Rapido Newsletter Vol. 118
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Bill Schneider here. Jason's in England, supposedly "working." (Yeah, right! Last time I checked we didn't make any Doctor Who models.) We have a whole bunch of product news for you, along with several updates.

  • Reminder! HO F7B and F9B Order Deadline November 25!
  • New! HO Scale New Haven 8600 Coaches!
  • Big HO Scale Order Deadline: December 2nd
  • EMD SW1200 – Photos, Video and Information
  • Amtrak Horizon Cars – Coach, Dinette and Club Dinette
  • ACF Flexi-Flo Covered Hopper – These Look Gorgeous!
  • Watch a New Video Showing All Three Products!
  • Update on our D10 and H-6 Canadian Steamers
  • HO Scale PA/PB – Number Changes... and New Video!
  • N Scale GMD-1 In Stores Now!
  • The GE B36-7 Locomotives Are Here... and New Video!
  • Alco RS-11s Are On Their Way
  • New Haven Dining Cars Are Also En Route
  • Beautiful British Buses Are In Stock
  • Well, Why not?
Rapido CN F9B
Rapido's HO scale F9B in CP's dazzling "Multimark" scheme.
Reminder! HO F7B and F9B Order Deadline November 25!

As Jason discuss in great detail in Rapido News 116, we have relaunched our long-delayed Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and VIA Rail Canada F9B and F7B locomotives.

Our F7Bs and F9Bs feature unmatched levels of detail that border on the insane, such as all-separate piping under the frame, hanging rerailers with chains holding them in place, and fuel and water tank vents sticking up out of the roof – still only available in Rapido's F-unit models! The body sides feature our unique “No-Warp Grilles.” Each grille is a C-channel pressed into the shell that won’t warp no matter what humidity and temperature changes it is subjected to.

Click on the image below to read our F9B/F7B Master Class full of interesting prototype information. You too can become an expert!
The Canadian F7B and F9B are very different from their American cousins, and the CN and CP versions of the F9B are very different from each other!
Rapido CN F9B
Rapido's HO scale FP9 in CNs Gorgeous Green scheme (sorry Jason...).
Click on the image below to download a sales pack to take to your local hobby shop.
Our F7B and F9B and coming in seven paint schemes plus undecorated (three versions). Orders are due by November 25. Reserve today.
Rapido Ho 8660 coach New Haven
New! HO Scale New Haven 8600 Coaches - Second Run!

In 2016 we released our first run of New Haven 8600-series coaches. These coaches were the backbone of the New Haven's postwar long-haul passenger fleet. Since then we have produced matching Parlors and Diners. Many customers have asked us for more coaches, either because they missed the first run or want to expand their fleet. We’re happy to comply! This second run features all new car numbers and also includes McGinnis cars with full skirts, previously only available from The New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association.
8600 Coach underbody details - all of them!
Our HO 8600 Coach Models Feature:
  • Accurately scaled from original blueprints with input from NHRHTA
  • Correct cross section with accurate Pullman-Standard fluting
  • Rapido’s renowned stainless steel finish
  • Partial skirting or no skirting as appropriate
  • Full underbody details
  • Operating diaphragms with end gates
  • Separate grab irons, factory-installed
  • Revised and updated free-rolling 41-BNO-11 trucks with blackened metal wheelsets
  • Full interior detail including see-through armrests
  • Track-powered constant lighting for DC and DCC layouts

Every New Haven modeler can use more coaches, so don't miss out! The order deadline for these great cars is February 10, 2020 with delivery scheduled for Fall 2020.

Please click here for more info or to order direct.

You can see the full listing on our sales sheet by clicking the image below.
Big HO Scale Order Deadline: December 2 nd

We have a HUGE order deadline coming up in just a few weeks. You won't want to miss out on any of these hot new products!
Rapido SW1200 First sample
The very first complete SW1200 sample from the factory. Just amazing!
HO Scale EMD SW1200
Order Deadline: December 2

Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to offer the EMD SW1200 in HO scale. This project has more railroad-by-railroad detail variations than anything we have done before. (But not all of them... See my essay at the bottom where I discuss this.)

General Motors (EMD) began production of the first example of the 1,200-hp SW1200 switcher model in January 1954. Built through until May 1966, over 700 examples of this versatile road switcher were built by EMD with an additional 280+ built by GMD in Canada.

Built between 1954 and 1966, the SW1200 filled the need for a compact, lightweight locomotive for branch lines and other over-the-road assignments (freight and passenger) not requiring a full-fledged mainline road switcher. The SW1200 combined the right size and muscle for these assignments. The SW1200 was available with both Type A and Flexicoil trucks.

The Rapido model includes all of those options. Other features available on the SW1200 include different fuel tanks, unique spark arrestors, MU cables, folding end-platform drop steps and different lighting options as specific to each road.
Rapido SW1200 variations first sample
Just alike except for the differences! First shell samples from the factory.
Can you find your favorite road's unit?
The HO Scale Rapido SW1200 features
  • Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Heavy diecast frame, chassis and gearboxes for superior pulling power
  • Rapido’s improved smooth-running drive system
  • Working number boards and classification lights
  • Fully detailed Type A or Flexicoil trucks, as appropriate
  • Full cab interior with working cab interior light and non-working fire extinguisher and fridge (where appropriate)
  • Working headlights, inspection lights and illuminated number boards
  • Separate handrails, including crash bars inside the cab
  • Multiple exhaust stack and battery box door styles
  • With or without working drop steps, as appropriate
  • Incredible underbody piping and conduit detail - a Rapido hallmark
  • DC/Silent or DC/DCC/Sound versions featuring an ESU Loksound decoder with accurate recordings from a 567 prime mover
  • Sound models feature an updated high-fidelity MP3 quality speaker

Please note that we have made a few changes to the SW1200 road numbers chosen to better reflect the details on our models. They are:

  • 26113/26613 - Rock Island 923 is now 924
  • 26122/26622 - Grand Trunk 1509 is now 1511
  • 26132/26632 - Great Northern 31 is now 30
  • 26133/26633 - Great Northern 33 is now 32
Click on the image below to download our revised SW1200 sales sheet:
Click here to visit our SW1200 web site for more information or to order direct. You can also click here to watch our new products video.

Remember that order deadline: December 2nd.
Rapido Amtrak Horizon car first samples
Rapido HO Amtrak Horizon Dinette and coach first samples. Looking great already!
HO Scale Amtrak Horizon Cars
Order Deadline: December 2

Introduced by Amtrak in April 1989, the Horizon fleet (also known as the Amfleet IIIs) were based on the Pullman-Standard Comet-series commuter cars built since 1970. The new Horizon fleet consisted predominantly of two basic car types - Coach and Dinette - with 86 and 18 cars respectively forming the 104-car order placed with Bombardier.
Rapido Amtrak Horizon car first samples
Rapido HO Amtrak Horizon Dinette and Coach underbodies.
Who says modern cars are boring?
Note many parts still missing from these.
Over the years, the Horizon cars have remained largely unchanged from their as-built appearance, with the only predominant visual differences being the evolution of the Amtrak paint schemes from Phase III through Phase IVb.

  • Coach, Dinette and Club Dinette cars available
  • Full underbody details unique to each car style
  • Full multi-color interior detail with separate seats
  • Folding steps or fixed stairs as appropriate
  • GSI G70 trucks with free-rolling, turned-metal wheelsets
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • Constant interior lighting in DC and DCC
  • Working marker lights
  • Metal side grab irons

Amtrak modelers have waited a long time for a Rapido-quality Horizon car. And these babies fit the bill.
Rapido Amtrak Horizon car first samples
Rapido HO Amtrak Horizon Coach and Dinette interiors.
Click here or on the image below to download our Horizon sales sheet:
The Amtrak Horizon order deadline is – you guessed it – December 2nd. Please reserve from your favorite hobby shop or directly from us.

You can order direct by clicking here.
Rapido Ho Flexiflow Samples
Flexi Flo first samples. Gorgeous!
From left to right, Lot 941-H (early production), Lot 963-H (mid production)
and Lot 996-H (late production).
HO Scale ACF Flexi Flo Covered Hopper
Order Deadline: December 2

The last model in our massive December 2nd order deadline is the HO scale ACF Flexi Flo Covered Hopper. Just in time, we have received pre-production samples of these gorgeous models.
Rapido Ho Flexiflow Sample
Lot 963-H (mid production) first sample. Love that piping!
Built between August 1964 and June 1966 the American Car & Foundry (ACF) 3500 cu.ft. covered hopper was an early innovator in pressure differential unloading and a marketing masterclass thanks to the " Flexi Flo" tag coined by the car's biggest customer, the New York Central railroad.

A total of 220 cars were built at the Milton, Pennsylvania, production line of ACF over three subtly different batches - Lots 941H, 993H and 996H. The Rapido model offers all three variations with different strengthening rib, weld line arrangements

Still new at the time of the Penn Central merger, many cars were simply patched with PC prefix and logo and renumbered. However, plenty made it through those turbulent years with their full NYC paint untouched. Under Conrail many cars were patch painted again. Some others were repainted, with Conrail applying at least three different schemes.

These cars have been much sought after by modelers of the late 1960s and later. This is the first highly detailed injection molded model of this car to be available.

For a full, printable listing please click on the image below to download our Flexi Flo sales pack.
Don't miss out! Please get your reservations in by December 2nd!

Click here to visit the Flexi Flo web site or to order direct.
Watch a New Video Showing All Three Products!

Josh and Dan filmed a great summary video covering these three products. First Dan takes you through the spotting features on many of the SW1200 models, then Josh takes you through the Amtrak Horizon cars and the ACF Flexi Flo hoppers. Click here or on one of the three pictures to watch.
Please make sure you get your orders in by the December 2nd deadline. While there may be some additional time given to order the Horizons and SW1200s, the Flexi Flo is going into production immediately.
Rapido CPR D-10 4-6-0
Update on our D10 and H-6 Canadian Steamers

In the last newsletter Jason promised news on the CPR D-10 and CNR H-6 projects in the next newsletter. Of course, he’d promised the same thing in the previous newsletter. I just think that he didn’t want to have to say anything about it… So now it falls to me.

Well the votes (orders) are in, and I have good news and bad news. The CPR D-10 4-6-0 project has garnered enough votes…. err… orders to move ahead. We will finalize design shortly and get it into tooling. Thank you for your support on this exciting project.

Full information including product numbers, variations and pricing can be found here. We’ll give you additional updates on the D-10 in the next newsletter – whoever ends up writing it!
The most recent D-10 CAD file. Nearly ready for tooling.
Unfortunately, the CNR H-6 4-6-0 project has not received enough orders to make it viable at this time, so it is being put on hold. It is NOT being cancelled at this time. We will continue to accept orders. We hope that orders for the H-6 will pick up when the D10 project is further along.

We are still committed to the Icons of Canadian Steam project, but will have to take each project on its own merits. Unfortunately, at the end of the day each project needs to generate enough profit to make it worth producing. We can promise that the straight CP Hudsons, including 2816, will definitely be produced in the near future.
Rapido D&RGW PA locos
HO Scale PA/PB – Number Changes Based On Your Input

After we published our initial releases for the HO Alco PA and PB Project we received a few e-mails pointing out that the road numbers listed on our Denver and Rio Grande units were not correct for the scheme that we've chosen. These units were renumbered before they were painted into the multi-stripe scheme. It seems that we (and by “we”, I mean “I”…) knew this – as evidenced by the artwork – but the correct numbers never made it to the sales sheets and web page. Whoops…..

So, the correct numbers are:
23009 HO Scale PA-1 (DC/Silent): D&RGW #6001
23010 HO Scale PA-1 (DC/Silent): D&RGW #6013
23011 HO Scale PA-1 + PB-1 (DC/Silent): D&RGW #6011+6012
23012 HO Scale PA-1 + PB-1 (DC/Silent): D&RGW #6003+6002

23509 HO Scale PA-1 (DC/DCC/Sound): D&RGW #6001
23510 HO Scale PA-1 (DC/DCC/Sound): D&RGW #6013
23511 HO Scale PA-1 + PB-1 (DC/DCC/Sound): D&RGW #6011+6012
23512 HO Scale PA-1 + PB-1 (DC/DCC/Sound): D&RGW (#6003+6002
We recently held a 3D scan event and open house at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland, OR. Clearly we are short of on-screen talent as Jordan had to scrape up anybody that he could get to help. This guy didn't even know what locomotive we were looking for! Click here or on the image below to view this sorry performance... 😆
Fortunately Doyle McCormack, owner and restorer of NKP 190, was on hand to save the day by sharing some stories of his efforts to bring his PA-1 back to life.
We are taking reservations on our HO scale Alco PA and PB models now. Delivery is expected in late 2020, but watch this newsletter for more updates as we move through the project.

For a full listing of numbers and detail variations, click on the image below to download our PA and PB Project sales sheets.
You can also order your PA and PB directly from us by clicking here.
N GMD-1 locomotives are available now!
N Scale GMD-1 In Stores Now!

Our second run of N scale GMD-1 road switchers are in shops now. These are available in several different paint schemes and variations. They feature:

  • DC Silent or DC/DCC/Sound
  • Accurate prime mover recordings - 567C or 654C depending on number
  • 5-pole, skew-wound motor with excellent slow-speed performance
  • Revised N scale wheelset design for trouble-free operation
  • DC models wired to match the rest of your DC fleet
  • Accurate dimensions from GMD blueprints and field measurements
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis for great pulling power
  • Accurate four-wheel Flexicoil trucks and 2000-gallon fuel tank on appropriate locomotives
  • Full cab interior oriented the correct way

These compact powerhouses are perfect for yard, branchline or mainline service on your N scale railroad.

We still have a few left. Please see your dealer or click here to order now.
Rapido HO B-36-7 Samples CSX and TTI
The GE B36-7 Locomotives Are HERE!

The new HO Scale B36-7 locomotives have arrived at Rapido's Transtemporal Headquarters (yes, Jason came up with that...) and will be shipping out to dealers shortly. This is Rapido's first modern-ish US freight locomotive and we're super enthusiastic about it.

The four-axle GE B36-7 was a high-horsepower speed racer built to appeal to railroads in the early 1980s looking to turbocharge their growing intermodal business. They could be found in multiples at the head of piggyback and autorack services and the new double-stack container trains.
Rapido HO B36-7 Southern Railway
Southern Railway B36 with neat and incredibly complex walkway and end sill striping!
The Rapido HO B36-7 features complete underbody piping and cables, full cab interior and metal handrails with plastic stanchions. We've added a ton of road-specific details with different pilots, anticlimbers, plows, fuel tanks, air dryers, antennas, bell location, wind deflectors, headlight locations, air-conditioning units, beacons, different bodies, multiple nose and rear end styles, three versions of drop step, and so on.
Rapido HO B36-7 Southern Pacific
SP's B36s had their usual impressive assortment of warning lights, and so does our HO scale model!
The Rapido HO B36-7 also has full lighting effects included, with working headlights, switchable number boards at both ends and cab interior headlight. Three styles of front and rear flashing ditch lights are included (where appropriate). The SP units have dual-beam clear lens Oscitrol warning lights at both ends plus red “emergency” light, which operates on the front end.

Under the hood is Rapido's 5-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels and silky-smooth drive, DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound) options. Accurate sounds were recorded from an actual Minnesota Commercial B36-7 under load.

You can see the B36-7 in action in our new video. Click here or on the image below to watch this latest big-budget video extravaganza!
In this video Janet explains to Jordan the detail variations and workings of our B36-7. She's surprising us all with her in-depth product knowledge! Maybe we should move her into product development....
We've got a very limited number of locomotives in stock. Please click here to order direct or speak to your hobby shop.
Rapido HO RS-11 New Haven
Alco RS-11s Are On Their Way

Rapido's HO scale RS-11 models are on their way from the factory and will be arriving in our Toronto warehouse any day now.

Introduced in early 1956, Alco’s RS-11 carbody featured notched corners that included the corner number boards and, on most units, sand filler hatches as well. Many roads purchased RS-11s with a total of around 462 units produced. One of the most reliable of Alco locomotives, examples survived in Class 1 usage into the late 1980s, while several are still in use on short lines today.
Rapido Ho RS-11 cab interior lights
Our Alco RS-11 includes Illuminated control stands, ground lights, class lights, headlights, number boards and more!
Once in and tested, we will begin shipping to stores and distributors. We still have a few unsold RS-11 models, but they will go quickly! Please click here to place your last-minute RS-11 order. Models will be in stores before Christmas.
Rapido New Haven diner
Production Diner in the New Haven's Hunter Green delivery scheme.
New Haven Dining Cars Are Also En Route

The latest release in our series of New Haven stainless steel passenger cars is on the way... THE DINER! The New Haven was very proud of its food service and ran one and often two diners on most trains. Our HO scale model was developed with the help of the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association (NHRHTA) and features outstanding details in and out, from the new 61-NO six-wheel trucks to a complete interior including place settings.
There really is nothing left to add. Well, except maybe the water pitchers on the table. Those are in the box. No, really.....
Rapido New Haven diner interior
Full interior included, complete with napkins, plates, forks and knives!
Rapido New Haven 61-NO truck
Free-rolling six-wheel 61-NO trucks
In addition to Rapido’s offerings, NHRHTA will be offering an exclusive run of McGinnis cars with full skirts. Details can be found on their web site.

We have a handful of diners available. Please click here to order direct or please contact your favorite hobby shop.
Birmingham Bus Model
Big Beautiful British Brummie (Birmingham) Bus
Beautiful British Buses Are In Stock

Rapido is excited to begin shipping our first 1:76 Scale model bus, the Birmingham City Transport (BCT) ‘New Look’ Guy Arab Birmingham bus.

Under development from 1948 and delivered from 1950, the BCT New Look had a radical impact on bus development in the 1950s, with variations of the New Look front appearing all over the country in subsequent years.
Rapido Birmingham Bus
Step right aboard!
Our 1:76 scale model features full interior detail including decorated seats, working lights (Deluxe Version) and separate wire handrails.
Brummie Bus 1A
Full decoration, accurate details, wire handrails... and that's just INSIDE the bus!
Although designed primarily for the UK market, we had a limited stock of these amazing models is available in our North American warehouse. Unfortunately, all have sold out!! Jason, Dan and Mohan will be at the Warley Show in Birmingham (UK, not Alabama) this weekend where you can buy them from us, or you can order through Rails of Sheffield in the UK (they do international mail order as well).

We do intend to do a new run of these in 2020, so if you miss out, try and resist the urge to spend silly money on eBay.
What a bunch of slackers.....
Well, Why Not??

Here at Rapido we do our best to bring you the most detailed and accurate models that we possibly can. Even so, there is often a lot of discussion at shows and on-line regarding what versions of a model we chose to produce. Inevitably the question comes up, “Why didn’t you make THIS ONE?”

One of the hardest things for many modelers (and some designers!) to understand is the difference between what can be done on a one-off custom model and what can be done on a production run of hundreds of models. Many of us at Rapido are modelers and in our own modeling we strive to include every detail possible. We “get it.” But often financial and practical matters get in the way of being able to mass produce that “perfect” model.

That’s not to say that we don’t try. 

On one of my early projects at Rapido I had sent a list of corrections to the factory on a model that I was designing. A rather lengthy response came back in Chinese, but only one line of the Chinese engineer’s response was translated – “cannot do!” – but there was clearly more to it than that. Curious, I copied the text to Google Translate, which returned – politely rephrased – “Bill is crazy!” That was one of my prouder moments….
Alco PA-4 Courtesy Don Jaworski Collection.
Photo courtesy Don Jaworski Collection.
As a manufacturer, we have to draw a line when deciding which variations to offer. Often the location of that line is determined by production cost and complexity.

When we announced the PA Project we understandably had a lot of questions about the Morrison-Knudsen "PA-4" rebuilds, like #19 seen in this great shot from the Don Jaworski Collection. It looks like a simple enough modification to the existing model, right?

Well, maybe not. Check out the added EMD-style sand filler hatches, lower side louvers and plated over nose MU hatches. Also, the lower headlight has been changed. To make things worse, among the four units there were two styles of headlight, and three styles of nose MU. At least one unit had a modified dynamic brake hatch, one a unique side grill arrangement and one (#19) a modified side number board housing. (Yes, we looked into it!)

From a manufacturing perspective, producing these units would mean two new sets of tooling for both sides, a new roof, three new noses and an additional set of headlight molds (there were a three different styles between the four units). That's probably $50,000 worth of new tooling. For four units. In addition to the cost of the initial project, which is already quite high. It just didn't make financial sense, even though several of us really thought that they would be a neat addition. Fortunately we were able to correctly model the D&H units as they were originally purchased.
Rapido N GMD-1 shells in bins
Billions of Blue Bins!
Unlike our personal models, which are often done one at a time and decorated in larger sub-assemblies, mass produced models are done as many single small components which are combined at the end to create the finished model. Meaning that the hoods are done at one time, cabs another, etc. Anyone who has seen any of our factory visit videos has seen the piles of blue bins full of these parts. (You can see Jason and Mohan's latest factory video by clicking here.)

As one example, the locations of the small warning labels on the sides of locomotives often vary from unit to unit. In an ideal world, or as a one-off model, this is a unit-specific detail that should be included. From a production basis, this one “simple” change can have a disastrous impact on cost. If the decoration varies from unit to unit then the logistics of keeping track of which hoods go with which cabs and which frames is a major headache and also a likely source of confusion or error. Also, for every change of lettering or lettering position the printing machines must be re-adjusted and often new printing plates made. On smaller production runs this can lead to a point where more time is being spent setting up the printing machines than is spent actually printing models!
The print shop at LRC factory
Just another quiet day at the LRC factory print shop.
Add to this the fact that for every additional set-up there are going to be additional printing rejects, increasing the wastage rate (and thus cost), and you might see why we look carefully at each project with our factory partners to determine what variations we can practically (that word again) apply. We already push the bounds of what they are willing to do. In the words of one of our senior engineers, “Hope to cancel.”
At Rapido we pride ourselves in offering as many possible accurate models as we can. After all, as modelers that's what we would want. In those cases where we don't offer a particular variation it’s not that we don’t know or don’t care, it’s just that sometimes we just can’t make a business case for it. 

Thanks for reading through all of this. Until next time,


Bill Schneider
Project Manager
Rapido Trains Inc.
USA: PO Box 796, Higganum, CT 06441
Canada: 500 Alden Road, Unit 21, Markham, ON L3R 5H5