Rapido Newsletter Vol. 134
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Dear Rapido Customer,

It’s a new year. The year 2020 was certainly a long and strange odyssey, to say the least. But it's 2021, which means a fresh start, new order deadlines, and a lot of weird stuff that we're not going to talk about here!

Last month's newsletter was a doozy, which is a hard act to follow, but fear not we still have a lot of exciting new samples and videos to show you! If you've already got your orders in for the January 15th deadline, you can probably just scroll down to the February order deadlines part.

Get comfy and let us guide you through newsletter 134, which starts...right...NOW!

In this issue:

New HO Scale Addition!
  • MORE! HO Scale Union Pacific E8B Units

First CPR D10 Tooling Sample!
  • This thing looks amazing!

First Turboliner 3D Sample!
  • And of course a video!

January Order Deadlines - January 15th
  • HO Scale EP-5 Electric Locomotive "The Jet" - With Video!
  • HO Scale PRR F30a/d/g Flatcar - New Video!
  • N Scale FP9A Locomotives - Video, Now With 20% More Rant!
  • N Scale Horizon and Comet Passenger Cars - The Value Video!
  • Last chance for Amtrak 4316!

February Order Deadlines - February 15th
  • HO Scale Budd Baggage-Dorm
  • HO Scale Budd Manor Sleepers

Everything Else (It'll Be Short! We Promise!)
  • Virtual Train Shows - See Rapido Live!
  • New USA Shipping Address For Repairs!
  • Jason's Essay: Why We Can't Make Undecorated Locomotives
Rapido HO E8
This is Rugby. He's a fan of Union Pacific. He's also VERY MAD we didn't offer enough E8B units. We listened to him intently. (...And we also didn't want to get scratched!)
New HO Scale Addition!

You might ask: Why the angry cat? Well, these past few weeks we've received a few emails, notes and letters delivered by messenger pigeon telling us we ignored the Union Pacific modeler. What did we do? Unfortunately, we did not offer enough Union Pacific E8B units with the big E8 locomotive announcement last month. After all, UP owned more Bs than A units plus most consists had at least two B units. Well good news UP fans! We have added more B unit road numbers as well as changed a B unit road number to avoid matching its A unit.
Check out those Bs! Photo courtesy of Craig Willet.
Currently available for preorder is new road numbers 924B and 941B. Also available is unnumbered, but these must be ordered in groups of six. If that seems like a high amount, remember, grab two or three friends and order together! But then again, if you're running Union Pacific E Units, you'll need a bunch of Bs!

We also changed the B unit road number in item 28040/28540. The B unit road number is now 930B. Please make a note of this change.
Ready to check out the E8 catalog again? You'll see the new addition as well as all of the other info on the E8s from the previous announcement. To check out the catalog, click on the photo below.
Rapido’s all-new model of the E8 (And E8Bs) Locomotive breaks new ground and promises to be the most accurate plastic model of these iconic locos yet. We're making final adjustments and are looking to start tooling this month, and we’ll be announcing an order deadline when we are ready to start production. In the meantime, please click here for more info or to order direct!
First CPR D10 Tooling Sample!

This sample just arrived at Bill's house last week. This is the first pre-production sample of the CPR D10 steam locomotive. We still need to add most textures (rivets etc.) but you can see it is well on its way to completion. Bill tested it pulling ten cars on his layout and it didn't seem to notice it was pulling anything. This little engine's a beast.

I'll let the photos do the talking.
Click here to visit the D10 web site for more information or to order direct. We don't have a ton of work to do on this, so we expect the order deadline will be in the spring. We'll of course have more photos and a video before the deadline.
This is the rarely seen "Green Turbo."
New Videos - Amtrak Rohr Turboliner

Could it be? Yes! A 3D printed sample of the HO Scale Rohr Turboliner is here! And it's even powered! Despite being a proof-of-concept test sample, this looks great, but there is still quite a ways to go for the final looks. We printed this to check clearances and, most importantly, to make sure we got the nose shape correct as we were not able to do a 3D scan of the prototype.

So for now, enjoy this entertaining video featuring the three Js (Jordan, Josh and Jeremy) plus a cameo by one of our favorite CP modelers. Click here or the photo below to watch.
One more bit of info: Don't forget to look through the catalog of Turboliners if you haven't yet. Click the photo below!
You can still send in your preorders for the Rohr Turboliner! We will next be in touch when we have the first samples out of the molds, and we know they will look marvelous. Please keep an eye out for that announcement in a future newsletter.
Rapido January 2021 Order Deadlines
Big Order Deadline! - January 15th

A new year means new order deadlines and this one's a monster!
HO Scale EP-5 Locomotive "The Jet" - With Video!

You're standing at Cos Cob on a chilly fall morning, waiting for the normal set of Washboards to take you downtown. The Cos Cob power plant dominates the view across the four track main as does the signature NH "triangular" cross-section catenary. In the distance, just across the Mianus River bridge a headlight appears. It's the "Bankers" and he's running hot with an EP-5 locomotive! Whoosh...slam! In a second it's over and the tail end of the train is gone, kicking the leaves up behind it. You're excited because you had one of these in S Gauge as a child. But wait! What if I said you could own an HO Scale version, with era specific details AND accurate sounds?

Ooo-la-la! Yes, it's true! The EP-5 Locomotive is coming to a layout, hobby shop or display case near you! You just have to make sure you have your order in on or before January 15th, 2021.
If you haven't watched the video yet, click here or the photo below to have a watch. How can you not enjoy that Hancock Air Whistle? Toot-toot!
Jordan's T-shirt is almost as cool.
On the left is the as-built body and on the right is the modified intakes.
Ready to order? Maybe you might want to just double check your item and road numbers you already selected. If so, click the photo below to view the EP-5 catalog.
Want to have the fastest locomotive in the neighborhood? The EP-5 Locomotives are just about ready to roll into production. So place your orders, double check what you have ordered or tell a friend that the order deadline is January 15th, 2021.
HO Scale F30a/d/g Flatcars - We Forced Bill To Make A Video!

We finally cornered Bill! These last few months, Bill has been on a tear with the E units, PAs, D-10, hoppers and the F30 Flatcar. The man's a powerhouse! Luckily we were able to get a few minutes for him to review the flatcars on video before their January 15th order deadline, and it features a cameo by his daughter Kayleigh! Click here or the photo below to watch!
Did we mention how fast Bill's layout is progressing?
(Ed: He will soon surpass my layout and thus be fired.)
Do you have a list of cars you're thinking of ordering? The catalog below should come in handy with any item number or road number questions you may have. Check it out by clicking the photo below.
January 15th, that's the date you need to have all of your orders in by to reserve one of the awesome PRR F30 Flatcars. Don't miss out!
N Scale FP9A Locomotives - Video, But With 20% More Rant!

The most accurate N Scale FP9A Locomotive on the planet! Let me repeat that: The ONLY accurate FP9A on the market. This locomotive has many variations, details and paint schemes.

We can't forget to add that a real FP9A locomotive was used to record the sound for these locomotives! You don't have to pretend to hear that 567C or make vocal sounds anymore. (Well we aren't stopping you - but your family just might.)
Did you see Jason's video about these? He goes on a crazy rant about some Canadian stuff that nobody cares about. Click here or the image below to watch!
Now presenting the N Scale FP9A catalogue. Lots of schemes and variations to choose! Click the image below to double check the ones you may want with their corresponding item numbers.
You still have just a bit of time left to order these beauties! (Hint hint, January 15th, 2021!) But don't wait, click here for more info or to order direct. Order an N FP9A today!
N Scale Horizon Cars

So far the success of the HO Scale Horizon Cars has been great - whoops - I mean the N Scale Horizon Cars. (But yes, those HO ones have done exceptionally well!)

Please get your orders in by the deadline and show us that N scale Amtrak modelers are a force to be reckoned with!

These cars are super nice and would look right at home on any layout that runs Amtrak service. Now the big question: Are you ready to double check what you might want to order? Click on the catalog below for all the details.
Psst. Hey! Don't forget later this week on January 15th, 2021, the orders for the N Scale Horizons are due! Make sure you get your orders in soon!

If you haven't seen the Horizon video yet, click on the image below - the one with the Comets! Same video...
N Scale Comet Cabs and Coaches

You've heard it before: One of the most requested models is the N Scale Comet Cabs and Coaches. But these aren't just any cars, these and the Horizon Cars are possibly the most detailed N Scale passenger cars on the market!
Now is the important part: Double checking your item numbers and car numbers. What better way to do that by using the handy catalog we provided. Click on the photo below to check out the Comet catalog.
This is the last call for the N Scale Comet Coaches and Cabs preorders! Get those orders in before January 15th. (2021, that is. Did we mention sometimes people read these newsletters years later and try to order? Believe it or not we have had orders roll in months later...)
Rapido HO E8
Roger Puta photo courtesy Marty Bernard
Last Chance for Amtrak 4316!

As Jason mentioned last week, the order deadline for the limited-edition Amtrak E8 #4316 has been extended to January 15th. We are not making a single extra model. If you want one, you must get your order in by the 15th.

Click on the image below for the catalog.
Please contact your dealer or click here to order direct!
Next Order Deadline! February 15th

Two items need to be reserved by February 15th: the HO Scale Budd Manor Sleeper and the Baggage Dorm.
In 2012, Rapido introduced the Canadian. A complete 10-car train set which proved to be very popular. Since then everyone has asked us to make the cars available again. In late 2020, we announced the HO Superior Stainless HO Scale Budd Manor Sleeper, also known as a 4-4-5-1: four sections, four roomettes, five double bedrooms and one compartment.
Pipes, wires and conduits going EVERYWHERE!

  • Realistic stainless steel finish
  • Track-powered interior lighting compatible with DC and DCC layouts
  • Full underbody detail including separate air, steam and electrical lines
  • Separate metal grab irons, stirrups and end gates
  • Accurate D22 brake equipment and piping
  • Super-detailed 41-NDO-11 trucks with end frames
  • Full, multi-color interior detail
  • 3D beaver shields on CPR models - not just a printed picture!
  • Sprung diaphragms
  • Metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers
You know it's mid-century when the lime green and aquamarine are brought out.
The Budd Manor Sleeper is the most detailed sleeper model you will find in any scale, apart from Rapido's other sleepers! The full, multi-colour interior is really shown off beautifully by the track-powered interior lighting. Those bright colours and comfy looking seats, aren't they just so inviting?

Please click on the image below to download the catalogue, or "catalog" for Seaboard and Amtrak modelers:
The Manor Sleeper and the Baggage Dorm will be produced together. So, check your orders, make sure you have what you need and get all of your orders in by February 15th!
Superior Stainless - HO Scale Budd Baggage Dorm!

The HO Scale Superior Stainless Budd Baggage Dorm. A unique car for a unique purpose. These cars or cars like them were used on many trains throughout North America, providing baggage/express service along with sleeping quarters for the on-board service crew. In later years, many of these cars lost their bunks and were converted to full baggage cars. Our model is based on the Canadian Pacific prototype built by Budd in 1954/55. Many railroads operated similar cars.
That end gate and the chain! Wowszers!
Like the Manor Sleepers, the Baggage Dorm features the same high level of detail. Plus the always neat 3D CP Beaver Shield on CP maroon models! That's a lot of detail! But check out that photo of the underbody below!
That underframe...it's mesmerizing!
Now comes the decision-making part. Canadian people click the catalogue below to see all of the paint schemes being offered. SP, Amtrak, UP, ACL, ATSF, NYC and Seaboard modelers - don't click on the catalogue. Click on the catalog. Boy those Canadian sure do spell funny.
The Manor Sleeper and the Baggage Dorm will be produced together. (Ed: Dude, didn't you just say the exact same thing above?) Yes I did, but the more you say something, the more you remember it without thinking! See - mind control! Am I allowed to say that? (Ed: No.) Dang it!

Please get your orders in by the 15th.
Virtual Train Shows - See Rapido Live!

Throughout January, Rapido will be appearing in a few virtual train shows. Here are the next two, but visit our Facebook page to learn about additional shows as they come up.

  • Thursday, January 14th @ 6PM - Join Bill and Jordan as they discuss the E8s and more with Ken Bianco from Trainworld.
  • Thursday, January 28th @ 6PM - Join Bobby and Matt as they appear on Trainworld's "The Big Virtual Train Show."
New USA Shipping Address For Repairs!

Exciting news! We have a USA shipping address for repairs! Now you non-Canucks have a place to send your models. But before you do anything, remember to contact us first by filling out the form on the warranty page. Please DO NOT send anything to us without contacting us first! If you do not contact us first, Kaylee is going to use your models for rocket testing. In her day job, she is a rocket scientist after all!

OK, now for the address:

Rapido Trains Inc.
P.O. Box 4142
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
Phone: +1 (855) LRC-6917 (572-6917)
Exploded parts diagram for the undecorated SW1200
Jason's Essay: Why We Can't Make Undecorated Locomotives

Since I started Rapido over 16 years ago, I always made an effort to produce undecorated models. This allowed my fellow modelers (like myself!) to customize and paint their own engines for their freelance roads or perhaps for a paint scheme that isn't popular enough to offer as a ready-to-run models. After all, I custom-detailed and painted my first FP9A back when I was 13. In fact, I have a photo of it right here:
Jason's first FP9A locomotive in its second guise as 6506.
This was an Atlas/Roco CPR FP7 I bought at Casey's Trains in Toronto in 1988. I stripped the paint and discovered it was originally a Soo Line engine! I first detailed and painted it as VIA 6513 following George Drury's article in the May 1982 Model Railroader, but then when I was 25 I stripped it again and detailed and painted it as 6506.
Jason's much-loved May 1982 Model Railroader. Friend Dave Minshall has since sent a nicer copy, which is sitting on Jason's desk at the office...
Undecorated models were a vital part of our hobby back in the one-size-fits-all era of one locomotive version painted in all sorts of paint schemes. We'd get an undec, throw on a bunch of Details West, Detail Associates, Canon & Co., Miniatures by Eric, Juneco and Custom Finishing parts, then paint and letter it for our home road.

But as a manufacturer, rather than a modeler, I have to put a stop to Rapido's undecorated locomotive models. Have a look at that parts diagram for the undecorated SW1200. This is just crazy, and hugely uneconomical. Which cab to include in an undecorated model? Whatever we choose would be wrong for a lot of people. Which frame? Which hood? We have so many versions that it is impossible to choose just one.

For the SW1200, the only way not to upset so many customers is to include almost everything, and we are losing money on every undecorated SW1200. And I bet we will still get some complaints because we included "the wrong frame." So the first problem with undecs is that with so many variations, it is impossible to include them all. This run of the SW1200 will be the last time we try it.
Pre-production sample of our new commuter F40PH and Comet car
Do you know how many undecorated early Amtrak F40s we sold in our current run? Three. Commuter version F40s? Six. Our factories specialize in mass production. If we ask them to make three or six items, they just can't do it. And mistakes end up happening, like windows being glued in or grab irons being installed, because that's how they make the other 3000 engines. And then the guy who ordered those three engines gets upset. (We unfortunately have to cancel those three undecorated F40s.)

Going forward, we're going to have to ask our customers to do what I've been doing since 1988. Buy a painted locomotive model that has the details you want and strip the paint using 99% rubbing alcohol. We can't offer undecorated locomotives anymore. I know it's a pain, but the reality is there just aren't that many of us left who paint and decal our own models.

Sometimes we have to make decisions that suck from a modeler's point of view but are unfortunately necessary from a manufacturer's point of view. To end on a positive note, if you want a large number (say 12 or more) undecs that are all the same version, please get in touch and we can probably find a way to do it for you.
Until next time, stay safe, stay warm and enjoy as much as you can in these times but – most importantly – have fun with model railroading! I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together.


Bobby Allard
Marketing Officer and
Grand Poobah of Newsletters
Rapido Trains Inc
USA: PO Box 796, Higganum, CT 06441
Canada: 500 Alden Road, Unit 21, Markham, ON L3R 5H5