May 21, 2020
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Happy Thursday! I wanted to share a couple quick bites I thought you'd enjoy, and include a shameless plug for a new offering that my partners just launched (it's muy bueno, I promise!)
Everything Old is New Again

At this point, who doesn't want to get out of the house and enjoy a great burger or go to a movie?

And who isn't thinking wistfully of better, simpler times and summer traditions?

So, it's not surprising that classic drive-in restaurants and movie theaters are seeing surging demand...they offer social distancing-compliant escapes to stir crazy families everywhere.

Unfortunately, there aren't many left.

They have slowly declined in number and vigor, replaced by fancy cinemas, cheap big screen TVs and convenient home food delivery.

Today, just over 300 drive-in theaters exist in the United States. Drive-in restaurants are more common, but still much less so than in their heyday.

And with capacity limits further restricting availability, it is a safe bet that these establishments will enjoy sustained business for the foreseeable future.

Let's hope it rekindles a relationship that burns strong for many years to come.
Pandemic revitalizes drive-in movies, restaurants

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - As many businesses are going through hard times right now, others are gaining more customers during this pandemic. Drive-in restaurants used to be thought of as a dying business model but now they're thriving under the state's...

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Bono's Letters to Artists

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, U2's frontman explains why he took the time - on the occasion of his 60th birthday - to write fan letters to 60 artists (living & dead) who he says saved his life through their music.

The result is a collection of thoughtful insights about the songs and the artists.

And one helluva playlist.
Bono: 60 Songs That Saved My Life

Bono celebrates his 60th birthday by writing 60 fan letters to his musical heroes, from the Beatles and the Ramones to Beyoncé and Billie Eilish

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It Started with Hope

The Last Dance wrapped up this weekend with Jordan looking back on his incredible career.

I enjoyed the reminder that he achieved global recognition as an individual in a time before social media existed...that seems impossible in retrospect.
I also appreciated his addressing criticisms that he was sometimes too tough on fellow players: “My passion on the basketball court should have been infectious, because that’s how I tried to play. I played for them”

But my favorite line was his recognition of how the dream began as a young, unproven player with a dream and a vision: “Started with hope. Started with hope.”
Some of you are aware that we have been looking at the best way to pivot our events business (Exclusive Event Experiences) to adjust to current conditions while maintaining our commitment to delivering events that form deep connections through innovative experiences. 

It was also important to find ways to incorporate the incredible elements (content, food, music, products, etc.) that many of our collaborators deliver so well. 

And, we wanted to be differentiated from the other options out there (e.g., Zoom-tail parties, dinner deliveries , etc.), which seem to becoming predictable and increasingly boring. 
Our solution is  2gthr. 
2gthr (pronounced “together”) merges virtual & physical elements and incorporates the critically important role of professional event curation to elevate the group experience and create real connections between the participants… bringing them closer 2gthr.
We are in the process of curating both corporate and consumer experiences that pull-through many of the fantastic offerings of our partners. Here are a few examples:

  • Online wine tastings led by a sommelier with attendees receiving tasting kits and monogramed wine glasses in gift boxes with invitations

  • Professional development sessions for employees including facilitated panel discussion, celebrity keynote speaker and breakout sessions using materials delivered to attendees in gift package ahead of meeting

  • Boat Drinks cocktail parties with a professional mixologist leading guests through preparation of tiki cocktails using ingredients sent in advance
This week we announced the launch of our  Pop-Up, Drive-In Movie experience.

Bring the party to your office parking lot or store location, with turnkey production, licensing, brand and company content incorporation, food & beverage, and security & safety, all handled by the 2gthr team of professional event producers.

Showcase your brand, give back to the community, reward your employees, or host your clients with this family friendly activation that provides your guests with a much-needed night out of the house.

Not only will your guests be thrilled to get out of the house, but they will associate your brand with the first real “event” they’ve attended in months.

Drive-In Movie experiences include:
• Mobile HD video screens (up to 33’ wide)
• Concert-quality sound system and/or FM simulcast
• Parking layout and social distancing management
• Custom event webpage, invitations, RSVPs, and tickets
• Snack and beverage service with vehicle delivery
• Photo capture during event

Turnkey Event Production:
• Dedicated event producer
• Creative support for invitations & messaging
• Management of all equipment and personnel
• Content licensing and brand/message incorporation into program

Available Enhancements:
• Pre-/post-event entertainment, such as live band or DJ
• Upgraded food & beverage packages
• Luxury restroom trailers with sanitation attendants
• Customizable souvenirs (e.g., logo blankets, apparel, face masks, etc.)

Call Matt at (855) 77-2GTHR for pricing and details.
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