Rapido Newsletter Vol. 113
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Well here it is: The huge Canadian product launch that so many of you have been waiting for. If you're reading this between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. EDT on June 24th, please click here to join our Facebook Live broadcast!

If you couldn't give a flying fadoo about foreign passenger trains, click here for the Amtrak California Horizon cars, click here for Amtrak LRC cars, or scroll down to the end for upcoming appearances and the usual essay.

PLEASE NOTE: While we are announcing all these N scale products at once, the order deadlines are staggered and deliveries will be spread over the next 15 months. Nobody can afford to pay for all of this at one time, eh?

Just in case the HO guys miss it in a sea of N scale announcements, I will highlight the one HO announcement below. It's still a beauty one.

In this "YUGE" newsletter:

  • N Scale – The Canadian! SEVEN Different Passenger Car Styles!
  • N Scale – The Canadian! Add-On Cars
  • N Scale – VIA Rail Canada PRESTIGE 3-Car Set!
  • N Scale – GMDD CP/CN/VIA FP9A Locomotive!
  • HO Scale – New Canadian RDC-1, RDC-2 and RDC-3!
  • N Scale – VIA Rail Canada F40PH-2D!
  • N Scale – VIA Rail Canada Rebuilt F40PH-2D!
  • N Scale – VIA/Amtrak LRC Coaches!
  • N Scale – Amtrak California Horizon Cars
  • New Product Order Deadlines and Delivery Dates
  • Rapido Visits Moncton! And Other Appearances
  • Too... Many... Announcements... Arrghhh.
N Scale – The Canadian! SEVEN Different Passenger Car Styles!

We are delighted to introduce our most monumental N scale model to date: The Canadian! Canada's flagship train will be available in a 10-car set. Locomotives and additional cars are available to order separately.
First test sample of the Park Car Dome-Lounge-Observation
The Canadian was introduced by Canadian Pacific in April 1955 as its flagship transcontinental passenger train from Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver. It featured new FP9A locomotives and a consist of new stainless steel passenger cars built by Budd in Philadelphia.
Close up of the roof fluting and the dome on the Park Car.
First test sample shown.
The Canadian lasted with Canadian Pacific until 1978, when it was transferred to VIA Rail Canada. It continued to operate on the original Canadian Pacific routing until 1990, when it was moved to CN tracks. VIA refurbished and upgraded The Canadian to Head End Power and relaunched the sleeper service in 1992 under the "Silver and Blue" branding.

The train was recently upgraded again, adding "Prestige" service cars at the rear. These are Chateau Sleepers and Park Cars converted to gorgeous suites with queen-size beds and private showers. Despite suffering from poor timekeeping by "the freight railway," The Canadian is still VIA's flagship train. It still operates with the original Budd cars, and it still delights riders from around the world.
A CPR Maroon 10-Car Canadian Box Contents
The Canadian comprises seven different Budd passenger car styles, and our set includes extra coaches and sleepers to create a longer train. The prototype could include as many as 30 cars, but is regularly between 18 and 22 cars long.

  • Baggage-Dormitory
  • Coach (set includes two)
  • Skyline - Dome-Coach or Dome-Coffee Shop
  • Diner
  • Chateau Sleeper - 4 sections, 8 duplex roomettes, 3 bedrooms, 1 drawing room (set includes two)
  • Manor Sleeper - 4 sections, 4 roomettes, 5 bedrooms, 1 compartment (set includes two)
  • Park Car - Dome-Sleeper-Lounge-Observation
Incredible underbody detail as usual. This is a Skyline car.
Pre-production sample shown.
We'll lose the shiny brass wheelsets in production...
The Canadian passenger car models feature:

  • Accurate Budd fluting profile
  • Full underbody detail including moulded piping and conduit
  • Full interiors, including two optional Skyline interiors
  • Track-powered interior lighting on DC and DCC
  • Separate, etched-metal grab irons and handrails
  • Beautiful stainless steel finish
  • Operating marker lights on all Park Cars
  • Operating marker lights on all HEP cars
  • Etched-metal name/number plates
First test sample of our Budd Baggage-Dormitory.
Note the roof fluting has not yet been added.
The available paint schemes are:

  • Canadian Pacific Maroon (two sets)
  • Canadian Pacific Action Red (two sets)
  • VIA Rail Canada (Original)
  • VIA Rail Canada (HEP/Canada Scheme)
  • Unlettered Stainless Steel Finish
A typical 10-car Canadian from the 1970s.
John Riley photo courtesy Brian Schuff collection.
The Canadian also contained rebuilt heavyweight "U Series" tourist sleepers until 1965. Unfortunately we are not making the U sleepers. We would have to up the set price by about $200 just to add one.

The MSRP for The Canadian is $699.95 for a ten-car set. These will be delivered in a deluxe book-and-sleeve package, similar to the TurboTrain.

The order deadline is January 13th, 2020. Delivery will be later in 2020. You have plenty of time to save up! As you can see from the photos, the first samples are starting to arrive. We expect all the tooling to be finished by September. We will upload videos etc. before the deadline.

Please click here for more information or to order direct.

But wait.... There's more!
From the top: Coach, Chateau Sleeper, Manor Sleeper
HO renders shown.
N Scale – The Canadian! Add-On Cars

Canadian Pacific and VIA Rail Canada did not only use Budd cars on The Canadian. They were/are also used on the Dominion, Atlantic, Ocean, Skeena, Hudson Bay, Bras D'or, Northland, Enterprise, Cavalier, Rapido, and a host of other trains.

In addition to your Canadian, you can order a three-pack add-on set. These contain:

  • Coach, Chateau Sleeper, Manor Sleeper
  • Cars are unnumbered.
  • Coaches have number plates installed.
  • Sleepers have name plates of different lengths in the box as well as decals with a selection of names.

The paint schemes are the same as The Canadian:

  • Canadian Pacific Maroon
  • Canadian Pacific Action Red
  • VIA Rail Canada (Original)
  • VIA Rail Canada (HEP/Canada Scheme)
  • Unlettered Stainless Steel Finish

The MSRP for the three-pack is $219.95. The 3-packs are boxed for individual sale.

Please click here for more information. The order deadline, like The Canadian, is January 13, 2020.
First test sample of our Skyline Mid-Train Dome.
Note the roof fluting has not yet been added.
Skyline Mid-Train Dome Cars

Everybody loves a good dome car, and The Canadian has almost always run with a minimum of two per train. Since the late 1990s, four domes has been the de facto standard in the high season.

The Canadian contains two types of dome cars - the Skylines and the Park Cars. We are offering additional Skylines to expand your consist. Like the other Budd cars, Skylines have also been standard fare on the Atlantic, Ocean and other trains. Heck - we even chartered our own Skyline tacked onto an LRC back in 2015!

We are pleased to offer the N scale Skyline cars separately.
Note the HEP details on the end. The marker lights will work!
Just ignore the Barco that is visible beneath the buffer. Nothing to see here...
The N scale Skyline cars feature two different interior arrangements:

  • Dome-Coach (1955-1983) has coach seats on the lower level of the long end and operates long-end forward.
  • Dome-Coffee Shop (1983-present) has a coffee shop on the lower level and operates short-end (lounge) forward.

The paint schemes available are:

  • Canadian Pacific Maroon - Dome-Coach (1955-1969)
  • Canadian Pacific Action Red - Dome-Coach (1968-1981)
  • VIA Rail Canada (Original) - Dome-Coach (1978-1983)
  • VIA Rail Canada (Original) - Dome-Coffee Shop (1983-1998)
  • VIA Rail Canada (HEP/Canada Scheme) - Dome-Coffee Shop (1998-)
  • Delaware & Hudson - Dome-Coach
  • Unlettered Stainless Steel Finish - both interior arrangements

The MSRP for the Skylines is $74.95. Please click here for more information or to order direct. Same deadline as the others - January 13, 2020.

But wait.... There's more!
Prestige Park Car and Chateau Sleeper
Photo courtesy Manny Jacob.
N Scale – VIA Rail Canada PRESTIGE 3-Car Set!

Man, making a train that has been in service for over 60 years is a lot of work! There are so many variations! It is our pleasure to offer the first models - in any scale - of VIA Rail Canada's Prestige Park Car and Chateau Sleepers.

In 2011 VIA began a rebuild program on eight Chateau Sleepers and four Park Cars to create a high-end, luxury service aboard The Canadian. Called Prestige, this service has been hugely successful and goes a long way each summer towards offsetting The Canadian's operating costs.
Our Prestige cars feature the all-new interior arrangement of the real cars, along with the rebuilt car side to incorporate enormous new picture windows in each bedroom. We offer two sets:

Set 1: Chateau Jolliet, Chateau Lauzon, Glacier Park
Set 2: Chateau Cadillac, Chateau Dollard, Prince Albert Park
A disassembled Prestige Park Car. Note the new interior arrangement and huge windows.
Pre-production sample shown.
The MSRP is $219.95 for the set. Please click here for more information or to order direct. The order deadline - like the rest of The Canadian cars - is January 13th.

But wait.... There's more!
Design render of our CPR FP9A.
This is the later Action Red version with working ditch lights and extra grab irons.
N Scale – GMDD CP/CN/VIA FP9A Locomotive!

Only on a day so filled with new product announcements would a brand-new locomotive model be this far down in a newsletter! And there are TWO MORE locomotives below this one!

We are excited to introduce the first ever accurate N scale model of a GMDD FP9A locomotive. The prototype was built in London, Ontario from 1954 to 1958 for CN and CP.

Often Imitated. Never Perfected. UNTIL NOW!

Prototype modellers will tell you that you don't get an FP9A just by adding a louver and moving a port hole on an FP7, as has been done before. There are numerous subtle differences between an FP7 and an FP9A, including different fuel tank location and underbody arrangement, different rooftop details, different rear details, etc. Our FP9A is the Real Deal.

If you previously thought all FP9As were the same, we suggest you read our Master Class and Spotters' Guide for the FP9A. You will be surprised at all the differences!
Design render of the CN "E" Class FP9A showing the 48" radiator fans
Our N scale FP9A Locomotive features:

  • First accurate N scale FP9A ever made in plastic
  • Unique CNR and CPR variations including rear headlight location
  • Super detailed, including roof-mounted cooling coils, separate air hoses and separate grab irons and handrails
  • Working headlight, rear headlight and number boards
  • Working rooftop Gyralite and ditch lights (where appropriate)
  • CP models include dynamic brakes, vertical slit grilles, frame-mounted water tank, and etched-metal icicle breakers
  • CN versions include both C/D class (36" radiator fans) and E class (48" radiator fans) versions.
  • CN versions include frame-mounted rerailers, rooftop bell, Farr grilles and CN style steam generator.
  • Sound models include accurate 567C prime mover sounds recorded by Rapido from a real FP9A locomotive under load
  • Basically the awesomest F-unit model ever produced in N scale
Incredible underframe details. Almost unheard of in N scale...
We dare you to compare this with whatever "FP9" models you already have... 😁
The N scale FP9A paint schemes include the following.

Canadian Pacific Version:
  • Canadian Pacific (Block)
  • Canadian Pacific (Script)
  • CP Rail Action Red (5" Stripes)
  • CP Rail Action Red (8" Stripes)
  • VIA Rail Canada (ex-CP)
  • Undecorated

Canadian National Version:
  • CNR 1954 scheme
  • CN Sergeant Stripes
  • VIA-CN (with angled yellow)
  • VIA Rail Canada
  • Algoma Central (conditional announcement)
  • Undecorated

VIA-CN models include VIA and CN nose decals.
CP and CN FP9A. Note the many differences, including grilles, roof details, and even the headlight bezel! Photos courtesy Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
The MSRP is $169 (DC/Silent) or $279 (DC/DCC/Sound). The order deadline is March 17th 2020. We'll have videos and more information for you long before then. The FP9A goes into the tooling shop next month. We expect to have samples by October.

Please click here for more information or to order direct.

But wait.... There's more!
Canadian Pacific RDC-2 #9104 leads a "short" CP consist of five RDCs.
Montreal-area RDC consists could be as large as 11 cars!
Peter Cox photo courtesy Mark Perry.
HO Scale – New Canadian RDC-1, RDC-2 and RDC-3!

We don't want all of our HO scale customers to feel left out, so we are pleased to announce those Canadian RDCs for which you've been bugging us... every day... sometimes twice a day... since we shipped the first run in 2016.

Yes, we are finally launching the Canadian RDC-2 and RDC-3 models, along with RDC-1 models we couldn't do last time around. If you are new to the RDC, it stands for Rail Diesel Car, and is a self-propelled passenger train built by Budd between 1949 and 1962. Click here to read our RDC Master Class. We own a real RDC. You can watch a video of our first run here.

The RDC-1 is an all-coach version. The RDC-2 is a combination coach and baggage. The RDC-3 is a combination coach, baggage and RPO (Railway Post Office), though in Canada many RDC-3s just had a second baggage area rather than a mail room.
Top: Phase 1 CP RDC-3. Photo courtesy John Eull.
Bottom: Phase 2 CN RDC-3. Photo courtesy Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
Note the different window size, pilot, headlight arrangement and roof shape.
These RDC-1s are different from last time!

As you've no doubt read in the Master Class just now, the RDC had a redesign by Budd in 1956, midway through production. Railfans and modellers call the later version the Phase 2 RDC while the earlier version is the Phase 1.

Because there are so many Canadian RDCs in both phases, we had to pick and choose which phase to do for each paint scheme in our first run. In this run of RDC-1 models, we are producing the "other" phase. For example, our first run of CN Noodle RDC-1s were all Phase 1. In this run they are Phase 2. The different phases operated together all the time.
Just look at that detail! If this thing were blown up to full size... it would work!
The Best RDC Model Ever!

Don't take our word for it. Use "the Google" and search for Rapido RDC review. You will see our models up close and personal. We were recently really proud when there was a thread about different RDC models on the Model Railroader forum and the universal consensus was to go with Rapido. That means a lot.

Our HO scale RDC features:

  • Accurate dimensions designed from 3D scans of the real things
  • Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 versions
  • Full interior! Motors are hidden under the floor.
  • All seats are separate castings.
  • Full underbody with separate piping and conduit and multiple AC compressor styles
  • Working interior lights, headlights, marker lights, number boards, and Gyralites. Interior lights and number boards can now be switched off.
  • Custom detailing to match each prototype paint scheme
  • Beautiful stainless steel finish
Unlettered Phase 1 RDC-3 and Phase 2 VIA RDC-2
Our Canadian RDC comes in the following paint schemes/versions. Phase 1 models are shown in green. This is the first time we are doing the CPR Maroon RDC with hockey mask ends. This scheme lasted on RDC-1 #9050 until 1980, well into VIA service!

RDC-1 - Coach
  • Canadian Pacific - Phase 1 - Maroon with Hockey Mask Ends
  • CP Rail - Phase 2 - Hockey Mask Ends
  • Canadian National - Phase 1 - Delivery Scheme
  • CN Noodle - Phase 2 - Black Window Band
  • VIA Rail Canada - Phase 2 - Original Scheme - Working Ditch Lights

RDC-2 - Coach-Baggage
  • Canadian Pacific - Phase 2 - Delivery Maroon with Striped Ends
  • CP Rail - Phase 2 - Hockey Mask Ends
  • Canadian National - Phase 2 - Delivery Scheme
  • CN Noodle - Phase 2 - Black Window Band
  • VIA Rail Canada - Phase 2 - Original Scheme - No Ditch Lights

RDC-3 - Coach-Baggage-RPO or Express
  • Canadian Pacific - Phase 1 - Delivery Maroon with Striped Ends
  • CP Rail - Phase 1 - Hockey Mask Ends
  • Canadian National - Phase 2 - Delivery Scheme
  • CN Noodle - Phase 2 - Black Window Band
  • VIA Rail Canada - Phase 2 - Original Scheme - No Ditch Lights
  • PGE - Phase 2 - Delivery Scheme
  • BCOL - Phase 2 - Two-Tone Green

The MSRP is $249.95 (DC/Silent) or $359.95 (DC/DCC/Sound). The order deadline is October 7th. Please get your orders in by then to ensure you don't miss this. It is probably our last Canadian RDC production run for three or four years at the least.

Click here for more information or to order direct. You can also order fundraising models of 6133, a Phase 2 RDC in VIA stripes with ditch lights. Click here to order 6133. This is available now.

But wait.... There's more!
First test sample of our VIA F40PH-2D.
The pilot had to be 3D printed as the sample of the pilot just arrived five minutes ago.
The side steps got damaged in shipping. Production steps will not be so... wibbly.
N Scale – VIA Rail Canada F40PH-2D!

While our FP9A serves N scale modellers of the 1950s to the 1990s, we have not forgotten all you VIA fans who want accurate, modern VIA power. It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce the VIA Rail Canada F40PH-2D locomotive. This is, without a doubt, the only accurate N scale VIA F40 model ever produced in the whole history of everness.

VIA's F40 fleet was delivered between 1986 and 1989 to replace the aging GMD and MLW F-units. But as usual with Canada, these were not off-the-shelf F40 models. The D designation refers to the desktop control stand, but more importantly the body and details are completely different from their American counterparts. Different fuel tank, air compressor and reservoirs, battery boxes, fans, door location, nose, headlights, you name it. The only way to get an accurate VIA F40PH-2D locomotive is to design one from the start. And that's what we've done.
A typical Canadian in the 2000s would be hauled by a trio of F40s.
Photo courtesy Manny Jacob.
Our N scale F40PH-2D features:

  • Scaled from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Unique Canadian F40PH-2D body and details
  • Working headlights, ditch lights, number boards
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Incredible underbody detail including separate piping
  • Different rooftop details for different paint schemes
  • Accurate F40PH-2D sounds on sound-equipped models
  • Available in original scheme (1986-1998) and Canada scheme (1998-2014)
This ain't your typical blobby N scale underbody. Check out all those air pipes!
These locomotives started hauling steam-heated VIA trains with a Steam Generator Unit or F-unit providing the steam. They also hauled LRC coaches from day one. Once the steam equipment was retired they hauled most VIA trains. The Canadian and Ocean would be hauled by two, three or four F40s operated elephant style.

The MSRP is $169 for DC/Silent and $279 for DC/DCC/Sound. The order deadline is October 7th. Click here for more information or to order direct.

But wait.... There's more!
First test sample of our rebuilt F40PH-2D.
Thanks to our own Dave O'Neill for 3D printing the pilot. It's time we got our own 3D printer so we don't need Dave to keep saving our bacon!
N Scale – VIA Rail Canada Rebuilt F40PH-2D!

Well, in for a penny... We are happy to introduce VIA's Rebuilt F40PH-2D locomotive in N scale!

In 2010, VIA began a rebuild program to ensure the F40 fleet would last another 20 years or more. This involved adding a HEP (Head End Power) generator at the rear of the locomotive, separate from the prime mover (main diesel engine). The body shells were extensively rebuilt. The locomotive also received a third headlight and other subtle changes in nose and roof details.

VIA's rebuilt F40s are still in service today and will be for years to come.
The Shron kids show off a pair of VIA's rebuilt F40PH-2D locomotives in 2017.
Everyone loves to take a wedgy photo in Hornepayne or Sioux Lookout!
Our N scale rebuilt F40PH-2D model features the same great detail of the original F40, but it also includes all of the changes made on the prototype. The sounds are different as well. Originally, the HEP alternator was powered from the prime mover. So the F40PH-2D had to run at full revs in order to provide power to the coaches. This gave them the nickname "screamers."

With the addition of the separate HEP generator, the sounds of the locomotive are completely different. The F40PH-2D now operates like a normal freight locomotive, but has the sound of a separate, smaller diesel engine rumbling in the background. Our sound models recreate this perfectly.
The rear of the rebuilt F40PH-2D is completely different.
That big boxy area houses the new HEP generator.
The Rebuilt F40PH-2D features:

  • Same amazing detail and features as the original F40PH-2D
  • Working emergency headlight and emergency shutdown strobe light
  • Accurate Rebuilt F40 sounds

Our model comes in two variations: the unit as operated by VIA and a special Canada $10 bill edition. VIA's Canadian was featured on the $10 bill, hauled by an original F40 and a rebuilt F40. The rebuilt F40, #6403, had a Canada logo replacing the VIA logo on the nose.

We are offering the special edition of 6403 as found in the $10 bill, and 25 lucky customers will find a crisp VIA $10 bill rolled up inside the box. The boxes will be sealed so you can't peek before you buy!
6403 breaks out of its $10 bill!
If you model contemporary VIA operations, you need a fleet of these locomotives. They haul all of the long-distance trains and most of the Corridor trains as well. Two or three can be found pulling The Canadian across our great country.

The MSRP is $169 for DC/Silent and $279 for DC/DCC/Sound. The order deadline is October 7th. Click here for more information or to order direct.

But wait.... There's more!
First test sample of our LRC Business Class Car.
We have to improve the clips... That belly is falling out!
N Scale – VIA/Amtrak LRC Coaches!

These announcements just don't end...

It is our pleasure to announce the backbone of VIA Rail Canada's central Canadian fleet, the Bombardier LRC coaches in N scale! In one day, we've gone from having no options for modelling modern VIA trains to having BOTH the HEP1 and the LRC cars... and the best locomotives to haul them!

Not forgetting our cousins to the south, the LRC also operated for Amtrak, and could be found mixed in with Amfleet equipment, mostly in the Northeast Corridor.
A typical LRC consist at Bayview.
Photo courtesy David Vincent.
The Bombardier LRC first entered service for VIA in 1981. By 1985, following the second delivery of coaches, the LRCs had become essential for VIA. They eventually took over the majority of Corridor services in Ontario and Quebec. In 2010 the cars entered a major refurbishment program. It was discovered that they had structural issues which could not be overcome. The rebuild program was scaled back, resulting in some cars receiving a full rebuild and others just receiving a cosmetic refresh.

The LRC coaches originally had two versions: coach and VIA 1 first class. They were externally identical, with the first class cars carrying a VIA 1 logo and, later, no large Canadian flag. In 2013 VIA converted the VIA 1 cars to Business Class cars featuring 2 + 1 seating, some blanked windows and a new paint scheme. We are doing both.
Gorgeous track-powered lighting shows off the full interior.
The lighting is turned off/on using an Easy-Peasy lighter (included).
Our N scale LRC cars feature:

  • Accurate dimensions from blueprints and field measurements
  • Coach, VIA 1 and Business Class versions
  • Full interior detail with accurate colours and tinted windows
  • Track-powered interior lighting compatible with DC and DCC
  • Working marker lights
  • Etched-metal stirrups and end gates
Working marker lights!!! Aren't they amazing?
The N scale LRC available paint schemes are:

  • Original Scheme 1981-1998: Coach and VIA 1
  • Canada Scheme 1998-Present: Coach and VIA 1
  • Green Scheme 2010-Present: Coach
  • Business Class 2013-Present: Business Class
  • Amtrak: Coach
  • Undecorated

The MSRP is $69.95 per car. The order deadline is October 7th. Please click here for more info or to order direct.

OK - that's it. No more Canadian announcements. We're pooped.
N Scale – Amtrak California Horizon Cars

Due to popular demand, we are making Amtrak California Horizon cars in N scale as well as HO. Please click here for more info. The order deadline remains unchanged - February 10th. Plenty of time!
New Product Order Deadlines and Delivery Dates

We would normally never announce so many products in one newsletter, but there is method to our madness. By announcing the FP9As at the same time as The Canadian, transition-to-1980s modellers will know they have power for their train.

By announcing the F40s now, VIA modellers can buy The Canadian with confidence they will have power. By announcing the LRCs now, anyone who models Ontario and Quebec can order the F40s knowing they have a train to pull and vice versa.

So you can put your kitbashing tools away... We've got you covered.
A pair of F40s leads a long conventional consist in Woodstock, Ontario.
Photo courtesy Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
As I mentioned earlier, the order deadlines and delivery dates are staggered. Below are the order deadlines and approximate delivery dates for each new model.

You probably know us well enough to recognize these delivery dates as "hopelessly optimistic."

Order Deadlines:

Approximate Delivery Dates:

So you have from now until next summer or fall to save your pennies for all of these models. No problem! 😄
Oh, if only we could see this train when we come to Moncton in July...
Photo courtesy Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
Rapido Visits Moncton! And Other Appearances

I will be coming to Moncton, New Brunswick next month for a meet and greet hosted by Don's HO Service. I'll have some samples on display and I will be talking about the model railroad manufacturing process and taking your questions.

Date: Thursday July 11th
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Humphrey Lewisville Sunny Brae Lions Club
156 Pleasant Street, Moncton

There is a lot of construction in the area so if you need advice on how to get there please call Ian at Don's HO Service (506-384-8721).

Other Upcoming Rapido Events:

Date: June 29th and 30th
Location: Thayer County Fairgrounds, Deshler, NE
Rapido Team: Dan Darnell and Jordan Smith

Date: July 26th and 27th
Location: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL
Rapido Team: Dan Darnell and Bill Schneider

Presentation at the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club
Date: Wednesday August 14th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg, MB
Rapido Team: Jason Shron and Sidura Ludwig
(Yes, Sidura will be there to answer questions about being married to a crazy train nut. You may want to bring your wife.)
We... are... so... tired...
Too... Many... Announcements... Arrghhh.

Last week we had a team meeting and Mike put up his hand: "Can I ask that we not have two massive product launches three weeks apart?" To which about four people replied at once, "We've already decided that!"

Everyone here at Rapido has been working like a fiend the last few weeks. Putting together our first US Dealer Open House ( click here to watch the awful video) was a huge undertaking and it had everyone running around like headless chickens. Following that three weeks later with our Canadian Dealer Open House and these four million N scale announcements has Rapido employees running into traffic just to relax.

It's all for a good cause - more great model railroad products - but we're all burnt out. Tomorrow we're having Chinese food for lunch and doing karaoke. And I'm sure we'll be spending some extra time in the next couple of weeks watching the trains go by the office with a Scotch in hand rather than actually doing any work. If you are trying to get a hold us and nobody answers the phone, please mail us your inquiry on a piece of paper wrapped around an unopened bottle of Old Pulteney, Glen Scotia, or Ben Riach. We'll definitely get it that way. You think I'm joking... 😆

In all seriousness, thank you to the entire Rapido team for making these events and product launches a huge success. Everyone has been burning the midnight oil to make them happen. If there are any glitches in the web site, please reply to this email and write ATTENTION MIKE and he will fix them in between karaoke songs. He's bringing a wig and a dress. We're scared.

Next year our US Dealer Open House will be in early May in the Chicago area, while our Canadian Dealer Open House will be at the end of June. This will (thankfully) give us some more time between our two massive product launches.

But we're not resting on our laurels. We have several new announcements coming in the fall when we celebrate our 15th anniversary, and we might be doing a special excursion as well. It's party time!

As always, stay tuned!

Best regards,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.
USA: PO Box 796, Higganum, CT 06441
Canada: 500 Alden Road, Unit 21, Markham, ON L3R 5H5