August 21, 2020
Dear Ranney Community, 
This Reopening Roundup will focus on our policies related to quarantining in the event that someone in our community tests positive for COVID-19. This communication also provides additional answers to community questions regarding masks and lunch service. As we release new information each week, we are constantly updating the website, so please visit for the latest and most complete information.

As a school, we are working tirelessly to plan for a safe opening and implement a hierarchy of controls and policies to keep our community safe throughout the school year. As we approach the first day of school on September 8, we must ask each of you to contemplate the social contract into which you are entering when you make the decision to send your child(ren) to school to learn in-person. We will have to return with a collective sense of shared responsibility for other members of the community. We must understand that our individual actions on and off campus will affect the health and well-being of our friends, peers, teachers, and all of their families.  Of course, we will ask you and your child(ren) to comply with the policies outlined in our Reopening Plan. We must also ask that you continue to commit to reducing your family's risk of exposure in your life beyond Hope Road. This means social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, and meticulous hygiene. We thank you for committing to play your part to keep our community safe and healthy.