August 14, 2020
Dear Ranney Community, 
This Reopening Roundup will focus on the daily Health Certification process and additional answers to community questions including expansion of the Health Office, enhancing ventilation and modifications to the school calendar.  As we release new information each week, we are constantly updating the website, so please visit for the latest and most complete information.

We will require parents to submit a Health Certification for each of their children on a daily basis. To make this process as streamlined and effective as possible, we are leveraging an application developed by AUXS (Auxiliary Services Organization), an organization that advises and supports independent schools, colleges and universities in the areas of campus safety and operations. We rolled out the AUXS Safety App last fall to provide faculty and staff with a tool to request emergency assistance and to stay informed in times of emergency. AUXS has now rolled out an app for COVID-19 health screening.

To submit the Health Certification, parents will be able to access the COVID Safety App on their phones or through a website portal (You will receive login instructions in the coming weeks). In line with our Sick Policy, families will be required to certify that their students do not have any of the symptoms or circumstances that would require their child to stay home from school.