Good Shepherd Lutheran School
Preparing His lambs… Sharing His grace
Volume 12, Issue 37
"Called to Serve"
Verse: I Peter 4:10
May 26, 2021
Eighth Grade Graduation
On Thursday, May 27, at 7pm, our eighth graders will be graduating from Good Shepherd Lutheran School.  Our speaker for the evening will be Mr. Stephen Bernau. We congratulate them on a job well done, and pray for them as they move on to the next stage in their schooling. The service will be family only. Thank you for understanding.
Church and School office is now on Summer Hours
The office will be open 9am -1pm daily starting Tuesday, June 1st through Friday, August 20th.
Last Chance for Yearbooks!
If you missed the chance to order a school yearbook and would still like one, we have a very limited number of extra copies for purchase. The cost is $13 each.
Report cards will be coming home with your students on Friday. Please ask your student for the report card. Along with it a school supply lists and calendar for 2021-22 will be included.
2021-22 School Calendar are here. Plan your Vacations!

New next year! Student photos will be done in August.

Calendar will continue to evolve as we work on adding in all our Fun events.
Upcoming Events
Wizard Math Tournament
Spring Virtual Band Concert
27 8th Grade Graduation 7pm
28 Last Day of School/End of 4th Quarter
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The Results Are In!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our online PTL meeting this month. We are excited to welcome Stephanie Mulby (Vice President) and Jena Carr (Treasurer) to the PTL Board for the 2021-2022 school year! The vote was unanimous to bring in the snow cone truck for all students to enjoy during the last week of school. Who knew there were so many flavors of snow cones available? The kids completely enjoyed it. THANK YOU
The final question regarding the our tithing recipient was a FOUR WAY TIE with equal votes for each charity listed. 
Sadly, it’s time to say good bye to our PTL President, Sara Weinkauf, and Treasurer, Julie Haversack for their years of service as their terms are finished! THANK YOU for your time, talents, and commitment to our students, families, staff, and school! WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!
Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas on our meeting. Stay tuned for more information for our Annual Golf Outing that will take place on Sunday, September 19th.
Do you feel too old to play?
Do you feel bad that your kids aren't in organized activities? Stuart Brown is an expert on play and he says that play is an essential part of life and it is something that needs to happen throughout your life, even as adults. Summer is coming and it's time to let your children and you play, play in one of the chief ways we feel joy. Link to Stuart Brown's TED talk. Play is more than just fun
It’s that time of year again to make sure that all of your accounts are in good standing, and that your balances will be paid off by the last day of school, May 28th. This would included registration, tuition, lunch, daycare, and library accounts. Please contact the school office to make any final payment arrangements or to inquire about pay-off amounts.
Reenrollment at Good Shepherd will not be considered complete until all fees for the current school years are paid in full.    Thank You!
4th quarter Chapel Offerings
Penny Wars for Samaritan Purse

Current total $1,663.62!

Vote for your favorite animal by putting change in jars.

Dollar bills will count against an animal!

Last week standings
1st place Goats 24,490pts
2nd place Chicks 3114pts
3rd place Cows -2128pts
4th place Honeybees -5514pts,
Parents corner!
Most families at some point experience power struggles between parents and kids. These struggles can create tension and stress for everyone in the family, and they do not help us nurture a respectful atmosphere within the family. One technique for defusing power struggles, as well as alleviating stress, is the simple act of asking questions.
 Which is more powerful, a question or a statement?
  “Stop behaving that way,” is more likely to create resistance than saying, “Can you save that behavior for later?”
 “That’s too expensive. I’m not buying it,” will probably create more of a battle than, “How are you planning to pay for that?”
 “Take out the trash. I’m not taking you to your friend’s house until you do,” stands a better chance of starting a protracted argument than, “When do you suppose I’ll be willing to take you to your friend’s house?”
 Many times, a thoughtful inquiry has a far greater impact on our kids’ thinking and behavior than a statement. Why is this?

 Statements tend to create resistance.
Questions are more likely to create thinking.
Why are questions so powerful? Do they cause our minds to search for closure in the form of answers? Does the brain have less energy to fight when it’s busy pondering a question?
 Examples of strategic questions include:
  • When do I allow kids to enjoy treats?
  • When do I listen to kids?
  • Who needs to decide what type of life you have? Can I make sure that you have the skills you will need to get a job, or is that something that is really up to you?
  • What do you think might happen if you don’t let me know where you are? If you ran into a serious problem, how would I know where to find you in order to help?
  • When I pick up your toys for you, who gets to keep them?
  • How can you prove that you are ready to drive the car?
 As our children get older, will they need even better decision-making skills than we needed when we were their age? Are the consequences of their decisions far more serious than they were even a decade ago? Are there more life-and-death questions today? How will our children get good at thinking?
 Sometimes it’s smart to tell our kids what to do, but will we enjoy fewer power struggles if we keep this to a minimum?
 What’s another benefit of asking questions? When we ask questions, we communicate a very powerful and loving message:
I know that you can think! I believe in you!

For more great advice, visit

Michelle Gerlach family life coordinator
23 - Eliana Schuett
23 - Alex Schuett
23 - Isaac Usinger
24 - Noah Wright
Jefferson & Dodge Counties Gift Card Drive
As Safe Families continue to get calls on our intake line, we are often left with a rapid need for clothes or other supplies to help out our host families or families in crisis. While Circles of Support in local churches can fill these needs on an ongoing basis, sometimes the needs are immediate and cannot wait for a team to coordinate their efforts. To fill this gap, we are holding a gift card drive! Please send cards in amounts of $20, $40 or $80.

Walmart gift cards can be used to support immediate needs of host families or families in crisis.
Gas card donations can help our parents in care get to a new job or fund transportation for school or family visits.

Please send gift cards to:
Safe Families for Children
c/o Watertown Health Foundation
600 East Main Street, Suite 200
Watertown WI 53094
Watertown Public Library's 2021 Summer Library Challenge: Tails & Tales! 
Check out their created videos and flyers to share all of the fun programs that are coming up this summer in person and information about the Summer Library Challenge. They have got some great prizes and programs this year!
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