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quotesQuotes of the Day 

The increased mobilization of central bank reserves through gold lending operations has had a depressing influence on the spot price for gold since on-lent gold is usually associated with sales of gold in the spot market.

-IMF Study, 1999


It's a fact of life in 2013 America. With the Democrats in full control, more and more people will receive "welfare," and Social Security - but they will soon find out that they won't be able to live off of the payments. They won't even begin to keep up with the rising costs of their food, medicine, housing and energy. That's when the masses will let envy and anger surface and those who have wealth will become the target, and it won't only be their taxes.

-David Schectman, Miles Franklin


It makes perfect sense; the largest market cap company in the world (Apple) drops further, and experiences a death cross; yet, sure enough - the evergreen Dow ended near its high of the day - well north of the critical 'retirement-on' 13,000.

-Zero Hedge


Normally the Cartel's manipulative patterns over the past decade have averaged 78 - 85% chances of occurring. They have now elevated that trading absurdity to practically 100%.

-James McShirley


The BLS should be re-named the Bureau of Laughable Statistics.

-Dave from Denver


The squabble over the fiscal cliff is analogous to the average obese American trying to lose weight by cutting out the after-dinner mint, as opposed to shrinking their portions.

-Steve Henningsen


Once we consider the AMT, we see the utter folly of this standoff. Democrats are greatly inflating the revenue to be gained from increasing the top tax rate. Republicans are simply wrong in assuming any significant impact on job creation. Politicians in both parties are ready to drive over the fiscal cliff for no apparent reason -- except their utter lack of understanding of the very laws that they created.

-Paul Gutterman


Our study concluded that ALL 599 fiat currencies studied failed, with a median age of 38.5 years. The U.S. abandoned the Bretton Woods agreement in August 1971 - making the dollar a fiat currency - 41.3 years ago.

-Vince Cate


The consensus is that the global economy will rebound in 2013; causing central bankers in Europe and the U.S. to raise the cost of borrowing faster than what the rate of inflation is increasing.  However, not only is the global economy not going to find its footing next year, but central bankers are going to slam their gas pedals through the floor; sending interest rates yet lower in real terms.

-Michael Pento


In November, there were 4.78 million people who have been out of work for at least 27 weeks.  This is Bernanke's worst fear and will ensure the Fed will officially launch QE IV at the FOMC meeting next week.

-Michael Pento


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Silver Circle - Official Trailer
Silver Circle - Official Trailer

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wrap-upFriday Afternoon Wrap-up 12/7/2012
Andrew Hoffman

In my view, today marked an INFLECTION POINT in the ongoing transformation of societal mindset regarding government honesty. Such data has become increasingly suspect in recent years - with George Bush's admission Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction representing the "poster child" of such chicanery...





FLASHBACK: Bush admits Iraq had no WMDs & had nothing to do with 9/11
FLASHBACK: Bush admits Iraq had no WMDs & had nothing to do with 9/11



Consequently, what I have written of for years is fast becoming common knowledge; that is, the "OFFICIAL MANIPULATION" of economic data. Perhaps it's because such "massaging" has become dramatically more blatant; or perhaps because it was obviously utilized as a "re-election tool." Either way, not only are high profile insiders calling the data out...


JACK WELCH: Obama Is Manipulating The Jobs Numbers   

...but those paid to spin it...


Non-Farm Payroll Report - Seriously?


After today's farce of an NFP report - in which the "Bureau of Laughable Statistics" had the gall to claim Sandy's impact was negligible...


Endless BS from the BLS the "unemployment rate" fell due to a RECORD LOW labor participation rate...


U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls as Discouraged Quit Looking


...and nearly all new jobs were either low paying, part-time, or government-related; there is NO WAY anyone can still believes such LIES...


73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government


...from an organization that has its hand in every conceivable "cookie jar"...


October Consumer Credit Rises By $14.2 Billion, Government Funds 70 Cents Of Every Dollar


...and the same goes for lying governments worldwide - like Spain...


Spain's Mad Dash TBTF Or Bust (Literally) Scramble




UK heading for 'triple-dip' recession?


...and Egypt...


Meanwhile In Egypt...


As for today's "markets," I strongly reiterate this morning's sentiments that the Cartel's most recent round of "carpet bombings" is FAILING...


Carpet bombings failing? - LeMetropole Cafe

James McShirley

December 7 2012


For all the carpet bombing they've done on gold it's actually holding in there quite well. They're literally getting little "bang" for the (derivative) buck. Gold began the day back on October 26th at $1,704, and right now we are within $2 of that figure. So gold is essentially unchanged since all the way back in late October, in spite of:


* 21 out of the last 22 Comex opens (95.4%) having been bombed.
* 29 out of the last 30 PM fixes (96.5%) having been lower, or no higher than $5.
* Numerous flash crashes in not only the thin-trade, but during Comex pit hours.
* Relentless plans A, B, and C attacks.
* A heavy flushing of weak spec longs drawn in by the lure of lower margins.


Normally the cartel's manipulative patterns over the past decade have averaged 78 - 85% chances of occurring. They have now elevated that trading absurdity to practically 100%. The December op. ex. and first notice days for both gold and silver loomed with grave danger for the cartel, and their fierce attacks speak volumes for how little propriety matters when rats get cornered. While rats do hate bright lights they are fully capable of exposing themselves when the desperation calls. Unless they can manage to flush another 70,00 spec longs or so I'd say this so far ranks as a miserable failure.


The extreme weakness in mining shares speaks volumes for what happens when no physical product has to be delivered against the manipulative short position. Mining shares are easily manhandled since there are no pesky first notice days, or customers actually demanding gold against the proxy of it they own. Shorting mining shares might be the single biggest bang the cartel gets for their buck since the majority of investors are focused on Wall Street-based portfolios, and therefore always chasing the latest "home run". You'd think the miners would collectively rise up and hire a real PR company instead of the strictly oxygen-consuming WGC.


Subscribe to LeMetropole Cafe for more articles.   


...particularly after viewing this week's COT report - revealing the Cartel's ninth-largest weekly covering of COMEX short positions in the ENTIRE 12-year bull market; and the third-largest in the past five years...

Largest Weekly Gold


"Commercial" Short Coverings




















Not that such data - in and of itself - proves anything; however, when the Cartel is covering, prices typically lift. The "Commercials" have been aggressively shorting since immediately after gold's POST-ELECTION SURGE; desperate to prevent investors from believing Obama's re-election is inflationary. And now, after a measly $50/oz decline they're aggressively covering again.


By the way, notice when the largest weekly covering of the past five years occurred - the week after February's "LEAP DAY VIOLATION"; after a vastly more damaging raid. NOW do you see what I mean when I say the PAPER Cartel cannot overcome global PHYSICAL demand?


chinese gold production   

Anyhow, following the farce of an employment report, the PPT was forced to utilize yet another "DEAD RINGER" algorithm to keep the sacred "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" from turning negative. This autumn's absence of the "DEAD RINGER" had me puzzled; but in recent weeks, it's been back with a vengeance...


dow today's case, to cover up the faux NFP report AND prevent it from being pulled down by the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT STOCK...


AAPL Death-Cross Pushes Dow To Highs


...which again plummeted; this time, losing $18 billion of market cap...



As for PMs; following the NFP report, they were treated to their 21st COMEX-opening WATERFALL DECLINE in the past 22 trading days - but rocketed back to re-take the Cartel's line in the sand at the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,700...




...while silver bulled through its own line in the sand at the ROUND NUMBER of $33/oz...




...the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETS commenced their latest foray into achieving new ALL-TIME HIGHS...




Day (price)

Day (%)


Euro Gold





Rupee Gold





Yen Gold






....and the large-cap mining stocks managed a modest gain...



...while the "death by paper cut" juniors...


Sprott's Michael Kosowan on Surviving Death by Paper Cut in Today's Mining Equity Market


...continued to fade into oblivion...




After this past week's drama - and last night's neighborhood Holiday Party - I'm EXHAUSTED; and thus, ready for some R&R. Have a great weekend, but don't forget to...




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commentaryMonday Morning Commentary 12/10/2012


So many PM-BULLISH topics to discuss; but not a doubt where I'll start - care of the great Chris Powell of GATA. Chris and Bill Murphy have built a formidable cadre of global contacts in their war with the gold Cartel; and consequently, numerous BOMBSHELLS have been uncovered over the years. In a "freely reported" world, such stories would "blow the lid off" gold manipulation; however, today's MSM is not only stupid, but compromised - not to mention, 95+% of its readers.


I have long written of how the supposed gold reserves of many Western Central banks have been significantly reduced by surreptitious leases and swap agreements; fraudulently accounted for via IMF-mandated guidelines enabling the double-counting of such gold - a practice publically admitted to by numerous high ranking officials...


We looked into the abyss if the gold price rose further, as a further rise would have taken down one or several trading houses, which might have taken down the rest in their wake. Therefore at any price, at any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. It was very difficult to get the gold price under control but we have now succeeded.  The US Fed was very active in getting the gold price down. So was the U.K.

-Eddie George, Bank of England Governor - 1999


However, the aforementioned MSM and clueless financial community largely ignores such PROOF; pretending "all's well" rather than be known as Cassandras forecasting doom. This weekend, Powell uncovered another such BOMBSHELL; i.e., a 1999 IMF study - before the PM bull commenced - detailing MASSIVE Central bank gold leasing...


IMF study in 1999 found 80 central banks lending 15% of official gold reserves


...enabled by - who else - leading industry "hedger" American Barrick; and leading banking criminal JP Morgan...




...which is probably why - in 2001 - the German Bundesbank supposedly repatriated a significant amount of its London-held gold...


German Gold - von Mises Institute


PMs are the linchpin of the ENTIRE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM; and thus, such information is incredibly damaging to the Cartel that seeks to maintain it. When the masses realize the gold is gone - which I assure you they will, likely simultaneously - the Cartel will vanish like a "fart in the wind"...


Market implosion soon? - "Reset inevitable" - Marc Faber


...and with it, the GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY SYSTEM...


Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System, Part 4


Next up, Europe - where Italian stocks and bonds are plunging due to the abdication of Goldman Sachs stooge Mario Monti from his appointed position of Prime Minister. Make no mistake, he was forced out because Italy's economy and financial situation continue to rapidly deteriorate...


Europe hails "great" Monti as Italy crisis hits markets is the case with ALL of Europe - particularly the PIIGS...


Irish, Greek Workers Seen Suffering Most in 2013 Amid EU Slump


...SOME of which, are in technical default...


Greek Debt Buyback Participation Still Short Of Target After Deadline


...and ALL of whom's citizens are buying gold "hand over fist"; such as the French...


L'or est devenu le placement prefere de 13% des Francais


...who are smartly buying more gold than stocks or bonds...


Gold has now become the fourth most preferred investment for French people, after real estate, savings accounts, and life insurance. Gold is the preferred investment for 13% of French investors; and interestingly, the less wealthy they are, the more Gold is their preferred investment!



In the Far East, Japan's economy is now officially in recession...


Japan revised GDP signals economy in recession


...while China's is puttering...


China economic recovery intact, but weak exports drag irrespective, its government buys as many ITEMS OF REAL VALUE as possible...


Nexen/CNOOC Deal Approved


Meanwhile, the Middle East WAR DRUMS beat louder...


US nuclear test condemned by Iran political unrest boils over...


Egypt's "Temporary " Dictator to Deploy Army Against Protesters


In the United States of Implosion, "shadow bankers" have cratered the financial system...


The Historic Inversion In Shadow Banking Is Now Complete


...while lobbyists have destroyed democracy...


Meet Liz Fowler: Architect of ObamaCare Jumps Ship To Johnson & Johnson agencies, the last vestiges of market integrity...


Credit agencies win U.S. legal victory on mortgage ratings


...and economists, any remaining predictive credibililty...


The Sheer Comedy Of Erroneous Economist GDP Forecasts In 13 Simple Charts


Despite TPTB's incessant PROPAGANDA, the U.S. economy is in shambles; as most new "jobs" neither pay the bills...


The Mysterious Case Of America's Negative Real Wage Growth


...nor prevent wealth destruction...


Chart Of The Day: The Real Household Net Worth As A % Of Debt Chart


...of individuals...


Consumer Spending Wobbles - Wall Street Journal




California School District Owes $1 Billion


...or the nation itself...


Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt


...the latter of which has already taken its fatal "CLIFF DIVE"...


Nothing Can Stop the US Going Over the Fiscal Edge


...yet, is intent on tying CEMENT to its shoes - such as, potentially, "QE4" on Wednesday...


Fed to do what it can to ease cliff uncertainty - Central bank may maintain steady pace of $85 billion in asset buys


...which eventually will DESTROY the dollar; and with it, 48 million people (and growing) depending on it for survival...


Food Stamps Soar by Most In 16 Months: Over 1 Million Americans Enter Poverty In Last Two Months


As for today's "markets," Italian stocks have come off early 3.5% losses to be down just 2.5% at 10:00 AM EST; with Spain now down just 1% and "Big Europe" recouping early losses to be unchanged on the day. Funny how that always seems to happen right after the New York "pre-market" session opens at 7:00 AM, isn't it...




...especially as U.S. hedge funds have now joined retail investors as net sellers...


Hedge Funds fall out of love with equities


As for PMs, I was shocked to awaken on a Monday morning - let alone, with a potentially historic FOMC meeting scheduled Wednesday - to see gold up $12/oz and silver $0.35/oz; with "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" futures - at the time - down 20 points and the "SURROGATE PPT" down as much as another 12 points...



However, gold - what a shock - was stopped by the trusty "CARTEL HERALD" at EXACTLY THE 8:20 am COMEX open - for the 22nd time in 23 days...


24hr gold   


...and as I write at 10:10 AM EST - ten minutes past the Cartel's favorite KEY ATTACK TIME - the Dow is up 20, gold is up $8/oz...


24 hour spot gold   

...silver - following its own COMEX-opening "CARTEL HERALD" - is up $0.20/oz...



...and the HUI is up five points...




Buckle up for a potentially crazy week; as the ramifications of the Italian crisis are more fully recognized; the U.S. "fiscal cliff" and "debt ceiling" negotiations become more contentious; and, potentially, the Fed replaces the supposedly sterilized "Operation Twist" with outright monetization of 2013 Treasury bond purchases following Wednesday's FOMC meeting.


And by the way, if anyone DARES challenge my assertions that REAL MONEY has outperformed essentially ALL assets over the past decade, show them this chart...


asset classes   


...and above all...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.


losing powerball ticket





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rantExit the Matrix


I have often referred to the The Matrix, in the past, as the 1999 classic symbolizes many aspects of the war between REALITYand the evil that seeks to prevent its expression. "STICKTUITIVENESS" embodies what it takes to survive this epic struggle - as seemingly, the "bad guys" are rich, powerful, and omnipresent - but UNDERSTANDING one's foes is what wins the war.


Fortunately, victory is assured to those who seek the "HOLY GRAIL OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD" - that is, that "dollars" are but currency, while PHYSICAL gold and silver are money. Once that point is understood, seeing through the "Matrix" that is our faux financial system is easy; as did Neo when he realized he was "The One"...


The Matrix Neo Is The One!
The Matrix Neo Is The One!



You, too, can be your own "One" by fighting through the PROPAGANDA of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM; plus - equally important - the ramblings of the slavishly accepting "sheeple." It will be uncomfortable at first - particularly around friends and family. However, eventually you'll realize you are not only RIGHT, but right for the RIGHT REASONS...


Financial Armageddon: Future Gold & Silver Prices Are Going to Shock Most People
Financial Armageddon: Future Gold & Silver Prices Are Going to Shock Most People



Anyhow, the point of this RANT is alert you of the wonderful article below; describing what the real financial world looks like - as opposed to the fraudulent "matrix" force-fed to the unsuspecting public...


Selling Your Soul for a Matrix Steak


It reads like a course in "Reality 101"; and I assure you - once you accept its TRUTH, you will be ready to "EXIT THE MATRIX."




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.



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mailboxRanting Andy's Mailbox


Hi Andy:


Great rant today as usual.


Over the past month I have been wondering why I am still involved in this stinking, corrupt precious metals arena.  In spite of all I have learned over the past four years I really have no certainty as to where the metals will go next week, next year or next five years.  It used to be possible two years ago to at least get the trend right. Now even that is doubtful.


In spite of strong fundamentals and the application of flawless logic and everything I have learned I find that the cartel holds all the cards and bazookas and can smash the market anytime they want. no matter what I know or think I know. This is a fact.


So I asked myself: What am I going to do to get off this rollercoaster ride?


A couple of months ago David Schechman wrote an article the essence of which was:

"Put the metals away, stop watching prices everyday and wait for a couple of years , relax and enjoy life"  I am going to try it even though it requires a leap of faith which I feel is all that is left for me.  I'm tired of the disappointments and indecencies of this market which damage my metal health day after day for the past 16 months. I surrender, I capitulate, I throw in the towel. From now on I will remain a passive hoarder with no plans to buy or sell. From now on I will sit on the bank of the river and watch time sweep past.


"Let all the  poisons that lurk in the wood hatch out."  Emperor Claudius


I'll still read your rants daily and will continue to comment from time to time.


Thanks for everything.






If you own PHYSICAL PMs, you can be nothing other than a passive investor. That's the beauty of them; as they cannot be margined, NEVER change, and are typically not sold due to the hassle - unlike "PAPER PM Investments," which people sell at the "drop of a hat"; or should I say the "click of a mouse" at the first sign of fear.


Relax, your coins aren't going anywhere but UP in value; and again, we don't own them to "get rich" - but to PROTECT ourselves - which PHYSICAL PMs have certainly done thus far.


As for your statement that the Cartel always wins; remember that gold is up 9% this year - its 12th straight annual increase - and silver 20%!






Hi Andy,


Junk Silver. I really hate that tag. Why don't you come up with a more positive description.  The real reason for my email is to request your guidance on how much junk silver you recommend holding. You mentioned a few rants ago that you were buying more, so I assume you have some already, but feel the need to increase you holding. We are a couple, retired, living a conservative lifestyle - probably much like you and yours. I plan to buy two (2) of your half bags (the bags that I think are about 30#) in January when our last batch or IRA money comes available. Is this amount enough? Your suggestion would be valued.






Sorry about the tag, but I didn't make it up.  Misnomer or not, that's what it's called; and likely will still be, when each "junk dime" is worth thousands of paper dollars.


Yes, I own some; and in fact, not only bought some last week, but bought more today.


Each half bag contains roughly 360 ounces of silver content; which is a lot of coins.  Two half bags should be PLENTY to protect you; and in total, weigh about 54 pounds.


Have a great weekend.








Have your thoughts on platinum changed at all?  When gold & silver really take off, will it also rocket-up or will it be a laggard?  Would you look at it for diversification??  Keep on hammering the bad guys.   






I still think a very small holding of platinum is warranted; but I do mean very small. Platinum will likely track gold prices directionally, but it is uncertain if it will ever be considered a true "precious metal" due to its lack of history as a monetary metal. That said, it is clearly in strong demand for jewelry, is VERY scarce in supply (note that prices spiked when South African mines went on strike earlier this year), and considered an (albeit distant) third to gold and silver as money. Thus, I have no problem holding a small amount, but would not go overboard as it is uncertain how it will ultimately perform.


Remember, it has historically traded at a 20% premium to gold (on average), but has traded at a 7%-10% discount for some time now; which should tell us something. Actually, it's up to just a 5% discount as we speak, the best valuation it's seen in some time.





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