Arriving on Campus:
  • Class for all divisions begins at 8:25. We encourage you to arrive early to allow ample time for you child(ren) to complete the health check-in and to get to their first class on time.
  • Drop-off locations by Division (Click here for campus traffic flow map and key):
  1. Lower School: Lower School Complex (A) and Beg-K at the Early Childhood Porch (B).
  2. Middle School: Crescent (by MS/US Dining Hall) (E)
  3. Upper School: Main entrance to Upper School Building, the side door by College Counseling, or the Annex. (C, D)
  • Administrators and volunteers from the Medical Advisory Board will be stationed at each drop-off location to check students' green passes and re-check temperatures.
  • Please have your child(ren)'s green pass ready to display (on your phone or in printed copy).
  • Students should remain in the car until the car pulls up in front of the appropriate drop off location.
  • Adults must remain in their cars and on campus until their child(ren) is/are cleared for entry.
  • If you have not completed the Health Screening App, you will be required to park in a lot and complete the screening before entering the drop-off line.