Rapido Newsletter Vol. 132
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Today's the day of frantic shopping, or perhaps you are still stuffed from yesterday's feast. Either way, we want you to curl up by the fireplace, grab a toasty drink (Hey! Put down that bottle of scotch!) and relax for a bit while we serenade you with more lovely news we made up...er...gathered.

In this issue:

Black Friday Sale ON NOW!
  • November 27th to December 2nd

HO Scale FP7 Locomotive - VIA #1418
  • Order yours from us today!

New HO Announcement!
  • NEW! HO Scale Piggyback Trailers

December Order Deadlines - Extended
  • N Scale FP9A Locomotive
  • N Scale Horizon and Comet Cars - New Video!

Important News (And Anything Else We Put In This Category)
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Factory and Tooling Updates
  • Another Masterpiece by Jeremy - The Noise Killer Roadbed Video
  • Dealer Exclusive Models
  • "Life Via Rail" - A Documentary on Our Own Jason Shron
Did you know that the more you buy means the less we have, so we can fill the warehouse for you to buy more?
Black Friday Sale ON NOW!

An empty warehouse is a good warehouse. Contrary to popular belief, an empty warehouse is actually just as important as a full warehouse. How, you may ask? The emptier it is, the more we can fill it with new product! But that also means in order to create space, we need to move some product and there is no better way than to offer those items in our Black Friday Sale, happening from NOW until December 2nd! For those who are now too excited and impatient to continue reading, click here to check out all of the items being offered.
Those FP9As sure are nice! Hey, what's that weird FP7 doing there?
If you didn't run off to look at all of the pretty items, then we thank you! In fact let me serenade you with an REO Speedwagon song... (Ed: Well now they're probably gone.)

Here's a sampling of what's for sale. In the photo above, you'll see the popular GMD FP9A Locomotives. Canadian National in two schemes and VIA Rail (Ex CN) schemes are available. Click here for more information on these gorgeous locomotives. (Do I win any brownie points if I say, "I'll buy ONE?") (Ed: No, you must buy ALL of them.) (OK, then my wallet's safe.)
You didn't think we were going to post just one photo of these, did you?
Always a neat slogan: "Main Street of the Northwest." But does that mean the rails were...the road?
Next up is the NP 10000-series Boxcars. A vital car for the Northern Pacific, these cars lasted over 50 years in both regular and company service. These feature the usual crazy amount of details on the underframe, body, roof, etc. Check them out by clicking here.
Did you know that the good in Osgood means these cars are good?
That's a whole lot of good.
The N Scale Osgood Bradley 10-Window coaches. What can I say? These are a must for any passenger modeler in N Scale. And today is your lucky day if either of those narratives fits you! You know what? Don't be confined to walls, buy them even if you're into Proto 48! (Granted, that wouldn't make any sense, but heck 'em.)

Back to the cars, these are loaded with separate parts, underframe detailing and full interiors. Plus a good mix of schemes to pick from, but don't wait, there won't be enough for long!

And this isn't all we have to offer. There is more, but you'll just have to see what's listed by clicking here.

This sale is good through December 2nd, so don't blink, as it will be over before you know it. In fact, there's a good chance most items will sell out before then, so send a telegram, find that messenger pigeon - you know the drill. Telegraph operators are standing by.
Unique FP7 #1418 on our display track
HO Scale VIA 1418 FP7 Locomotive

So about that FP7 locomotive you saw mysteriously in the FP9A photo...

While moving some boxes, one of these funny looking VIA 1418 locomotives fell out and into our hands. After a few minutes of "What is this, where did it come from?" it was decided that we should also include it in the big sale!
A solid looking early VIA consist!
Photo courtesy John Eull.
Imagine if EVERY VIA cab unit was painted this? That's a LOT of blue!
Photo courtesy Brian Schuff.
In reality, this is VIA 1418 and carries a one-of-a-kind paint scheme. Look close, you'll see the bizarre blue over the windshield and grilles, normally where the black paint is applied. The ex-CP FP7 was one of the first locos painted in the late 70s, so one can only assume that the VIA-CP messenger pigeons were on strike.
Just remember, VIA 1418 wore this scheme for the entirety of its career! The FP7 comes equipped with DCC/Sound, plus all of the usual details and even that red K3L horn. (A black one is in the polybag too!) Just another example of attention to detail...detail. Click on any of the photos above or this link to check them out!
OK, so just use your imagination that this is a colorful trailer.
NEW! HO Scale Piggyback Trailers

What's better than a brand new flatcar? How about having a Piggyback Trailer to sit on top of it? (For those of you that said steel plate or machinery, you just calm down. This is for the trailer folks.) We are proud to offer – and state that these have never been offered in plastic model form before – the Fruehauf 35' Integral-Post, 40' Exterior-Post and Fluted-Side Volume Vans.

(Ed. These are not to be confused with Freihofer. They make really yummy cookies. I'm hungry.)

Thanks for that interruption, Jason, which has nothing to do with this new product.

In the 1950s, a new wave of freight shipping began with the advent of the "piggyback" trailer. This meant shipping times were cut down as the entire trailer could be loaded and shipped to the merchant instead of unloading the railcars into a delivery truck. Simple, eh? (Well, maybe not at the time, but it sure seems simple now!)
All of the bells and whistles! Side door, refrigeration unit, it has it all!
OK, so back to the model. You may ask, "Never offered as plastic models?" Yes! This is another first for trucking and piggyback modeling! Three unique Fruehauf style trailers that cover a time period from the mid-50s all the way through the 1970s. But did we mention as-appropriate side doors and refrigeration units? Yes, we just did. Were you not paying attention? No detail will be left uncovered.

So now the exciting part: The paint schemes! Scroll down to view the three versions being offered.
Fruehauf 35' Integral-Post Volume Vans
Fruehauf 40' Exterior-Post Volume Vans
Fruehauf 40' Fluted-Side Volume Vans
Lots of versions and schemes to pick from. (Did I mention the DL&W "Phoebe Snow" is my favorite?) Now remember, when was the last time you saw just one trailer? I didn't think so! So that means you NEED to buy LOTS of trailers! Order by the pallet! In fact, your trailers might even arrive in a... trailer!

Click on the picture below for more information and item numbers in the catalog. (Also please note it took me 45 minutes to align the title bar illustration and make everything pretty. So you better admire it!)
We will announce an order deadline for the Piggyback Trailers. These will go incredibly with our F30 Flatcars. The deadline should be sometime in the next few months.

But that doesn't mean you should wait to order those trailers and flatcars! Pick up the phone, send off that email or send off that messenger pigeon to your favorite hobby shop! And please click here to visit the web site for more information or to order direct.
December Order Deadlines - EXTENDED!

Yes! You heard correctly, you have EVEN MORE time to get your orders in! The factory has told us that they are full up on production until after Chinese New Year, which is February 12th. So there is no point in closing this order deadline and then sitting on your orders for a few months.
F stands for FANTASTIC!
N Scale FP9A Locomotive

The ULTIMATE FP9A in N Scale. As in the only accurate N FP9A on the market! And now you have more time to order it!

(NOTE: We were supposed to have a video, but Jason was too busy ripping out switches and ballasting his layout to record it. ...Maybe he's trying to catch up to Bill?)

What is the ultimate N FP9A? Glad you asked! (If you didn't, well just mind your own business.) The ultimate N FP9A is a labour of love with tonnes of CN and CP specific details, with or without roof-top Gyralites, with or without dynamics, separate grabs, and much more. Did you notice the Canuck spelling in this paragraph? I am super chuffed.

Oh, that's not ENOUGH? What if we said the CP models feature the correct icicle breakers? And if you model CN, the CN models have either the C/D class 36" and E class 48" radiator fans, Farr grilles and the CN style steam generator. OH, YEAH!
Look at that detail! LOOK AT IT!
Want to know more about the N Scale FP9A? Check out the catalog below for more information on styles or schemes to pick from.
Think of this as a "time-out" that we have called. You now have some more time to re-think how many more N Scale FP9A locomotives you can order!
Click on the image above for our latest video!
N Scale Horizon Cars

Remember last newsletter we mentioned the N Scale Horizon Car samples were on their way to us? They JUST arrived and because of that, we want to give them their proper day in the sun.

The new order deadline for these babies is January 15th.
Now were you thinking we ran out of time for the Horizon and Comet car video? Well you were incorrect! Click here or on the image above to learn more than you needed to know about these fantastic cars!
Feeling like a snack? Head over to the café. They have everything, you know.
Check out all of that detail! And those wonky metal door handrails! Yes, we know, they aren't right. The model handrails will be etched metal, and these samples were bent by hand from wire.
The details! That underframe is a buffet of pipes! Feeling hungry? Head over to the Café car for a snack.
All of the phases are here: III, IV, VI and California! (Don't the waves and warm temperatures sound good, right about now? Well I guess if you live anywhere BUT California.) With this many good choices to pick from, you could say the Horizons are on the Horizon! So, before tomatoes (or olives for the Californians) are thrown at me, click on the catalog below for all the details.
So now you have more time to place those orders for the N Scale Horizons. But that doesn't mean you should continue to wait until the last minute. (Dan can't process them fast enough when that happens!) Get your orders in by January 15th or get left standing on the platform!
One of several cab car versions available.
First test sample shown.
N Scale Comet Cars

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's the N Scale Comet cars! (Ha! Recycling sentences from the last newsletter saves time!) This hardworking passenger car is finally being produced in N Scale and just in time to take your commuters to and from work.

It's in the details! Some have asked us how we were able to pack all of these fine details into the N Scale car. We spent hours upon hours researching every part and painstakingly looking over 3-D drawings and notes to get everything just right. That means full underbody details, full interiors with lighting and yes, the cab cars have operating lights!

Now for a video of these cars in action. (Yes it's the same video as the Horizon cars, but if you play it at 2x the speed, it changes nothing.)
Christa is looking pretty pissed off at being stuck in another Rapido video...
Exciting, eh?

Check out the catalog below for more information on the cars and all of the schemes being offered.
Just like the Horizons, the N Scale Comet Coaches and Cabs are soon to be flying through the sky. OK, you've had enough, I get it. But wait! Before you click to close the window, remember you have just a bit more time to get your orders in. But don't wait! January 15th will be here before you know it!
Delivery Schedule

The last time you saw the camel, he was reminding you to have a look at the delivery schedule. Well, he's here again to remind the world to have a look whenever you get curious where each item is in the production line.

Why are we pounding this link into you? Because every day we are emailed, messaged, telegrammed and have rocks thrown through our window asking us where item X is. The schedule is updated regularly.

Let us remind you again, check out the delivery schedule for a in-depth look at each project and where it currently stands. That's delivery schedule by clicking here. Carry on!
So many anticlimbers and handrails! It's mesmerizing!
Factory and Tooling Updates

This edition of new factory images is very exciting. The M420 Locomotive is well into production and should be leaving the factory in about two weeks! In fact, they're putting final touches, paint and details on to the locomotives as we speak. Check out that photo above of the anticlimber and handrails.
Check out the D10 boiler in all its diecast glory!
Next is the long awaited CP D10 Steam Locomotive. Yes, it's getting closer to a full sample! Last newsletter we mentioned the tooling was being cut and worked on and here we go! First test samples of the boilers. If you haven't put your order in yet, what are you waiting for? This will be one gorgeous locomotive you won't want to miss out on!
Don't mind that red there, it got sunburnt in California with Craig.
Last but not least is the PC&F B-100-40 Boxcar. I should point out that the factory decided to paint the early test sample a CN red color and they haven't yet finished assembling these samples. But for now, welcome the B-100 to the world! And if you haven't placed your order yet for it, do I really need to remind you to?
This is a mould being cut for a new freight car... that we haven't even announced yet!
We make a LOT of couplers at LRC. We make so many, that this guy doesn't do much else... We're now assembling the couplers, painting them rust color, and then adding the springs. That way they will look great and operate great as well!
He's pointing at you. Yes, you! He's telling you to order the roadbed.
Another Masterpiece by Jeremy - The Noise Killer Roadbed Video

Does your layout make noise? Does the track need a slight raise? Ask no more! We're proud to present the Noise Killer Roadbed. It is offered in two variations: Main Line and Branch Line. Both come in sections of 25' each. The nice foamy, soft type.

Now did you want to see a motion picture of how the roadbed works? Great! Glad you said yes. (Quiet to all of you that said no.) Jeremy has put together another gem for you to watch. Click Here or any of the photos of him to watch how the roadbed works. But before you watch the video, please keep this in mind: We currently have stock of each, but once it runs out, it's gone for good. We unfortunately will not be producing more. So make a run for your hobby shop!
Loco not included. Or track or the white background.
Click here or on the image below to watch.
The 1950s are calling...
Dealer Exclusive Models

When we announce new products, sometimes the dealers, historical societies or other groups partner with us to run "exclusive" models. These can be as simple as an exclusive road number or very complex, such as a totally unique paint scheme.

Below is a complete listing of all current HO scale exclusive items available for preorder and each organization that is running them. So grab a toasty beverage and sit back and enjoy a travel through the current batch of exclusive models!
Boréal Trains - New Look Bus "CTCUQ"
Boréal Trains - New Look Bus "STRSM"
Boréal Trains

Can you say "New Look Bus?" Boréal Trains is offering CTCUQ and STRSM New Look Buses. (For you known hoseheads, that's Commission de Transport de la Communaute Urbaine de Quebec and Montréal-Rive Sud.) Six destinations are offered for both schemes in both standard and deluxe. (Deluxe comes equipped with lights and fully-decorated interior.) Check out Boréal Trains to place an order!
Carrera Designs - New Look Bus "Minneapolis MTC "
Carrera Designs

Carrera Designs is also offering a unique New Look Bus, all decked out in Minneapolis MTC's colors. Four destinations as well as standard or deluxe are available through Carrera Designs' site. Check it out here for more info.
Credit Valley Railway Company - D10 Steam Locomotive "Credit Valley No. 1057"
Credit Valley Railway Company

Next up is Credit Valley Railway Company's fabulous "Credit Valley Railway" D10, number 1057. This is part of the Canadian Pacific D10s that we are currently offering. This was used for tourist service in the mid-1970s in Southern Ontario, in the aptly named "Credit Valley" area. It is being offered in both DC Silent and DCC/Sound through Credit Valley's website (Remember, steam locomotives are meant to be NOISY!). Click one of the links above to place your orders now!
Otter Valley Railroad - RS-18u "Trillium Railway No. 1842"
Otter Valley Railroad - RS-18u "Trillium Railway No. 1859"
Otter Valley Railroad - New Look Bus "London LTC"
Otter Valley Railroad

The Otter Valley Railroad currently has three exclusives: RS-18u locomotives and New Look Buses .

They offer the RS-18u for the Trillium Railway, in two road numbers and in DC Silent or DCC/Sound. Click here for more info and to place an order.

For all you Forest City natives, six destinations are being offered for the London "LTC" New Look Bus. That's right, many classic ones to choose from such as Richmond or Dundas. Click Here to place an order through Otter Valley Railroad.
We also plan to have a dedicated page on our website for all current dealer exclusives. Keep an eye out there on an upcoming newsletter for more information.
Pacific Western Rail Systems

PWRS is offering our HO scale GMD F7B in the Royal Hudson tour livery. Full information can be found on their web site.

These will look great traversing your layout behind our acclaimed Royal Hudson.
Life Via Rail - A Documentary On Our Own Jason Shron

Back in 2016, Jonny Micay and Ethan Godel produced a documentary on our own Jason Shron which has spent the last few years on the festival circuit. They have graciously allowed us to upload it to our YouTube channel and it definitely raises the bar for videos on our channel. It is a professional and heartwarming look at Jason and his family and the choices that led him to start Rapido.

Please click here to watch it and please share it with your friends and family.
The next issue will be our annual highly-anticipated Christmas newsletter. And you can bet we're going to have a doozy of a new announcement.

Until next time, stay safe, enjoy as much as you can in these times but – most importantly – have fun with model railroading! I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together.


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