Rapido Newsletter Vol. 130
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Bobby here. (Or Bobert, as that's what the factory calls me now...)

Let me start off this month by asking Jason and Bill for some helpful pointers about writing the newsletter. (Crickets.) So, apparently I'm on my own now (shakes fist violently at Jason and Bill). Starting two sentences ago, I'll be writing about the latest news from Rapido. Boom. You're stuck with me. Wait! Don't leave yet!

Grab a drink, throw on some music and dive into Rapido News, edition #130. (Make sure the music is very loud - I have Oasis on as I type and the whole neighborhood can hear it, whether they want to or not. "I Said Maybeeeeeee...")

In this issue of Rapido News:

Big Order Deadline - October 15th!
  • HO Scale Procor 20,000 Gal. Tank Car - New Video!
  • N Scale Canadian and Skyline Cars - New Video, too!
  • HO Scale X31 Boxcar - NEW DEADLINE!

Next Order Deadline - November 16th
  • HO Scale F40PH - Amtrak, Ski Train, Commuter Lines and CSX
  • HO Scale Angus Van (That's caboose for you non-hoseheads)
  • HO Scale X31A Boxcar (We Mean It This Time)

And a Bunch of Other Neat Stuff
  • We're Back in the UK!
  • Important M420 Update
  • EVEN MORE New Videos!
  • Factory and Tooling Updates
  • Introducing Kaylee!
  • Weathering Rapido Models on MR Video Plus
  • Model Railroading and Spirituality - Jason's Interview on CBC Radio!
  • Bill's Awesome Layout Progress
The N Scale Canadian... wait, that's N scale????
Big Order Deadline! - October 15th

We have a major order deadline looming in less than a week! The HO Procor 20,000 gallon General Purpose tank car, also called the Procor GP20 (not the locomotive) and the N scale Canadian and Skyline cars are due by October 15th, 2020. Make sure you have your orders in promptly!

If you haven't ordered yet and there's still time left, ORDER ORDER ORDER! If you're just reading this and it's October 15th, 2021, well we can't help you there. But if it's just past the 15th of THIS year, we can probably help you. Please order!
It's a Tankathon! (No we don't mean losing to get the best draft pick in the NHL.)
When you're done figuring out what I meant, click above to watch the video!
HO Scale Procor 20,000 Gal. Tank Car - Plus A Video!

Orders for our new Procor 20,000 gallon General Purpose tank car are due October 15. Yes, that's less than a week left! Have you ordered yet? Well if you haven't, you're missing out on a beautiful tank car that was a staple of the merger era, all the way into the 2010s. These cars feature more than your handful of "standard" details, including multiple body and truck styles, as well as Kadee couplers. (Yes, Kadees!) The models will come with either the 158 semi-scale or the 119 shelf semi-scale whisker couplers as per prototype.
Rapido HO Procor tank car details
It's all about the details! (Hand-painted pre-production sample.)
Jordan has filmed a really quick video showing off the very sample you see above. Please excuse the fact that Jordan is not a tank car expert, so this car has a lot of "thingies" and "doodads." Click here or on the image below to watch.
A complete listing of tank cars can be found below in the catalogue. (Sorry, Jason made me add the "ue" to "catalog." They sure do write funny up there.) Please click on the image below to download it.
Please click here to visit the web site for more information or to order direct. The tank cars are available as single cars or as multi-packs. Single car orders directly from Rapido are chosen at random, so the only way to guarantee a specific number is to order multi-packs.

Remember that order deadline - October 15th!
The Canadian traverses an arch bridge on Emerson Case's gorgeous layout.
N Scale Canadian and Skyline Cars - Of Course With Video!

What's the first thing you think of when you hear "Canadian"? OK, OK, besides maple syrup, beer and moose, there is also that famous passenger train. Yes, THAT Canadian - the N scale Canadian!

There are SEVEN different styles of cars (ten cars total) PLUS the VIA Prestige 3-car set! The Skyline Dome cars will feature two different interiors for the Dome-Coach and Dome-Coffee Shops. But wait, there's more! You can also order the Skyline Mid-Train Dome cars separately (and don't worry D&H modelers, we didn't forget about you), as well as separate three-packs that include two sleepers and a coach! The amount of detail per car is amazing, right down to the incredible underbodies full of stuff.
Pre-production samples of the Skyline and Park Cars. Love that stainless steel finish!
The available paint schemes for The Canadian are:

  • Canadian Pacific Maroon (two 10-car sets)
  • Canadian Pacific Action Red (two 10-car sets)
  • VIA Rail Canada (Original, one 10-car set)
  • VIA Rail Canada (HEP/Canada Scheme, one 10-car set)
  • VIA Rail Prestige (two 3-car sets)
  • Unlettered Stainless Steel Finish
Pre-production samples of the Chateau and Manor sleepers.
You can order three packs of Coach-Chateau-Manor to increase the length of your train. The prototype could be over 30 cars long!
We also have available with The Canadian:

  • Coach-Chateau-Manor - three-car set in each scheme
  • Skyline Mid-Train Dome - one of each scheme

Three-car sets and individual cars come with name plates and decals for you to "roll your own" car names.

Please click here or on one of the images below to watch a very detailed video of Jason talking forever about The Canadian. Actually, it's pretty cool and features the model in action as well as some great prototype runbys.
For a complete listing of the sets and individual cars available with The Canadian, check out the PDF below.
Please click here for more information or to order direct. Did we mention the gorgeous slipcase packaging this train comes in? Watch the video for more info.

Remember that deadline - it's the 15th!
Uh-Oh... Something's amiss, captain!
HO Scale X31A Boxcar - New Deadline November 16th!

Yes, you read correctly! We've postponed the X31A deadline to November, as we are still waiting for the latest samples to arrive from the factory. They were delayed by the factory being closed for the last week. This gives you even more time to get your orders in!

Please click here to visit the X31A web page. We will be uploading new photos there as well as putting up a YouTube video as soon as the new samples arrive. Please click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Later Phase F40s, Cabooses and X31 boxcars too!
November 16th is One. Big. Deadline.
Next Order Deadline - November 16th!

Get out your calendars and Sharpies and mark up November 16th! We have another helping of models that you don't want to miss!
Hand-painted pre-production sample of the MBTA F40.
This was taken at the factory before the samples left.
HO Scale Later Phase F40PH - Amtrak, Ski Train, Commuter Lines and CSX

Is there anything more iconic than the F40PH in passenger service? (You F unit, E unit and PA people can just hush. This is F40 time!) But this isn't any F40PH; these are the highly requested later phase units, with a plethora of details. This is the ULTIMATE F40PH. Nothing comes close. Zip. Nada.
This was actually an "F40 train" that the factory was testing around their test track for a while. Yes, we have Ski Train F40 samples as well! See below...
The later phase F40PHs will be available in two Amtrak schemes, with ditch lights (where appropriate), Ski Train, CSX, and of course the famous commuter schemes. (These come with and without dynamic brakes, where appropriate.)

Who doesn't love the Ski Train? I mean seriously, look at that scheme! Now imagine running three of them with a long string of our Ski Train Cars.
If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to check these out!
Don't forget the rear ends!
Jason tells me that Algoma Central, AMT, CSX and VRE are all at risk of being cancelled unless we get more orders. Guys, we even tooled the correct CSX fuel tank - please encourage everyone you know to order these. And please ask the three guys modeling Algoma Central to please order 100 of each. Click here to order! Have I said please enough? No? OK... How about a nice PLEASE with maple syrup doused on top? That sound good? OK, moving on!

Full info can be found in the catalog below:
Please click here for more information or to order direct. We don't want those schemes to get cancelled, so if you are on the fence about that VRE F40 you always wanted, now is the time to pull the trigger!
The Angus is back! ...and it's almost gone!
HO Scale Angus Van (That's caboose for you non-hoseheads)

Mmm, Angus... No, don't be fooled, this Angus Van isn't edible. This very popular item is finally back and orders are due in just over a month. Now's the time to get your orders cracking if you haven't done so. Did we mention November 16th, yet? But, if you're just reading this two months after the order deadline and you've missed it, no fear. We'll be selling these on an auction site for triple the retail! Just kidding, or are we?
Rapidoo C Angus Van group
The TH&B is the nicest Van of the group!
(Yes go ahead CP fans, write those angry letters addressed to Bobby!)
The latest run of Angus Vans feature upgraded electronics, trucks and seven paint schemes (plus undecorated) to pick from. Did I mention TH&B is my favorite scheme on the Angus Vans?

One of the complaints from the previous runs was how the trucks did not roll well, the body was difficult to remove and the electronics could be better. (Ed. Hey! That's three complaints!) Well, we listened and have made improvements! But we also left the interior alone. Don't worry, it didn't go anywhere! Just look below!
Extreme interior details that top the real interior details!
Yes, this is better than the real thing!
Am I taking this too far? (Ed. YES!!!)
Please click on the image below to download a catalogue, with a UE.
Please click here for more information or to order direct. If you choose not to and you find every Angus Van has tripled in cost, we warned you! ORDER NOW!
It's got that nifty round-top. Take that, all you angled-roof box cars! (3D Renders)
HO Scale X31A Boxcar (We mean it this time!)

One of the most numerous groups of PRR boxcars was the X31A, in either its single or double-door version. (Did we mention Bill needs a bunch of these?) The Pennsylvania Railroad had the largest freight car fleet during this time – more than 237,000 revenue freight cars in 1945 – and their cars traveled all over North America. It would be practically impossible to NOT see a PRR X31A in an average freight train of the era! The details of this car sprint past anything made before and makes me want to buy one. Well maybe too early for my era... this one's all yours Bill!

Click the PDF below for all the variations or click here to order directly!
Click here to for more details on the PRR X31 box cars. Remember, you can never have enough box cars! Hurry up and order one today!
Rapido Andy in his natural habitat.
Hey Andy! Your engine needs more blue. With yellow ends.
And it needs to run on diesel oil and THRASH.
Apart from that, nice photo!
We're Back in the UK!

We have a new guy here at Rapido HQ! Well actually, we don’t; he’s in England! But that means... We're back, lads! Go let it out, a nice long yell of excitement out the window. Maybe even bash your arms around as if the locomotive just started to thrash. (Well, maybe not, if your neighbours don't appreciate loud noises and flailing arms.)

(Note that I also included the "u" in "neighbours" without being asked to. I want a gold star.)

We would like to introduce Andy Hardy who has joined us as our UK Operations Manager. That’s right - we're coming back to the UK with a bang.
Andy has a life-long obsession with railways, so much so his parents say his first words were “coal” and “buffer." He has worked at the National Railway Museum and on a heritage railway, he's written a railway book and he is also a pretty snazzy trumpet player. He is a qualified steam loco driver and even works out on the mainline with the A1 Steam Trust.

Andy will be responsible for the day to day operation of everything Rapido in the UK. Website, orders, procurement of biscuits and lots more will be keeping him busy for some time to come.

In true Rapido style we thought we would share some interesting and random facts about Andy. Only one of these is a lie – it's up to you to work out which!

  • Andy has performed in a concert for HM the Queen.
  • He’s ridden the footplate of an East Coast Pacific across the Forth Bridge.
  • He’s driven an RT double-decker bus.
  • He collects and plays oddball brass musical instruments including the slide trumpet.
  • Andy has driven the Hogwarts Express.
  • He has built an extensive collection of Lego trains.
  • He has raised money for charity with a team by completing 100 miles in one day on a rail handcart.
  • Andy applied for our job with a covering letter talking about his hair.

Since joining the Rapido team he has hit the ground running getting everything ready for our launch later in the year – not an easy task in the short space of time he has! Not only is he laying the infrastructure but also helping with new project ideas for our UK range. Within three weeks he has already been out with a camera, drawings and a measuring stick looking at certain things.
We look forward to seeing our UK range grow. Welcome on-board Andy!
This is Janet, not being happy.
This is a screen grab from our recent SW1200 video, in which Janet was also not happy.
You can watch the full video of Janet not being happy by clicking here.
Note From Jason About Our UK Launch
We are having an extremely difficult time opening a bank account in the UK, and we can't do our full UK launch without a bank account. Janet has been tearing her hair out for months, and she has very pretty hair so we don't want that. Anyone who has recently opened a UK business bank account knows what we are talking about. Due to the fact that the owner of the business is in Canada, it has been doubly difficult for us to open our account. If this is something you can help us with, please send an email with the subject line "Janet's British Saviour." We will be eternally grateful and will shower you with praises and gifts.

Back to you, Knobby...
CN Locomotive
Our M420 - It's OK to drool over your keyboard. No one's watching.
Important M420 Update

We have an important announcement regarding the HO scale M420. As you know, we have been developing a new Rapido-TCS decoder. Because of COVID, the decoder development was set back by several months.

We have therefore decided to hold back the Rapido-TCS decoder for the Alco PA/PB project, and we are instead using an ESU LokSound V5 decoder in the M420.

Here's a quick Q&A for those of you who have ordered:

How does this affect my order?
If you have a sound locomotive on order, it will now feature an ESU LokSound V5 decoder.

I ordered DC. Will I be able to change my order to sound?
Yes, but you only have until the end of this month to do so.

I haven't ordered an M420. Can I still order a sound locomotive?
We have made some extras, but not that many. Your best bet is to contact your dealer or visit our website to try to order. DC models are sold out.

How does this affect the PA or future projects with TCS?
Not to worry, the Alco PA/PB project will still feature the new Rapido-TCS decoders! We are very excited about these.

Is Bobby sad that he had to drive all the way out to Oil Creek?
Of course not! Don't be a hosehead. He got to sit in an M420 for two days straight!

Can I hear the M420 with the ESU decoder?
Sure! Click on the video below.
Please click here to visit the M420 web page.
EVEN MORE New Videos!

Jordan and Jeremy have been busy making films for your enjoyment. Please scroll down and click on any of the images to watch the video. Get your popcorn ready!
HO Scale ACF Flexi Flo Hopper - With Video!

Flexi-WHOA! These models are GORGEOUS! No I mean, drop everything you're doing and stare. By the time you read this, the Flexi-Flos should be on their way out the door. But if you can't wait to see how beautiful these cars are, click here or on the image below to watch Jordan (and Josh) go into detail about the details!
If you haven't ordered one, guess what? You should. Click here to do that.
They so purty! And they're even good for hiding stuff!
HO Scale 53' High-Cube Containers - Also with Video!

These don't move on their own, they can't fix breakfast, but my goodness don't they look good! Does your intermodal train need some sprucing up? These are the ultimate beauty-goal for your well cars, better yet your Rapido 53' Husky Stack Well Cars. (See what I did there.)

But if you need some more convincing, Jeremy has created a motion picture of these in his unique way. Have a watch here or click the photo below. ...Now back to hiding things in the container.
Did you know YMCA stands for: You Must-buy Containers, Aplenty? OK, maybe not, but we're not stopping you from buying many containers.
If you have ordered already and your store doesn't have them yet, it's because the glue failed in our packaging and the blister separated from the cardboard when they were shipped. The distributors have asked us for new packaging, and that will take a few weeks. Sorry about that. Yes, we know. We have probably delivered 500,000 things in blisters and we still can't get it right.

Click here for more information about our containers.
Mmmmm.... LRC. Stands for Looks Really Cool.
N Scale LRC Cars - Now With More Video!

Wait, those cars are tiny, but they have the same detail as HO cars! Yes, once again, we mixed our magic down-sizing potion and poured it onto the HO LRC cars and out came the N version. Neat how that works, eh? Well not quite, maybe someday. (Note to self, do not discuss the Rapido Laboratory in the back of the warehouse.)

However, if you want to see a beauty video of the N LRC being unboxed, hosted by Jordan and Jordan, click here or the photo below!
There may be some still available if you act fast... Click here for more info or to order direct!

Is it just me, or does Jordan look like a mad scientist in that screen grab? Right - no more mentioning of laboratories....
3D render of our NEW AND IMPROVED X72 boxcar.
The model won't have shelf couplers. Not sure where they came from.
Factory and Tooling Updates

So, if you skipped everything above to get to this part SHAME ON YOU! Then again, it is an interesting part of the newsletter. This month's updates are short, but sweet.

The X72 Boxcar was, for lack of a better term, sent through the "spin cycle." (Thankfully, no Johns were physically hurt during this process.) Our R&D team reviewed the CAD files multiple times, made the appropriate changes and out popped an almost totally redesigned car! Talk about attention to detail! In fact, there might be less hair after these reviews for the R&D guys. (OK, bad joke, that would mean we already had hair.)
Another render of the car. Mmmm... Jade.
As I was typing this section, John just sent these new renders. So consider these photos "hot off the press"! Or maybe that's quickly off the art program? Either way, don't they just look pretty? As mentioned above, lots of hours were spent dissecting the details, shape and piping until we were finally happy to give the ol' approval.

Tooling has started on these cars. It is time for you to sell your old molded-on-everything X72s and order some of these babies. Look for the X72 Boxcar order deadline to appear towards the end of the year.
This is a gorgeous shot with the wrong coupler front and center!
We are using Kadee #158 semi-scale Whisker couplers.
Our roofs are "tops." OK, bad pun. That's two-minutes for tomfoolery.
(Ed. No really - that was terrible. I'm considering firing you now.)
Are you ready for an exciting HO scale Horizon Car update? They are currently in the assembly room getting the royal treatment. Once that's completed, it shouldn't be long before you have them sitting on your layout. They are leaving the factory next week!
Phase III makes it happen!
These Horizon Car body shells have had their striping applied and are ready for the next stage of the assembling process. It won't be long before they are attached to the underframe and interiors.
Take a seat, I want to show you something.
Which brings us to the underframe and interior. The factory was able to provide an overview of the Horizon Car seats and is it ever mesmerizing! Just look at those incredible seat patterns!
We're doing the later blue seats with white antimacassars too, but they aren't as cool. As for the N scale Horizon cars, we have our first injection test samples and we expect assembled test models soon.
Double the fun! On your left is our New Look Bus and on the right is the HO Modernized FL-9. I'll take 2 of those, 3 of these...
The New Look Bus production is also in high gear (There he goes with those puns again.) Remember, you can still order one by clicking here. On this run we have over 15 different transit authorities, undecorated and unlettered, as well as our very own #3380. Click here to see a detailed history of our bus!

Also in the paint booth is the Modernized FL-9. The FL9s and buses should be leaving the factory before the end of the year.
No stand-ins here! The first REAL FP9A in N scale...
The first-ever accurate depiction of a GMD FP9A in N Scale! No jokes here, this is one of the nicest looking N F-units produced. And it's one step closer to reality. The tooling is cut and these are the first pre-production samples being assembled in the engineering department at the LRC factory.
Hey! You need to be qualified to operate that!
Introducing Kaylee!

She's our new US repair tech!

If you live south of the border, you'll note shipping costs on repairs could be a real knee-slapper. What we needed was an experienced US-based repair person. Enter Kaylee Zheng! You may have already heard her name before, as she is an accomplished modeler and has given many presentations at various model railroad conferences. In fact, her work was featured in the August 2013 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman and in the documentary, "Model Citizens". Her voice can also be heard on the "Modeler's Life" and "Model Rail Radio" podcasts.

But in case you wanted to know even more about Kaylee, she is a practicing mechanical engineer for the aeronautical industry. Wow. I feel inferior. Kaylee really is a rocket scientist...

Moving right along! Her modeling focuses on the modern era. However, she has a soft spot for class III shortlines. Kaylee also strives to be a role model for girls interested in the hobby. We applaud her for that! In our estimation, Kaylee is approximately 10% of the female model railroad community of North America. You go girl!

Almost forgot our classic hair statement. While it's hard to see her hair in the photo above, rest assured, it's longer than the whole R&D team combined. (OK, I'm sure I'll be getting emails from them now...)
Time to get grimy! The models that is, the models are getting grimy.
Weathering Rapido Models on MR Video Plus

In a recent MR Video Plus episode, David Popp begins weathering and installing passengers in his Rapido New Haven passenger cars! Click the image above or here to watch now! You may need to subscribe, but we think it's a worthwhile investment!
That's a mighty nice looking Turbo there! Oh, and the layout, too.
Pity about the old fart in the photo.
(Ed. Now you're really fired. Go work at Denny's.)
Model Railroading and Spirituality - Jason's Interview on CBC Radio!

Our own Jason Shron is on CBC Radio, talking about model railroading and spirituality. It's worth a listen, if we do say so ourselves!

CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Its closest equivalent in the United States would be NPR.

Click here or the image above to check out the story!
A passenger run waits to depart from Roscoe, NY on Bill's old layout.
Bill's Awesome Layout Progress

Bill Schneider: Some of you may recall that several years ago I had a layout based on the New York, Ontario & Western in upstate New York. It was crammed into a spare bedroom in our… cozy... house, which earned it the nickname of “The Old Woman in the Back Bedroom.” (“Old Woman” being a nickname for the NYO&W or O&W as it is more commonly referred to.) That layout came down about seven years ago because we needed to use the bedroom as…. a bedroom.

Well, much has changed in the intervening years. Most dramatically, we have just completed an addition onto our house that more than doubled the square footage! Early on, the architect quickly determined that we were actually building a new basement area with a really thick roof to keep the weather out.

Having watched Jason work on his layout for the last several years with nothing of my own to show, I realized that I had a lot of catching up to do! Having two years to watch the home reno progress (did I mention that it was a MAJOR construction project?) gave me plenty of time to develop a new layout plan.
The lower level track plan, with the Delhi branch on the left.
The upper level track plan. Sidney, NY was the interchange with the D&H and will be a busy place to operate.
I’m still modeling the O&W, but a little farther north in New York from the location of my last layout. The new layout is based on the O&W line from Walton to Sidney NY and includes a section of the branch line to Delhi. The available space is roughly 18’ x 32’ feet, and the layout is double deck again.
The operator’s position. Now all it needs is a layout behind it!
Room preparation came first. We added insulation and sheetrock around all of the walls. Since we needed to leave space along one end of the room for access to the main basement, I decorated that wall like an old station interior, complete with roll-top desk and antique Regulator clock. This will be the dispatcher’s position once we get up and running.
Proper planning prevents poor performance. Or something like that… Chris and Randy study the track plan over some pizza and… liquid inspiration.
We spent a few nights talking through the construction ideas and coming up with a plan of action. Actual layout construction started at the end of July. Really at the end of July. OK; July 30, but who’s keeping track?
Kaylee Zheng and Chris ready to start to attach the first boards together!
Actual construction has gone very quickly. The Covid situation has helped a bit with this. Since it’s impossible to really go very far, I haven’t been travelling either for work or for pleasure. This has given me more time to dedicate to construction.
Chris starting construction of the double-deck peninsula that runs down the middle of the room. The room will never seem this open again.
Now, just a short time later, the benchwork is very nearly done and some track is in on the Delhi branch. I would never have been able to achieve this speed without the help of my friends Chris Adams and Randy Hammill. Chris in particular has put in a great deal of effort (and a little blood….) into designing and building the monstrosity that now about fills the space!
The current state of affairs. Delhi is in the foreground. Sidney will be on the upper level on the left near the end of the aisle.
Clearly there is still a lot of work to be done, but the amount of progress in a relatively short time is exciting. This past weekend I was able to complete the helix that will connect the two decks. The last bit of benchwork then is the connection between it and the upper deck. We waited for this until the helix was in place so that we were sure that the levels would be correct.
Some days were very productive, but sometimes I felt like I was just going in circles...
The next step will be laying more track… LOTS more track… and roughing in some scenery. I also have something like fifty structures to scratchbuild (OK, I have honestly been afraid to count them)! Clearly this is a long-term project, but it’s great to be back building a layout again!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more boards still to cut… So back to you, Bobert.
Bobby: Thanks Bill, but there's not much more to write for this newsletter - and I'm sure you're about to get fired because you have done as much progress on your layout in three months as Jason did on his in seven years.

Bill: Jason's not reading by now, so I can tell you he's such a sissy. In fact, do you think anyone got this far in the newsletter?


Bobby: What? Sorry, Bill. I had stopped reading. I was busy writing the next newsletter which contains a couple of huge new announcements, which are...

Sorry, out of time.

Bobby (Bobert / Dobby)

Bobby Allard
Marketing Officer
Rapido Trains Inc.
USA: PO Box 796, Higganum, CT 06441
Canada: 500 Alden Road, Unit 21, Markham, ON L3R 5H5