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Dear Rapido Customer,

It's the Springfield Show Special: Two New Product Announcements!

Springfield Show

Dan and Evil Metal Monster staff the Rapido booth at Springfield on Saturday

Dan, Bill and Mike are at the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, MA, and they have two brand-new product announcements for people at the show. It's been left to me - the sole remaining human in all of Canada - to let everyone else know about them!

In this mini issue of Rapido News:

Swift Meat Reefer

GARX Meat Reefer - Swift!

HO Scale Meat Reefers - New Paint Schemes!

Wow. I never expected the response to our new GARX Meat Reefers to be so huge! We've had to turn away orders for almost 1000 cars because we're sold out!

So it's our pleasure to announce a new run of paint schemes, and we're rerunning the undecorated kits and unlettered versions at the same time. This time, please be sure to place your order before the deadline! The last day to order these new Meat Reefers is Monday 26 May 2014. Delivery will be late 2014 (or earlier if our LRC locomotive gets delayed again.)

I'm running for cover - the LRC guys have just thrown their shoes at me!

Dubuque Meat Reefer

GARX Meat Reefer - Dubuque!

Remember - we don't make inventory. If we get orders for 100, we make 101. So please get your orders in on time!

Full information on the new run Meat Reefers can be found here. Background to the Reefers, including product features and prototype history, can be found here. The MSRP is $44.95 per car. Yes, I know it's a bit high. Our price on the first run was based on the quote our factory gave us in 2011. We forced them to hold that price, but no such luck for a new run. As it's now three years later, our costs have jumped. Such is the reality of making model trains in this day and age.

Click here or on the image below to download a PDF sales sheet which you can conveniently fill out and take to your dealer. Like the first run, we are offering four different numbers for each scheme, available in a four-pack or as a random single car.

We also sell direct (click here), but only as four-packs. If you want fewer than four cars in a given scheme please see your dealer.

Meat Reefer Sales Sheet

GARX Meat Reefer - Sales Sheet

N Scale New Haven Coach

N scale Osgood Bradley 3D CAD artwork
Preliminary artwork shown; not all details represented.

N Scale Osgood Bradley Coaches!

We've hinted at this for some time, and now it's official. Mike held me in a "Camel Clutch" until I agreed to make more N scale passenger cars, and the result is this announcement. He had originally held Dan in a camel clutch but that wasn't enough of an incentive and Dan is now shaped like a pretzel.

The Osgood Bradley coaches were built by Pullman's Osgood Bradley plant in Worcester, MA in the 1930s. They were revolutionary for their time and represented the first major lightweight passenger car investment for a number of different railroads.

N Scale New Haven Coach

N scale Osgood Bradley Lightweight Coach - New Haven artwork

The largest customer was the New Haven, and these Osgood Bradley Lightweights became synonymous with the New Haven in the 20th century. This was helped by the fact that hugely popular S scale models produced by A.C. Gilbert were based on these prototypes. We're not allowed to mention the name of Gilbert's S scale models due to copyright reasons so we invite you to join us in referring to these passenger cars by their real name: the Osgood Bradley Lightweights.

These models are in tooling right now - well, they were in tooling before everyone left the factory to go home for three weeks. We expect to have samples in the spring.

N Scale Osgood Bradley Underbody

N scale Osgood Bradley Lightweight Coach - Underbody Detail

Our N scale Osgood Bradley passenger cars feature:
  • Never before available in N scale
  • Full underbody detail
  • End diaphragms with etched-metal end gates
  • New 41-E trucks with metal wheelsets
  • Full interior detail
  • Partial or non-skirted versions
  • "Easy-Peasy" battery-operated interior lighting
  • Metal side grab irons
  • Accurate paint and lettering
  • Available in New Haven (four schemes), B&M, LIRR, BAR and Undecorated
The order deadline for the N scale Osgood Bradley coaches is also 26 May 2014, and the MSRP is $59.95. Delivery is late 2014 or early 2015. Please reserve your fleet of Osgood Bradleys from your favourite (favorite) hobby shop. Unfortunately we can't offer "THE FLEET" in a box this time like we did with the N scale GMD-1, as that would be 70 cars!

(But if anyone does order the fleet I will personally send Bill over to your house to give you a kiss.)

You can read more about these gorgeous cars, including product numbers and road numbers, by clicking here. We accept direct orders, but the minimum for a direct order is two cars.

Rapido Model Trains

Just a small sampling of the incredible Rapido selection at
Govinda's Model Train Emporium and Glatt Kosher House of Curry in Shermer, Illinois.

Do you carry our products? Please let us know!

We sell our products directly to stores in Canada, but dealers in the USA and overseas usually buy Rapido products from their distributors. As a result, we have no idea who carries our products. We rely on dealers to visit our Dealer List, notice they aren't anywhere to be found, and ask us to add their stores. As most people don't know about our Dealer List, it could use some updating...

If you are a dealer and you carry our products, please check our Dealer List and let us know if your store is missing. Modellers: if your local hobby shop carries our products and they aren't in our listing, please let us know and we'll add them. Now that we're delivering some proper American prototypes, we'd like to be able to send you to the right stores to buy them!

That's all for this mini-newsletter. It was very difficult getting me to shut up, but I'm still twisted into a pretzel by Mike's camel clutch so I had to keep it brief. Provided I am out of the chiropractor's in time, I'll be in touch next month with a brand-new locomotive announcement.

All the best,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.

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