January 2015
No. 4

World Masters Athletics Rankings News
January News and Highlights 
Rankings Status

What a (almost) year!  Who would have thought at this time last year that MastersRankings.com would try to bring its rankings system benefits to the world. The goal on February 2, 2014 when I decided to do this was to provide worldwide, all-inclusive, real time rankings lists from 2013 on. This effort has proven to be much more time consuming and difficult than I had thought.

A huge thank you to our friends in Australia, France, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, Canada, the Czech Republic, (from) Peru, South Africa and all the US people who have helped especially Terry, Donna and Lesley - my apologies to anyone I've missed mentioning.  These rankings would not be the same without the work you've done.

By the Numbers:
  • Almost 200,000 more performances in the system than there were a year ago.
  • 144 countries represented.
  • Over 57,000 athletes listed (2013 - present). 
  • Over 3,000 athletes from 59 countries have submitted results using the online form. 
All these are great and show how the site is gaining acceptance and awareness is increasing. There is still so much to be done and much more than I can handle alone.  I suspect that the 2013 and 2014 world rankings lists are less than 30% complete. You can get a sense of the magnitude of work this is by considering that I have spent almost every single day (including Saturdays and
Sundays) working 10 - 18 hours each day - well over 3,000 hours since February 2nd. Think about how long it takes to type 200,000 results with athlete information.  While not all the results need to be manually typed, no result gets into the system automatically; they all need to be processed. Anyone who has tried to compile results should understand the magnitude of work this entails especially when you add all the other tasks like emails, site promotion, fundraising, etc.
Funding Needed!
You have told me that you really like the idea of having up-to-date, all-inclusive lists available all year round so you can see where you stand and change your competition expectations to meet your ranking goals.  You know the effort to compile these lists is immense and much more than I can do.  The fundraising effort has not produced any sustainable funding and I therefore cannot hire the help needed to do all the work necessary.  I will be scaling down and shutting off portions of the site if much more funding isn't secured shortly.

The next fundraising effort is to sell advertising.  Corporate Partners who advertise on the site will benefit from the exponentially growing audience and the advertising revenue will help this system benefit countless people worldwide (the Corporate Partners may want to tout their supporting MastersRankings.com).  All of the funds received will be used to finish site development, gathering results, promoting Track & Field, adding features you've requested and expanding to other sports.  Any funding above the amount needed will be used for special programs that increase participation.  

Please have anyone you know who works in a company that wants to advertise to a large group of people worldwide, while funding a site meaningful to so many, visit the Advertiser's page.  Go to Advertiser's Page 

It is also helpful if people who think this is worth supporting and can afford to do so will donate.  

Click  undefined to donate $100 and become a Gold Medal Donor or Click here for more donation options 

The international awards programs timelines have changed due to the amount of results to be obtained, converted and uploaded.  The US Top 25 Awards (certificates and patches) are available for any athlete ranked within the top 25 indoors or outdoors from 2007 through the 2014 Indoor season.  
World Regional Rankings Awards

I've postponed working on the points scoring system to focus on loading results and the rankings system longevity.  I would still really like to give these awards (Click here for more information on these awards) but do not think it is a wise use of my time to develop the points scoring system if I cannot compile accurate rankings lists.  The key is getting the funding secured so I can hire the staff and implement my plan for this system. You will receive more information in future newsletters.

World Top 100 Awards 

The status of these is also unknown and too early to speculate.  It is still my strong desire to give you the system (and much more) I've mentioned so these awards will certainly be available if an accurate list is compiled. Click here for more information on these awards
Keep sharing the news (repeated from December's Newsletter)!
There are many people out there who do not know they are nationally and world ranked and people who are not receiving these newsletters.  Please forward this email to your athlete friends and encourage them to add their name to the mailing list (they can click on the Join Our Mailing List icon at the bottom of this email).  

Do you have multiple citizenships (repeated from November's Newsletter)?
Any individual with multiple citizenships can now appear on each national and regional list. Several athletes profiles have been updated with your citizenships. Any athlete that has multiple citizenships and has not been updated should email me your name, the countries where you are a citizen, effective dates for each country (include end date if you changed citizenship - all others will be handled as multiple citizenships) and the "primary" country.  The primary country will be the one which is shown on all the main rankings lists.  You will be able to see your ranking on your profile page for all of your citizenships and the appropriate WMA region.