Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA)
Announces Leadership Succession
We are pleased to announce that Randi Moore has been appointed CEO of the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA), one of the state's leading housing development nonprofit organizations providing housing and related relief to more than 10,000 families. Moore has been with AHA since November 2020, when she joined the organization as COO.
As CEO of AHA, Moore will build on the incredibly successful legacy of the retiring CEO, Donna M. Blaze, while steering the organization forward with plans to grow.

"The Board is truly grateful to Donna Blaze for her uncompromising dedication to to AHA's mission, her passion and leadership over more than a quarter century as CEO," adds Jeffrey G. Price, President of the AHA Board of Directors. "We look forward to working with Randi Moore and welcome her as the new leader of AHA. And we thank Dennis C. Miller Associates for conducting a very professional and successful executive search."

In addressing her new role with the organization, Moore was encouraged with how welcoming the AHA team has been during this transition and is excited for the opportunity to carry on its mission. “The Affordable Housing Alliance has been an incredible resource for the residents of this state for decades. I am honored to be here, and lead the dedicated and talented staff as we build on Donna’s legacy for years to come.”

Before joining the Affordable Housing Alliance this past November, Moore spent almost a decade at the Hudson County Division of Housing and Community Development. Prior to that, Moore gained experience coordinating statewide initiatives to end homelessness at Monarch Housing, and as a Director of Real Estate Development at the New Jersey Community Development Corporation in Paterson, NJ.

Blaze indicated that she is excited to have such a talented and qualified professional take the reins of an organization she holds dear. "Randi has the same compassion and drive to help residents of New Jersey have the opportunities to live a safe and healthy life that I do," she says. "It will be a relief to know the mission of AHA will continue to grow and have a positive impact throughout our communities."

Please join us in congratulating Randi Moore. We are confident that she will be an outstanding leader for AHA.
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