August 10 , 2016 

Rams Legends and Mayor Butts Received by Governor Brown, Sen. Hall, Assemblywoman Burke and Legislature

On August 9th, State Senator Isadore Hall and Assembly Speaker Pro-Tem Autumn Burke coordinated a reception for the Mayor of Inglewood and the Rams organization celebrating their return to the State of California.  The Rams were represented by Executive Vice President Kevin Demoff and Hall of Fame greats Eric Dickerson, Jim Everett, Jackie Slater, and Vince Feragamo.  Mayor James Butts represented Inglewood.  After a luncheon, the delegation was received at the Capitol by the body of the Assembly and the body of State Senators.  Mayor Butts thanked the legislators for the support they had extended to the City during its rise from the verge of bankruptcy to fiscal prosperity and national prominence.  Afterwards the delegation was received in by Governor Jerry Brown in his office.  The Governor was presented with the renderings of the now under construction Champions Plaza at the former Hollywood Park Racetrack site.  Later, photo opportunities for the legislators were held in a capitol conference room.
It was clear from our reception that Inglewood is high on the radar of elected officials governing California. We have rightfully earned the respect due a City that has faced its challenges head on and made the decisions and sacrifices necessary to transcend our circumstances. The good will generated by this visit will pay collaborative dividends in the future for our City.

Governor Brown, Jim Everett, Mayor Butts review Champions Plaza Development Plans  (Gerard McCallum right front of photo)
Mayor Butts, Jackie Slater, Kevin Demoff, Jim Everett, Vince Ferragamo, and Eric Dickerson

 Take a peek inside the new Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood before it opens

Liberace would be at home among these elegant, plush lounges, custom bars and wood-and-leather gaming tables.

Inspired by increasingly popular Las Vegas-style casino resorts, the new Hollywood Park Casino - the first of several stunning developments promised in the Inglewood complex that will be home to the Los Angeles Rams - bears no resemblance to its neon-accented predecessor next door.

The wide-open chandelier lobby invites visitors into a lounge, sports bar and gaming rooms. Designers wanted to make it accessible to people looking to watch a game, buy a drink, or get dinner before seeing a show at the nearby Forum.

Message From D4 Ralph Franklin
Forum Traffic Mitigation

First of all, please know that the City of Inglewood is making diligent efforts to minimize the impact of Forum event traffic on neighboring communities in the Renaissance and Carleton Square communities.
With that said, we are aware of a traffic control issue that took place at the conclusion of the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, July 31. At the conclusion of this particular event, an unauthorized change to the traffic control ordinance was made authorizing one-way traffic flow, eastbound, on Pincay Drive from Kareem Court to Crenshaw Blvd. This unauthorized change prevented the residents of both the Renaissance and Carleton Square from accessing their properties from Crenshaw Blvd via Pincay Drive. A Renaissance resident brought this particular issue to our attention this week, and our City's Public Works Administration have addressed and rectified this breach of the established protocol.
Second, be advised that a Special Use Permit (SUP) for traffic flow control at the conclusion of Forum events which includes the immediate closing of Pincay Drive, between Prairie Ave and Kareem Court, and to minimize traffic impacts on neighboring residents and to allow event staff to begin the immediate task of breaking down and loading trucks with event props and equipment. This closure is designed to force traffic to exit the Forum parking lot onto either Prairie Ave or Kareem Court. For those exiting onto Kareem Court, all traffic is forced northbound towards Manchester Blvd and is not allowed to drive towards or onto Pincay Drive. There is an exception if there is a Forum event with a "lower than normal" attendance. Then there would be few if any street closures and Pincay Drive would be open to normal eastbound and westbound traffic.
It should also be noted here that in preparation for and during Forum events, the SUP requires that "hard closures" (no through access) are put in place on Pincay Drive at Carleton Way immediately west of the entrance to Carleton Square. This hard closure allows eastbound traffic to travel only as far as Carleton Drive but prevents vehicles from travelling to the Forum. The SUP was purposely set in place to, among other things, allow the residents of the Renaissance and Carleton Square both ingress and egress to their homes from Pincay Drive during Forum events. In addition to the hard closure at Pincay Drive and Carleton Drive, an electronic signage board is placed about 200 yards from Crenshaw Blvd, on Pincay Drive, to alert Forum event attendees and others that there is no through access to Forum.
Finally, due to the single entrance/exit limitation at the Renaissance, the priority will always be to insure that residents of the Renaissance have access to their homes at all times and especially during and after Forum events. However, the closure of Pincay Drive, between Prairie Ave and Kareem Court, at the conclusion of Forum events will remain in effect to insure nearby residents have access to their homes through authorized traffic channels and to insure the most efficient and expeditious departure of event attendees from the Forum and the surrounding parking lots.
Looking ahead to the building of the Stadium, prior to that project coming on -line, traffic controls will put in place to, again, insure that residents in the neighboring communities, including the Renaissance, have access to their homes at all times including the addition of a new road that will approach the Renaissance crash gate near Medici Lane.  Big thank you to Councilman Franklin and Claudette Matthews for this comprehensive response.  I called the constituent and they wrote a comprehensive turnaround in one day to the resident.  Bravo to both.
Cloud-Powered Virtual Health System Grows in Inglewood


Ten years ago, Brad Schmidt left a high-flying sales job with a major healthcare OEM to bring first-class imaging services to the underserved community of southwestern Los Angeles County. Today, that outpatient imaging enterprise performs around 25,000 screening and diagnostic procedures per year-predominantly MRI, CT and PET/CT.

All along, Schmidt's vision as a founding CEO has been to operate as a "virtual health system." He defines this as a center of healthcare excellence that doesn't need a hulking bricks-and-mortar presence to make life-changing health technologies "affordable, scalable and approachable" for the 5 million folks who live within the catchment area of Inglewood Imaging Center.

This vision has become reality. But with more than 3,000 referring physicians in the area, Schmidt says there's still plenty of room for growth.



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