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With summer heat, creating cooler, more comfortable conditions that keep people safe and productive is important. Cold Front evaporative coolers from Big Ass Fans provide a rapid cooling effect, with the ability to lower the air temperature of a space, with effects based on the air temperature and humidity of the location.

Tom Barrow Company is pleased to represent the full line of Cold Front evaporative cooling products from Big Ass Fans. Contact your local branch location to learn more.


Cold Front from BAF

Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces with an internal water reservoir supplied by a standard garden hose, Cold Front coolers from BAF provide a rapid, effective cooling response.

Available in four sizes, Cold Front coolers have you covered, from large warehouses, service bays, and stadiums to patios and workstations.

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Learn More About Evaporative Cooling

Combining efficient direct-drive fan technology with robust water systems and thick, resin-treated media, Cold Front delivers instant airflow that lowers the air temperature.

Contact your local TBCo branch location to learn more about the science behind BAF's Cold Front fans.

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