August 7, 2020
Dear Ranney Community, 
This Reopening Roundup will focus on our new Sick Policy and additional answers to community questions, particularly details regarding the mask policy.  As we release new information each week, we are constantly updating the website, so please visit for the latest and most complete information.

We have updated our Sick Policy in collaboration with pediatric specialists on our Medical Advisory Board. In an abundance of caution, we will strictly enforce our updated Sick Policy. If children are sick, and exhibit any signs of illness, they must stay home. If children exhibit any signs of illness while at school, they will be sent home immediately. Families who repeatedly violate the Sick Policy by sending their children to school when they are sick, or who fail to comply with any of the school’s policies related to health and safety, will be required to keep their children home to learn virtually for the remainder of the school year. Please understand that these measures are necessary to keep our community healthy, and to allow our Health Office to focus on tracking illnesses to assess COVID risk prevalence.