Rapido Newsletter Vol. 131
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Remember at the end of the last newsletter where I said I was working on new announcements? Well, it's time. Take a seat, because we're about to re-write the book on commuter modeling, AGAIN. Oh, but you want more? Well, read on to find out!

In this episode of Rapido News:

Two HUGE New Announcements - Two New Models!
  • New! HO Scale North American Bilevel Commuter Cars
  • New! HO Scale PRR F30 Flat Car

Big Order Deadline - November 16th
  • HO Scale F40PH - New Version! New Video!
  • HO Scale Angus Caboose - New Video!
  • HO Scale X31A Boxcar - Guess What? New Video!

Next Order Deadline - December 15th
  • N Scale FP9A Locomotives
  • N Comets and Horizons

And Some Other Neat Stuff
  • Factory and Delivery Update
  • New HO Scale LRC Video
  • Future Product Arrivals
  • We're Hiring! (Again)
  • Bobert's World - 10 Months At Rapido
HO Scale Bilevel Commuter Cars

Are you ready for it? BOOM! Here they come, the Bilevel Commuter Cars! A much underappreciated, yet highly versatile commuter car finally gets its day in the limelight. (Yes, go ahead, put on "Limelight" by Rush.)

But how does this stand out from the others? These bilevels are the QUINTESSENTIAL bilevel cars on the market. These are FULLY LOADED with details, underbody piping, lighting, rolling abilities and for the first time ever, correctly tooled sides and cab front windows! Can you say "rivets" or "smooth sides?" Yes, we're out of our minds because we tooled SIX DIFFERENT body variations! (Keep reading, it gets even juicier!)
It's true.
Did you ever think to yourself how nice it would be to have a Metrolink or GO cab car with the correct riveted sides and single window cabs? Stop dreaming, they're a reality! Your F59PH locomotives now have the correct cars to go with them. (And yes, we have heard the above snippets since the F59PH was announced.)

We've gone crazy and tooled SIX, that's S-I-X different body variations. Rivets, smooth sides and different cab front windows. Or in technical terms, Series I, II and IV. So if you're modeling Richmond Hill in 1990 on GO, the Ventura area for Metrolink (And those neat Ohio Brass Whistles they wore for two years. Toot-toot!) or you just like the sight lines of the series IV cars that AMT, TRE and WCE have, we got the Bilevel Commuter Cars ready for you!
Three styles of cab cars! Ooo-la-la!
Wait, three coach styles, too? BINGO!
It's in the details...

  • Accurate body shell designs with or without rivet details
  • Five windows or four windows on the lower level, as appropriate
  • Free-rolling, highly-detailed inside-bearing trucks with roller-bearing axles and metal wheelsets
  • Minimum 22” radius curves
  • Full underbody and unrivaled interior detail
  • Accurate painting and lettering, both inside and out.
  • Tinted windows
  • Metal side grab irons
  • Constant interior lighting in DC and DCC
  • Controllable cab car lighting in both DC and DCC
Whoop, there it is! Single windows, marker lights, bazinga!
Check out that single window cab car! AY-YI-YI! So many firsts for the Bilevel Commuter Cars! It's bilevel bliss!

But what about the paint schemes, Bobert? Glad you asked! Keep scrolling down to see a pretty photo of all of the schemes being offered on the first run.
These be puuurty!
Did I mention Sounder is my favorite scheme? (Ed: Uhh, Bobby we're not offering that yet.) (Bobby: Oh. Well, looks like this could be a multi-phase project, then!) Six unique schemes on the Bilevel Commuter Cars, well five if you count GO and early Tri-Rail as similar, but this should get you going! Have you decided how many you're ordering yet?

WAIT! Hold on! Remember the F59PH locomotive? Yes, the one that we mentioned some of the schemes weren't doing well and some remarked, "Well maybe if we had the cars to go with it..." Now you have ZERO excuse not to order this beauty! What does that mean? GO ORDER! The clock hasn't struck midnight on the order deadline just yet.
Could you pass the Periwinkle, please?
In fact we made a video just for the occasion. This stars Jordan but most importantly...JANET! Have we got your attention yet? Well, if not then watch the two discuss the F59PH locomotive and the Bilevel Commuter Cars in this eye-opening feature. Click Here or the photo below to have a watch.
OK, I know. We spent a lot of time on this car, but how could one not? Remember, this is the QUINTESSENTIAL Bilevel Commuter Car ever offered. If your jaws aren't on the floor yet, then you must like cars that don't roll well or are missing lighting features. (Can I say that out loud?)

Now it's time to get out the pen and paper and start jotting down item numbers from the catalogue below! Just click the photo and have at it!
Once we have physical samples, we will announce an order deadline for the Bilevel Commuter Cars. In the meantime, place those orders, as this is a car that commuter fans won't want to miss out on.

...This is just the beginning. You never know what this could lead to!
F30s for all occasions!
HO Scale F30 Flat Car

What's more iconic for flat car fans than the PRR F30 flat car? (OK, OK, yes the GG-1, quiet you juice jacks, this is freight car time.) The Pennsylvania Railroad's class F30 flat cars were, quite possibly, one of the most popular and numerous cars on the roster.

Between 1933 and 1934, 1500 examples were built on a massive one-piece steel casting. Sound sturdy enough? All that construction meant these cars were built to last. In fact over 250 more cars were eventually built under the "F30D" class in 1950.

Yeah, yeah, but what are the details? Well, let us tell you we spared no detail. This isn't some twenty-year-old tooling! These cars have the full brake rigging, separate grabs, full die-cast chassis and deck for maximum weight and of course, the correct PRR 2E-F10 roller- or friction-bearing trucks.
Look at that deck texture! Ooo baby!
Look at that awesome floor! Wait, no, look at those frame cut-outs!
Around 1954, many F30D flat cars were rebuilt into early piggyback service flats. They received the full treatment with perforated side rub rails and end loading ramps, along with the signature side posts. Of course we tooled these details! Who do you think we are, Tyco? (Ed: Hey! No knocking Tyco!)
Raise your ramps...or hands if you like the details!
How could this car become more attractive? (I'd say "actually attractive" but then the PRR guys will be writing letters for months!) Eighty-six cars were transferred to Trailer Train Corporation (TTX) between 1957 and 1958. Many received roller bearing trucks, lasting into the 1980s. So I'm saying you don't have to add these details – they've already been tooled and added to the car! YES! The Rapido F30A Flatcar has it all!
The very first floating blob!
Oh, but you want MORE? Greedy aren't we? OK, we give in! Yes, we will be announcing trailers for these! Stay tuned to a future newsletter for those. The flat cars and trailers will be delivered at the same time. We're just not organized enough to have the trailer announcement ready today!

So what schemes are we doing on the F30A Flatcar? Well, we got you covered! From PRR to Conrail MOW, scroll down and find out!
Even PC! Jordan will be happy!
Click on the image below to download the circular. With your finest penmanship, write down the numbers you want and take that sheet to your favorite purveyor of hobby items.
We will announce an order deadline for the F30 Flat Car once we are ready to start production, but we anticipate it will be in the next few months. And we'll have those trailers for you as well!

But that doesn't mean you should wait to order! Pick up the phone, send out that email, whatever you need to do to order from your favorite hobby shop! And please click here to visit the web site for more information or to order direct.
What an eclectic mix of items!
Big Order Deadline! - November 16th

In about two weeks, we have another BIG order deadline. The HO Scale Later Phase F40PH, the HO Scale Angus Van and the HO Scale X31A Boxcars are all due by November 16th! Make sure you have your orders in promptly!

Now we know there's a lot going on these days, so let this order deadline take your mind off stuff. If you are miserable about the outcome of the US election, order some models to feel better! If you are happy about the outcome of the US election, order some models to spread the joy! As you can see, we don't care what your politics are. We just want your orders!
A nice, relaxing and informative F40PH video...What could go wrong?
HO Scale Later Phase F40PH - Amtrak, Ski Train, Commuter Lines and CSX

Is there anything more iconic than the F40PH in passenger service? (Ed: Didn't you just say the flat car was the most iconic thing?) Let me re-phrase that: is there anything more iconic to F40PH afficianados than our highly requested later phase F40PHs? These units come with all of the standard features PLUS a Thanksgiving sized helping of extra details, many specific to each roadname.
They're staring at you. They want you to click ORDER many times.
What's a Later Phase F40PH? A noticeable spotting feature from earlier F40s was the fuel tank moved closer to the front of the locomotive while the air reservoirs moved to the rear behind the tank. The Phase II F40PHs also saw the battery boxes shifted to the fireman's side. Starting on Phase III versions, the quieter Q-fans began to appear. Many commuter roads would acquire the Phase III versions, some with and without dynamic brakes as well as many cab front detail variations. Click Here or the photo below to see a detailed video on these neat features.
I have... nothing to say about this.
Now you should know, if you like later phase F40PHs, especially AMT (Montreal), Agawa Canyon, CSX or VRE, these are endangered! Are you still waiting to order? If so, what are you waiting for? This isn't a conspiracy! Order NOW. As in stop reading this and go order these!

We should also mention, we tooled the correct longer fuel tank for the CSX version. (We can't say that enough times!)

When you're ready to look through the schemes and item numbers, click the catalog below. Then get your messenger pigeon out and send in your orders ASAP!
Order now! (Did we say that enough times yet?) Order in bulk quantity! Remember, most railroads had more than one F40PH locomotive. Let me say it one more time, ORDER NOW!
Hey! That's not Jeremy! Or is it?
HO Scale Angus Van (That's caboose for you non-hoseheads)

No matter how you refer to them, Van or Caboose, remember there's no wrong answer. But we'll forgive you, since this is the CP Angus Van. Named after the iconic Montreal shop they were built in by CP, these versatile vans could be seen throughout CP's system and even down into the US. But what we can't forgive you is if you miss the order deadline of November 16th!
The interior that makes other interiors jealous.
This amazing caboose features:

  • Unmatched underbody detail
  • Unmatched interior detail
  • Full interior lighting and working marker lights
  • Works on DC and DCC
  • Improved painting and operating qualities
  • Fits any layout from the 1970s to the present

What other caboose interior gives you comfy chairs for your crews to watch in the cupola? (We hope you say nothing beats the Rapido Angus Van, but that's OK if you don't. We won't hold it against you.)
Angus and a tank.
What's that? You want even MORE information on these? Did you say you also want to see an incredibly awkward and confusing transformation? Glad you asked, because Jeremy (Along with his wife Christa and his two kids - Hey, it's a family event!) have put together a highly informal and off-colour video on the Angus Vans. Click Here or below on the photo to watch!
Vans, vans, vans!
For the lowdown on these Canadian cabooses, vans or however you would like to refer to them, check them out below in the catalogue with a "ue." (Click on the photo below.)
Please click here for more information or to order direct. The other option is to wait, watch them quadruple in cost and get them from the auction site in two years! So order now to avoid that!
I call this the "Oh, we need that video of the X31 shot TODAY" video.
HO Scale X31A Boxcar

Remember last month when we said the X31A Boxcar's order deadline was in November? Well, it's time! Get those orders rolling in by the 16th.

The X31A was a staple car of the Pennsylvania Railroad's roster. (Yes, we know, we said that about the F30 Flat Cat, too...buy them both!) PRR produced 7200 X31A boxcars, with another 2000 cars being produced to similar classes X31B and X31C, making these the second most common boxcar on the PRR post war!. Some of these variants had single or double doors, plus all had the signature rounded roof, which increased the maximum loading capacities. And looked cool.
Round and round!
Did we mention how the X31A Boxcar roster outnumbered many railroads' total cars, combined? How about the numerous details we managed to jam-pack into the cars? For those of you keeping score (Ed: who keeps score of an inanimate object?) some of the outstanding details include: Complete underbody piping and brake rodding, Barber PRR 2D-F12 trucks and of course, separate grabs and cut bars. Did you expect anything less?
The X31As look right at home...On Bill's fast-growing layout! (Bill, you're fired!)
Now if pretty pictures and type aren't good enough for you or you just like to watch us talk about freight cars, Bill and Jordan have put together a brief but informative motion picture. Click here or on the photo below to enjoy Bill's extensive knowledge about the X31A Boxcars!
Double the cars, double the fun!
Need to know more? Click the catalog image below to download all the road numbers and product numbers.
Ready to order? Click here to find out more on the PRR X31A Boxcars. Time is running out to order and while we don't expect you to order all 6700 X31As to compete with the prototype, 2000 is always a good number!
Next Order Deadline - December 15th

Guess what? It's your monthly reminder that the December order deadlines are just a month away. Those decorations can wait, you need to get crackin' on your orders! In just over four weeks the N Scale FP9As and the N Horizon and Comet Cars will be due.
N Scale FP9A Locomotive

The ULTIMATE FP9A in N Scale. As in the only accurate N FP9A on the market!

Lots of time and effort were put into these sweeties! CN and CP specific details, with or without roof-top Gyralites, with or without dynamics, separate grabs, the works!

Oh, but you want more? What if we said the CP models feature the correct icicle breakers? Not good enough? (OK, CN dude we hear you.) CN models have either the C/D class 36" and E class 48" radiator fans, Farr grilles and the CN style steam generator.
That's an E class CN on the left with 48" roof fans. That's a CP shortly-after-delivered model on the right with the tall winterization hatch, Gyralite and icicle breakers.
Look at that detail! Wait, this is N Scale? Holy Cow!
Need even more info? Glad you asked! Click the photo below to check out the catalogue full of product info and item numbers. Do it!
You still have time to order these beauties! But don't wait too long, the N FP9As won't be available to order forever! December 15th: save the date!
N Scale Horizon Cars

Never before in N Scale has a passenger car been sorely needed as much as the Horizon Cars. In fact, keep checking back in the next couple of weeks as we wait on factory samples to arrive! You could say samples are on the "horizon."

Haha...yes that was a corny joke. But the detail on these cars is no laughing matter. Underbody details unique to each car type, free-rolling wheelsets, interior lighting, even interior details! But this is N, it's too small! Nonsense!
Every scheme for every era.
Every phase for you to pick from: III, IV, VI, California, MCMLXVII. (OK, yes, that's made up, but it was a good year!) Before I get too carried away with trying to memorize all of Amtrak's schemes, click on the catalog below for all the details.
As the holidays heat up, don't forget to get your orders in before the 15th of December. The N Scale Horizons have a schedule to keep!
N Scale Comet Cars

It's a bird, a plane, no it's the N Scale Comet cars! One of the most requested models in N Scale finally gets the royal treatment. Everyday they haul thousands of commuter to and from work. You could try that on your models, but we don't suggest that. Plus we don't want to have to keep repairing your models after someone sits on them.

The details are aplenty on these cars, with full interiors, interior lighting, full underbody details and yes, the cab cars have operating lights! No more putting a flashlight into the body or using a yellow magic marker to paint the lights "on."

We'll have samples of these too in the next couple of weeks.
Comet, Shoreliner, Vehicle, no matter how you refer to them, there's no wrong answer for these nice COMETS.
Is your commuter fleet ready to take people to and from work? Remember, most commuter consists average around 4-5 cars and up. That means you need at least 10 cars or more! Click on the catalog below for more info. You won't regret it!
As the holidays heat up...wait I already used that line. As the weather outside gets frightful. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Oh, forget it. Get your orders in now for the N Scale Comet Coaches and Cabs!
LRC = FAST! Also, that layout looks familiar...
HO Scale LRC Video!

They're here! The highly anticipated HO Scale LRC cars! They came... and they went. We're sold out at Rapido but many stores still have stock. If you want to see how beautiful these cars are, click here or on the image below to watch Jordan go over the details!
Hey! What's that behind Jordan? Pay no attention to that!
Lots of stripes. Pretty stripes. Must buy stripes.
Factory and Tooling Updates

Are you just starting to read the newsletter at this point? Do you not like commuter cars and flat cars? OK, fair enough. We won't tell anyone. (HEY EVERYONE...)

I don't want to get everyone too excited, but the M420 locomotive production is in high-gear. Woot-woot! It's 1973 all over again! (Well minus the Canadiens winning the Cup, the CN Tower starting construction and The Exorcist being the number one box office hit.)
Cabs for every occasion!
The photos show the M420 Cabs in the paint booth, but by the time you read this, they should be in final stages of assembly. Just need the manual to be completed and they'll be on their way! (Ed: Hey Bobby, are you done writing it? It's only due NOW!)
It may not be pretty, but this is just the beginning. (Bill: I think it's gorgeous!)
Yes, we know. It's been a while since we last mentioned the Canadian Pacific D10. But guess what! The tooling is being made and it's almost time to test it out! It's getting closer to reality and in late November we expect to see an early sample! These will be gorgeous models! Heck, they aren't "Icons of Canadian Steam" for nothing!
Where can I reserve one in these neat bright colours?
OK, we know you've seen the CPR D10 rendering many times. But just hold on! We want to show it to you again so you can see all that fine detail that will be magically applied to the real thing. In fact, we also want to mention that Credit Valley Railway Company is running an exclusive for number 1057, which was decorated the "Credit Valley Railway."
For all other schemes, check out the catalogue below by clicking on that photo with that pretty face of a D10.
Pssst. You still have time to order the Canadian Pacific D10s, but don't wait! Or should I say, run out of steam! (Ed: That's a sorry joke, Bobert.)
They're almost here! I ordered too many!
I'm excited, are you? The Modernized FL-9s are almost here! Now I can recreate that consist no one saw with the MN P32AC-DM and FL-9 set! (Evil laughs...)

In all seriousness, the FL-9s are though the paint booth and by the time you read this, will be in the assembly room. Finally a staple of 80s and 90s commuter trains (Yes, for you Amtrak people, the Empire Service trains as well.) is almost a reality.
T stands for totally awesome!
Last time we saw the New Look Buses, they had not seen the paint booth yet. Thanks to our elaborate paint wizards, they now are magically being decorated and almost ready for assembly! And if you still have not ordered one of these beauties, you can still slam that order in by clicking here!
Almost like bread from the oven! Except you can't eat these. Don't do that.
Yeah, so about this image. I don't know either. It's supposed to grab your attention.
Future Product Arrivals

I almost forgot to mention, we have some products arriving in the near future. But this newsletter is way too long. Any time you like, you can check out the delivery schedule page of the website. You will find a detailed list of each project and where it currently stands. Edumacate yourself! (Ed: What language are you speaking, and do you think any of our readers can understand you?)
Customer Service / Warehouse Assistant
Location: Markham Office

The warehouse is busier than ever (and so is Gomez!). Both are working long days and late nights. This leads to sleepy workers the next day telling Jason we need to make models such as the GP40TC. He's tired of hearing that! (And it also leads to Gomez being very angry and you don't want an angry Gomez! Plus, we can't figure out to clone him in the back laboratory.)

So, do you have what it takes to work in the warehouse, answer emails and answer calls from our customers, among other things? If you can do all three AT ONCE you are probably one of those sea creatures the Red Wings throw onto the ice after they score a goal, but hey, you're hired! (Ed: No mention allowed of any team apart from the Montreal Canadiens. I thought I made that clear when I hired you, numbskull.)

Here's what we want you to do. Can you do all this? If so, get in touch!

  • Check and respond to emails. Not your personal ones.
  • Look up and send tracking information to customers as requested. This may require unshredding documents with a pair of tweezers.
  • Order entry and order amendment. That means listening to Chuck from Ogallala list you every UP engine he ever owned as a precursor to changing his ZIP code.
  • Answering the phone when we ask you to.
  • Not answering the phone when we ask you not to.
  • Not throwing the phone after 45 minutes on it with Chuck.
  • Being able to hang up on Chuck after only his third DDA40X.
  • Admin tasks like daily reports and inventory adjustments. Inventory adjustments does not mean taking stuff home from the warehouse without telling anyone. Nor does it mean creating a new "Rapido Back Door" eBay account entirely run by you without our knowledge.
  • Processing invoices and stuff. You must be comfortable using a slide rule and abacus. Knowledge of the computer machine is useful too. Actually, that is pretty essential. Actually, it is vital. In fact, only apply if you are Bill Gates.
  • You have to work closely with Janet without her killing you or you killing her.
  • That guy who keeps proposing to Janet on YouTube need not apply.
  • All you people who live 5000 miles away: this job does not pay enough for you to relocate. If you are willing to relocate 5000 miles for this job, please do not apply.
  • You don't need to be a model train person to apply for this position, so if your son/daughter/spouse/neighbour/auntie/brother-in-law/chihuahua is qualified and interested, please let them know.

This is a full-time position in the Markham office, since you may need to help out in the warehouse. But, the bulk of the job will be on the customer service end - so make sure people can hear your smile. (Ed: ??????)
Who's he calling? Where's he going? Did anyone get this far in the newsletter?
Bobert's World

Ever since I was in college, I always thought of working at Rapido. I remember nagging Dan Garcia and anyone else who would listen about applying. Fast forward eight years later and I work at Rapido! It's only been ten months, but a lot has happened since the first day. So come along for a quick recap of what my journey has been like so far.

It all started with a visit from Josh and Jordan at an Olive Garden in late 2019, in the heart of central New Jersey. (Yes I know what you're thinking, Jersey plus Italian food and a chain restaurant. Hey, it's what we can afford!) Next step was a meeting with Jason in January and me convincing him I wasn't crazy. (OK, OK. Stop laughing.) As luck would have it, that meeting went well and by early February the goal of working at Rapido came true.

Since I could not commute daily to Toronto, I would be working remotely from home. This was before the pandemic hit, so I can say I was working from home before it became fashionable! But, before things got weird, I was able to make a trip up to the home office - albeit on the eve before a snowstorm. Hey, it isn't Canada without half a foot of snow!
What's more Canadian than driving to a Timmy's in a snowstorm?
Since then I have been diligently working away on various projects such as: the Angus Van, Steam Heater Car, artworks for multiple models and a "secret" project. (Hey Bobby can you tell us what it is? NO.)

But starting in early September, I changed roles into "Marketing Officer." This role handles all aspects of the Marketing Department, which includes: newsletters, ads, mailers and more. I still assist on R&D projects when needed or when one of the guys hits the Too-Much-O-Meter! In fact, taking on the marketing side also frees Josh up, so he can focus on more of the research side. (Cough cough, bilevels...) Having had previous experience in marketing and R&D certainly helps out here and it makes me look at everything from a broader perspective.

But the most important part I discovered since arriving at Rapido is the family-like atmosphere. It was a refreshing feeling when I walked in and felt like I was one of them right away. I noticed everyone works hard and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, but will also have fun along the way.

Since February, I have been able to accomplish a good amount and I am proud to put the Rapido stamp on it.

Until next time, stay safe, enjoy as much as you can in these times but – most importantly – have fun with model railroading! We're all in this together.


Bobby Allard
Marketing Officer and
Grand Poobah of Newsletter
Rapido Trains Inc.
USA: PO Box 796, Higganum, CT 06441
Canada: 500 Alden Road, Unit 21, Markham, ON L3R 5H5