bills everyone is complaining about wouldn’t be getting through.

But at least Judge Roy Moore is getting some vindication now.
Former Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama State Supreme Court
A federal jury has awarded Republican Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages after finding a Democratic-aligned super PAC defamed him in a TV ad during the 2017 U.S. Senate general election. Jurors found the Senate Majority PAC made false and defamatory statements against Moore in an ad that attempted to highlight the accusations against Moore. The verdict was returned by the jury after a trial in Anniston. Earlier this year, Judge Moore also deflected a defamation suit against him when one of his accusers sued him for calling her a liar when he denied her accusation. This new trial result could be a game-changer for Republicans such as Roy Moore, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas who have been the targets of long-ago accusations without verifying witnesses.
Special Event This Thursday
This coming Thursday evening, August 18th, you'll get a chance to hear a report from an attorney who has worked closely with Chief Justice Roy Moore and his successor to the Alabama State Supreme Court, as he gives a report on what is being called "the U.S. Supreme Court's best term in American history!"
Attorney Ben DuPré, Chief of Staff for the last two elected Chief Justices of the
State of Alabama
Ben DuPré is the husband of Jerusha DuPré and the father of seven children, who are educated at home through Ezekiel Academy. Ben is a constitutional law attorney licensed in Virginia and Alabama. Although born and raised in New York, Ben came south as soon as he could, attending Regent University Law School in Virginia, before moving to Montgomery in 2001 to work for Chief Justice Roy Moore at the Alabama Supreme Court on the same day the Ten Commandments monument was installed. In 2003 Ben left the Court to work with Chief Justice Moore at the Foundation for Moral Law for nine years, defending religious liberty and advocating for the pre-born in Georgia, Alabama, and across the country.

Since 2013, Ben served as Chief of Staff for both Chief Justice Moore and now Chief Justice Tom Parker. Ben serves as a deacon at Evangel Church in Montgomery, and is grateful to be saved by grace and to be a survivor of Roe v. Wade.
Funds raised from this event will go toward helping our endorsed candidates in the community get elected in November and supporting our other outreach efforts. Here is a summary of the location and times for this up-coming event:

Cobb RA County Convention
Held at the Cobb GOP Headquarters
799 Roswell Street NW, Marietta, GA 30060
$35 registration (refreshments & dessert included)
$20 registration with season pass
Thursday, August 18, 2022
7:00 PM EST (guest speaker)

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