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quotesQuotes of the Day 

The fact that the bullion world is abuzz with this story goes to show how ultra rare these kinds of fakes are.  They are so rare, and there are so many bullion dealers, I wonder what these fake bars would sell for on ebay?  Might even sell for more than the gold, after all, the artistry was supposed to be superb, and doesn't good art always sell for more?

-Jason Hommel, silver expert and bullion dealer


THE WORST thing you can possibly do will be to join in with the angry mobs and protest.  It will do no good and put yourself in harm's way.  Prepare now, go into hiding later, and hopefully we will experience a reset where the 'wealth' you stored in barbarous relics will serve you later.  I say "hopefully," because in a world without "law", you can have mighty wealth but never get the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor and intelligence.

-Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


The spread between the 30Y FNMA CurCpn mortgage bond and 10Y US Treasuries has plunged to incredible all-time lows of around 3bps. The day before QEternity, this spread was 60bps - having been over 100bps at the start of June 2012.

-Zero Hedge, on the INSANITY of QE3


While a gold standard could work, we remain sceptical that it will be considered (barring a serious financial crisis, perhaps associated with highly volatile inflation).

-No-nothing named Daniel Brebner at Deutschebank (gee, we couldn't possibly have a "serious financial crisis"; and by the way, what is "volatile inflation)


The German Reichstag had been sovereign for only fourteen years. They had lost a war, seen their currency devalued to nothing, and suffered mass unemployment: to them, the right to vote seemed inadequate protection.

-Passage from Ken Follet's 'Winter of the World'; Germany, 1933


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conferenceUpcoming Conference Appearance 

I am pleased to announce Andy Schectman and Michael Spector will be appearing at International Living's Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference September 28th-30th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.


International Living's Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference


If you plan to be attend, please come by the Miles Franklin booth to say hi!


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silverSilver Circle Movie - Coming Soon!  



Ranting Andy readers are getting an exclusive look at the Silver Circle movie.  A film about the upcoming economic collapse in 2019 will hit theaters in January, but not before taking a promotional tour this Fall for lucky viewers around the country!  More details about the release -i.e., exact dates - will be published soon, so stay tuned at, and watch the TRAILER here:



Silver Circle - Official Trailer
Silver Circle - Official Trailer

Synopsis: Jay Nelson, lead investigator for the Federal Reserve's Department of Housing Stability, is assigned to an arson case at Glenwood Homes.  He's quickly led to a rebel group plotting to take down the Federal Reserve.  Rebel leader Zoe Taylor tries to convince Jay that although the Chairman of the Fed - Victor Brandt - is blaming the rebels for destroying Glenwood Homes - Brandt himself has secrets of his own.  Join the silver-toting Rebels as they attempt to outsmart the Fed, and restore a sound money system in America - once and for all. 


Since Ranting Andy's readers love silver - and all things related to ENDING THE FED and restoring sound money - we've got an awesome deal for you!  For a limited time, you can visit the Silver Circle Store - and when purchasing a t-shirt, wristband, or bumper sticker, receive a 20% discount by using the code "RANT." 


Additionally, if interested in contributing to the project's marketing and distribution campaign, please contact Megan Duffield, Marketing Manager, at


All donations are tax-deductible, and we are hoping to meet our goal of $500,000 before the January theater run - to ensure a successful release.  Hey, you can even donate IN PHYSICAL silver. How cool is that?


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podcastRanting Andy, Bill Murphy, Bix Weir Pocast Part III  

The below podcast ROUNDTABLE with myself, Bill Murphy of GATA, and Bix Weir of Road-to-Roota was conducted by Elijah of Unconventional Finance on Thursday, September 20th.  It will be released in five segments over the next week, with PART III below...


WHERE TO LIVE WHEN It All COLLAPSES - Pt 3 - Silver All-Star Panel
WHERE TO LIVE WHEN It All COLLAPSES - Pt 3 - Silver All-Star Panel



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wrap-upWednesday Afternoon Wrap-Up 9/26/2012
Andrew Hoffman

Life is good, but this week has presented above-average stress; particularly related to the blizzard of emails I've had to respond to about the most recent posting of comments by "Trader David R." I have no more to say on the topic, other than that it has once again drained me.


As for today, the key takeaway is the END of the "Draghi Honeymoon" - which bought European markets two months of calm by promising UNLIMITED MONEY-PRINTING during the year's most thinly traded period; let alone, as the Olympics grabbed the world's attention.


European stock and bond markets plunged today - by 1.5% to 2.5% for the bigger markets, and 3.0% to 4.0% for PIIGS like Spain and Italy. However, with the currently Obama-controlled PPT in charge, the Dow was held around unchanged all day, nearly pulling off yet another "DEAD RINGER" trading pattern.


Frankly, I'd bet the only reason they "allowed" it to fall a measly 40 points this afternoon was to utilize "Dow/Gold x2" algorithms to prevent a budding PM KEY REVERSAL from turning into a CARTEL ROUT...


dow jones   

Yesterday, I wrote the following...


We have now dealt with three of the most egregious Cartel manipulation days of ALL-TIME; a statement I do NOT make flippantly.


Make that FOUR; as today was so DISGUSTING, I feel nauseous just thinking about it. I'm not going to go crazy re-hashing what I wrote this morning; but clearly, the COMEX-opening mob hit was specifically targeted at preventing Euro Gold from breaking to a new ALL-TIME HIGH on this, the first day in months that European market fear prevailed.


Euro Gold was within 0.3% of its ALL-TIME HIGH when that hit occurred; and even after it happened, you could see how desperately they fought to prevent the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,750/oz from being re-breached. So much so, they actually created a mini-"reverse-head-and-shoulders" bottom formation, which eventually carried gold higher, to just a $9/oz decline on the day.   FYI, check out the final WATERFALL DECLINE at the day's bottom - a near vertical $7/oz plunge that only unregulated Cartel algorithms are capable of ...


spot gold   


...clearly, FORCED into action by the incredible silver resilience I also discussed this morning. As you can see below, as late as 1:30 PM EST the Cartel was still playing DLITG - or "Don't Let it Turn Green" - with silver, finally succumbing to the fact it WOULD NOT be denied...



...nor the HUI, which survived yet another early MASSACRE to close higher. It COULD NOT be more obvious the HUI "knew" gold and silver were on the verge of KEY UPSIDE REVERSALS, which is precisely why MASSIVE efforts were effectuated to hold them down all afternoon...



At the end of the day, silver "triple-bottomed" at $33.50/oz and rose back to $34.00/oz; up an impressive, hard fought $0.20/oz...


spot silver   

...while Euro Gold - despite the violent "blitzkrieg" attack early in the morning, closed down less than €3/oz; and if not for MASSIVE, BLATANT capping in the day's final half hour, would likely have closed higher...




Day (price)

Day (%)


Euro Gold





Rupee Gold






And don't forget the Treasury bond market, yet again "on a tear"post-QE3. Better yet, the Fed's pronouncement that it plans to spend $40 billion per month on toxic mortgage bonds is about to invert the Treasury/Mortgage spread; a downright SCARY "moral hazard" resulting from the Fed's newest bailouts...


3bps To Go Until QE3 Makes Treasuries America's Second Safest Security of September 13th, guaranteed to continue "to Infinity"...


Fed's Evans Calls for Even More Easing the upcoming bailout of the nation's 574,000 postal workers...


USPS Bailout Imminent: Postal Service Will Miss September 30 'Mandated' Payment


...millions of depositors in insolvent banks...


US Bank Run Imminent as FDIC Expanded Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st


...and tens of millions of "emerging poor"...


Cellphones Are Eating the Family Budget


...not to mention, by hundreds of millions of Europeans...


What a Riot! - Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


...and potentially, the ENTIRE WORLD...


Guest Post: Globalist Think Tank Suggests Using Engineered Event As Excuse For War With Iran


ALL these problems result from the DEBT created by a GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY REGIME...


cumulative debt maturing   

...which destroys lives,as surely as dollars, Euros, and Yen...


us dollar   


What more can be said, other than...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.






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commentaryThursday Morning Commentary 9/27/2012

Yesterday morning at 7:40 AM EST, gold was up slightly as European equity markets - and the Euro itself - imploded; with even the "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" permitted to be down 50 points in pre-market trading.


For the second time since QE3 was announced, Euro Gold - the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKET - was within 0.3% of its ALL-TIME HIGH; which, when broken, will likely yield an avalanche of PHYSICAL PM demand...




Day (price)

Day (%)


Euro Gold






Thus, with no other market budging, THIS is what the Cartel did to defer the inevitable...




Fast forward to today -chock full of MASSIVELY PM BULLISH news, including plunging Chinese profits...


Chinese Industrial Profits Fall 6.2% in Fifth Straight Drop


...that immediately yielded a MASSIVE QE response - the nations's second of the past week...


China pours $58 Billion into Money Markets


In fact, last week's $46 billion "liquidity injection" - read: MONEY PRINTING - was a RECORD-HIGH for the PBOC; that is, until today's incredible $58 billion...


Official: China Underestimated Global Slowdown


Meanwhile, China continues to stoke the "winds of war"...


Beijing vows more measures on Diaoyu Islands


...with Japan heightening its rhetoric as well...

Noda vows no compromise as Japan, China dig in on islands row


...although both Far East powers will be upstaged on the "war drums front" by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's expected passionate, anti-Iran speech today...


Netanyahu to set "clear red line" for Iran in U.N. speech


...and don't forget the "economic war" going on in Europe, where Spanish capital is FLEEING the banks...


Spanish Bank Deposit Outflow Surge Continues In August


... citizens are openly REVOLTING against proposed "austerity"...


Madrid Protesters March Again as Spain Braces for Cuts

  ...and German opposition to BAILOUTS increases, from both politicians...


German opposition party targets banks


...and the Bundesbank itself...


Buba's Weidmann Refuses To Be A Good Socialist, Rejects "Free Lunch" the WORLDWIDE "currency wars" rage on...


Fed action triggers fear of new currency wars


...and South African gold and platinum production plunge...


39% Of South African Gold Production Is Now Offline of an increasingly vicious "union war"...


South Africa Strikers Swell to 100,000 After Drivers Join Miners


However, as PM-BULLISH as the aforementioned items are; on a short-term basis, they pale in comparison to the HORRIFIC U.S. economic data published at 8:30 AM EST. For one, the final estimate of 2Q GDP was revised from 1.70% to an astonishing 1.25%; perhaps, the largest final GDP revision I have EVER seen...


Final Q2 GDP Disaster: 1.25% Growth Comes Below Lowest Estimate


But that wasn't even the worst data of the day - NOT EVEN CLOSE! Simultaneously, August Durable Goods orders came out, plunging by its largest amount since the BOTTOM of Global Meltdown I in early 2009...


Durable Goods Orders Cliff-Dive Most Since Jan 2009 a stupefying 13.2%, versus the "consensus" 5.0% estimate...







Durable Goods Orders

4.2 %

-5.0 %

-13.2 %


-0.4 %

0.2 %

-1.6 %


Following this "chain of horror," gold did its usual COMEX-opening surge - during which 99% of ALL gold up moves occur, care of Cartel CONTROL; rising EXACTLY 1.0%, and pushing Euro Gold to within 0.2% of its ALL-TIME HIGH by 8:50 AM EST...




Day (price)

Day (%)


Euro Gold






And then - what a shock - the trusty "CARTEL HERALD" showed up; yet again, at the same $1,770/oz line in the sand (along with $1,775/oz) they've been guarding since the Fed's September 13th "QE3" announcement...


24 hr gold   

...along with the "HUI DEAD RINGER" algorithm, which immediately attacks at the NYSE opening...




It's now 9:35 AM EST, and incredibly the Dow opened up 60 points - the EXACT same level as when I awoke, with European markets and the Euro roughly flat...


mini dow   

...according to MSM morons Yahoo! Finance, buoyed by "hope for China support"; although my readers know better...


Futures Rise on Hope for China Support


Today's CATASTROPHIC economic data - worldwide - solidifiesthe case the U.S. is entering a cataclysmic DEPRESSION, while at the same time the "liquidity trap" ensured by GLOBAL MONEY PRINTING ensures economic stagnation will be accompanied by accelerating inflation. Meanwhile, trade has ground to a HALT...


M&A Slumps to Lowest Level Since Financial Crisis's Nadir


...and debt is EXPLODING...


Student debt stretches to record 1 in 5 households


...while politicians, caring for NOTHING but re-election, are willing to support MONSTERS in the name of partisanship...


More Republican leaders get behind Akin in Missouri Senate race


Thus, I ENTREAT you to...



Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.





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Miles Franklin and BFI Consulting of Zurich, Switzerland, have partnered for the past two decades in offering access to offshore annuities and managed accounts.  Born at roughly the same time in the early 1990s, both firms have successfully PROTECTED clients via quality, secure, private accounts holding PHYSICAL Precious Metals, annuities, and other managed products.  BFI is a global leader in the sale and maintenance of Swiss annuities and privately managed accounts - particularly to U.S.-based clients; and through its Global Gold subsidiary - utilizing worldwide storage leader Via Mat - offers international Precious Metal storage services in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As with Miles Franklin's Canadian offshore storage program, Global Gold offers allocated storage OUTSIDE the banking system.    

rantWinter of the World

I've read a lot of books, nearly all fiction. My intensefocus on day-to-day events - financial and otherwise - has ALWAYS consumed me, so by the end of each day, I need a break from reality. That said, some of the best authors are those that combine historical characters and stories with fictional ones; an exercise that both educates and entertains the reader.


Sebastian Junger's Perfect Storm is a great example of combining the REALITY of the Andrea Gail's disappearance during the "1991 Perfect Storm" and the fictional account of its crew's last hours; while James Michener is the "gold standard" of the "historical fiction" genre, having created it over a 60-year writing career. Similarly, Stephen King has expertly incorporated knowledge of his home state of Maine into his writing; as has Pat Conroy with Charleston, South Carolina and Nelson DeMille with our mutual home of Long Island, New York.


However, today's undisputed champion of "historical fiction" is the British writer, Ken Follett. At 63, Follett has been writing for nearly 40 years. However, until his masterpiece Pillars of the Earth was published in 1989, Follett books were principally fiction - for the most part, World War II spy novels like "Eye of the Needle."


Pillars of the Earth and its equally brilliant sequel - World Without End - are historical fiction pieces focused first on Olde England of the mid-12th Century, and then the same region 150 years later. Following World Without End, Follett contracted to write an epic trilogy covering major wars of the 20th Century. The first entry, 2010's Fall of Giants, taught me more about World War I - while enthralling me for 1,000 pages - than I learned in my entire life; and thus far, the sequel, "WINTER OF THE WORLD" has me glued to my Kindle.


World Without End stopped at the end of World War I in 1918, and Winter of the World picks up the saga of its main characters 15 years later; in Germany, the UK, Russia, and America. The book starts out in March 1933 Germany; two months after Hitler was elected Chancellor, en route to taking full dictatorial power a year later via the newly created office of F�hrer und Reichskanzler.


On Tuesday, I wrote the following:


This morning, I read a profound statement that turned my entire thought process of the past century upside down. Not only was it ominous - and eerily similar to the terrifying outcome I foresee - but completely refutes the "consensus" view of history. I was going to address it this morning, but it is too meaningful to be lost in the morning commentary. Thus, it will be the topic of Thursday's RANT topic - given that both today's and Wednesday's are already spoken for.


That statement came from Winter of the World, "time stamped" March 1933...


What on Earth is happening here in Germany?  Maud said:  "We were doing all right in the mid-Twenties, with a democratic government and growing economy.  But everything was ruined by the Wall Street crash of 1929, and now we're in the depths of a depression."  Her voice shook with an emotion that seemed close to grief.  "You can see a hundred men standing in line for one advertised job.  I look at their faces.  They're desperate.  They don't know how they're going to feed their children.  Then the Nazis offer them hope, and they ask themselves:  What have I got to lose?


I cannot speak for Europeans, but certainly Americans; whom have been taught in every middle school, high school, and university that onerous reparations from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles created the German economic implosion that left it prone to a charismatic demagogue. Essentially ALL educated Americans are aware of the Treaty of Versailles; and those versed in finance, the Weimar Hyperinflation of 1922-23...


Source: Wikipedia 


However, there is a "convenient gap" in American history books between 1923 and 1930, where it is assumed - by teachers and students alike - Germany endured seven years of unbearable economic depression. However - per the passage above - Germany quickly recovered from its hyperinflation, as the global "can" was "kicked down the road" by the American-led boom of the "roaring twenties."


Like the 1980 and 1990s - when global "economic growth" was fueled by post-gold standard MONEY PRINTING - the 1920s expansion was fueled by debt and speculation financed principally by the newly-formed U.S. Federal Reserve. In fact, the impact of such unabated speculation was so powerful, it temporarily lifted sickly, post-War European economies like Germany...


The Roaring Twenties Bubble & the Stock Market Crash of 1929


However - again per the book passage - it was the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that set Germany on its collision course with Hitler.  Clearly, the "modern-day equivalent" of the 1929 crash is 2008's Global Meltdown I - a "shot heard round the world" that reverberates louder each day; particularly in Europe...


Printing more money to save a failed system


...and especially Greece, the "weakest link" in the European Community; where a combination of mis-management, poor financial advice (by Goldman Sachs, among others), and a negligent populace have placed the nation's economic and financial situation at "DEFCON 1"...


One Third Of Athens Businesses Shuttered


The ECB, European Community, and EuroZone leadership in Brussels - aided by other Western world "henchmen" like the Federal Reserve - are desperately trying to prevent Greece's HOPELESS situation from spilling over to the rest of the PIIGS - and by extension, ALL of Europe - via its only remaining tools; MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA. However, Greece's financial and economic implosion is becoming IMPOSSIBLE to hide...


Greece Caught Underreporting Its Budget Deficit By Nearly 50%




Greek Economy Shrank 6.2% in Second Quarter


...or contain...


Greek unemployment rises to 24.4%


...and SHORTLY, will no longer be able to be "papered over" with goosed financial assets...  


atg the inexorable,long-term trend CANNOT be stopped...




...particularly on "MAIN STREET"...


Thousands of Greeks Protest Planned Pay Cuts


...whose denizens made an initial statement at the polls in May...


Radical left and neo-Nazis score well in Greek elections


...and today, is moving further down the "road to perdition"...


Popularity Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Continues Surging


Central bank MONEY PRINTING was not the only cause of World War II, but clearly played a far larger role than we have been told. Not to mention, the strange "coincidence" that World War I commenced just six months after the Federal Reserve was created.


Read this RANT, then think long and hard of the direction you believe the world is headed, and what role MONEY PRINTING is likely to have. Afterwards, don't walk, but RUN to...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.



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mailboxRanting Andy's Mailbox



Since it's believed that there is manipulation in the silver market, what would it take to encourage and or form a group to buy silver futures and stand for delivery of the metal? A year or so ago there was an Internet effort to encourage something like that and I read that a group(s) did stand for delivery or required JP Morgan to pay hefty premiums. Why not try and do it again, say in a busy month such as December?






I've addressed this question many times, as best described in this podcast, last week (time stamp 4:05)...






Hello David,


Long time reader, first time responder here. First let me say how much I admire the work you have done with your newsletter lo these many years. I especially enjoyed your recently shared e-mails from David R. on the subject of PM's manipulation. This is a subject in which I have had much interest in over the years chiefly because of the many bright and articulate minds that stand on both sides of the debate. I was musing this morning about a friendly debate, or more accurately, an exchange of opinions between David R. and maybe Chris Powel (or Bill Holter, Andy Hoffman, Ted Butler....take your pick ) and thought that you might just have enough influence in those circles to arrange for such a discussion.


Personally I see very little daylight between their positions and wouldn't want to live on the difference, but David R.s explanation comes from an area that I have little understanding and no experience in. I would love to hear him expound on it and its relation to the observations of those from GATA et al. As I said earlier, I really don't see their positions as being mutually exclusive  and only seek to refine my understanding of the markets . So whadda ya think? Are you up for the challenge?  I have to admit though, that I come up blank with regards to a platform from which to host the event, but I guess that Youtube is always available.

Thanks again for all your hard work.






I appreciate your comments. And trust me, NO ONE wants such a debate more than I.


If you read my RANTS, you'll know I have an open challenge to ANYONE, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME (my exact words today) to debate me on the topic.


However - like "Backwoods Jack's" hot-shot son, they always slink away.


David R will be no different, as under the scrutiny of FACT, I will CRUSH anyone that tries to dispute my conclusions.






Hi Andy,


I have followed you for years and really enjoy your articles and summaries. My question is, will the miners ever be rewarded with consistent out-performance going forward? Will this happen possible with the third wave blow off?


I know you anticipate higher PM prices, but wonder how many more months or years will the miners be manipulated or not taken seriously by the mainstream investor or mutual fund.


I thought the miners would end up strong this week because of the end of the third quarter but it seems they are under pressure yet again. Is is the algos? Well, appreciate any response and I wish you good health and peace.


Best regards,






Thanks for the question.


However, if you have followed me for years, you know I no longer care about miners. I have watched them destroy too many lives, and thus sleep well holding 100% physical. I sold my last non-PM stock in 2000, and my last PM stock last year, never to return. By the way, they will NEVER stop being manipulated.


I have always said I thought they would do well - assuming no major Black Swan event - when the Cartel is broken, at which point the window will likely slam shut as nationalization and windfall profit taxes come into play; let alone, likely soaring capital gains taxes and other risks not yet even considered.


Please don't ask more questions about miners; they are dead to me, even after working five years for them. I follow them as just another data point, and have no interest in them anymore.







Hi Andy,


Keep up the good work - I enjoy everything you and several others write. Despite not being rich, I am heavily into silver and as happy as pie and have become a born again libertarian to boot, if there can be such a thing!


Just a thought - I have been watching for five+ years or so now and have learned a lot but am still very much a beginner. My thought: Is it possible that large orgs like JPM short silver/gold, use their money to go long silver/gold and take delivery, then just wait it out? Like, when the shit hits the fan they will make more than enough on their longs to cover their shorts? Is that what they are doing? Just curious.


Best regards,




PS from New Zealand, but now in Japan earning Yen (have found out where to exchange it for metals too)


PSS My American friend sat right next to me is invested in stocks and says he doesn't trust commodities. No matter how much I try to explain things to him, he just knows he is right. Interesting times.




The simple way to understand your question is thus; JP Morgan and the U.S. government are ONE AND THE SAME. Of course they are secretly buying PHYSICAL on the dips they create by unregulated, unrestricted, naked shorting of PAPER. Of course, their FATAL FLAW is the tiny amount of available PHYSICAL, which makes it more and more difficult to effectuate meaningful PAPER declines.





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