Rapido Newsletter Vol. 138
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Welcome back! It's another exciting edition of Rapido News! For May we have three, count em', three new announcements! So, sit back, get comfy as Newsletter 138 starts...right...NOW!

New Announcements!
  • NEW! HO Scale Autoflood III Rapid Discharge Hopper
  • NEW! HO Scale 1980s Chevrolet Caprice and Impala Vehicles
  • NEW! HO Scale FPA-2u and FPB-2u Locomotives - YES, All Four!

May Order Deadlines - May 17th
  • HO Scale CN/ONR Short and Long Barrel Ore Hopper - New Video!
  • N Scale New Look Bus - New Painted Sample and Video!

June Order Deadlines - June 15th
  • HO Scale F59PH Locomotives - FINALLY!
  • HO Scale North American Bilevel Commuter Cars - New Samples!

Everything Else
  • HO Scale SW1200 Locomotive Delivery - The Second Half
  • Help Support the Toronto Railway Museum
  • Factory Photos
  • Growing Up With Trains
Jason is behind the wheel of our bus doing his best Sandra Bullock impression.
Scroll down for more info....
JASON: Hey Bobby, do you mind if I interrupt this newsletter for a second?

BOBBY: Sure - you're the boss!

JASON: Hi everyone. We recently received the N scale Canadian models. These were sold out before they arrived. We've had to turn away more than 200 orders for more trains. And believe me, we did make a lot of extras in anticipation of the demand. We're now turning away some orders for the N scale FP9A and F40PH-2D because people are only ordering them now that they have their Canadians in hand.

Please consider preordering. We hate for people to miss out on the models they want. We do make extras every time, but the extras go very quickly.

OK, Bobby - Back to you!

BOBBY: Thanks, Jason!
Remember, before you send that message, this is a 3D render - Subject to revisions.
New! HO Scale Rapid Discharge Hopper

Coal. Possibly the most common and recognizable commodity railroads have hauled throughout history. Now you can get in on the action with the brand new, HO Scale Autoflood III Rapid Discharge Hopper! (That's quite a lot to say, so going forward, we're going to refer to this car as the "Rapid Discharge Hopper." Kapeesh?)
Look at all of that underbody and gate detail!
In 2004, production began of a 4200 cubic foot, all-aluminum body car with five rapid discharge gates for quicker unloading. The Rapid Discharge Hopper can also unload with the assistance of a rotary dumper if equipped with rotary couplers. These cars have an immense amount of detail, especially between the end gates and the underbody. Of course, we went all-out on these details!
Lots of detail! The piping, that air tank, etc.
This isn't just any Rapid Discharge Hopper - this is the ULTIMATE detailed rapid discharge style hopper on the market. Pipes, crossbars, rivets (MANY) and a coal load for each car. Matt really took his first project to the next level!

OK, you might be thinking these cars appear to have TONS of details and you would be correct. So, lets go through the features:

  • Die-cast frame and floor for optimum car weight
  • Full interior rivet and K-member details
  • Super-detailed end cages including separate air and brake piping
  • Barber S-2 100-ton Trucks with metal wheels
  • Hopper bays feature highly-detailed outlet gates
  • Etched, see-through end cross-over platforms
  • Full end detail, including uncoupling levers
  • Separate grab irons installed at the factory
  • Accurate paint and lettering
  • Removable coal load included
  • Multiple road numbers available for each scheme
  • Available in singles or multi-packs (Dealers must order multi-packs.)
  • Multi-packs boxed for individual sale

One more 3D render you say? Why not? Here's a broadside view.
So many rivets...
You can never have too many Rapid Discharge Hoppers! Below is a comprehensive photo of every scheme being offered in the first run. For the keen-eyed ones, check out the BNSF double-ended rotary scheme and the special Indiana Railroad 2,000,000th Carload scheme.
Your powerplants won't worry about shutting down, now!!
Time for the Coal-talog. OK, that's horrendous. Ignore that, just go check out the Rapid Discharge Hopper catalog by clicking on the photo below.
Once we have a sample to show and a better idea of production scheduling for the Rapid Discharge Hopper, we will announce an order deadline. Keep checking back in future newsletters for an update - but for the impatient types, I'd imagine it'll be fairly soon.
Does it get any better than an 80s, Detroit-made sedan?
(Ed: Don't answer that.)
New! HO Scale 1980s Chevrolet Caprice and Impala Vehicles

Surprise! Bet you didn't see the Chevrolet Caprice family of vehicles coming from us! For years, there has been a void in good quality late 1970s and 1980s vehicles, specifically North American style cars. To help us out with this launch is our very own Jordan - who spearheaded this project. But first, let's take a look at the actual models.
The whole family.
Let's show some love for the wagons - it's all about the junk in the trunk.
(Ed: We had a 1978 Caprice Classic wagon with MacTac woody sides. This is close enough!)
Who are you?
(It's Jason, hosehead)
I'm not Canadian. You're the hosehead.
Amazed by all of that detail packed into an HO scale-sized Chevrolet Caprice? So are we! OK, Jordan, take us through this announcement.

JORDAN: Thanks, Bobby!

Launching in the fall of 1976, in response to the early 70s oil crisis and more stringent EPA regulations for emissions and fuel economy standards, Chevrolet’s downsized “B” body line of large cars was one of GM’s most popular line of vehicles right into the 1990s! Available as a 4-door sedan and station wagon, plus a 2-door coupe, the Chevy Caprice and Impala kept the same general “box Chevy” look from the 1977 through 1990 model years with mostly small detail changes until the revised “bubble” Caprice was made available for the 1991 model year.
Just as a friendly reminder, these are early test samples, subject to revision.
You can see the windows have not been polished yet and they aren't exactly fitting!
It's the wagon! Nothing screams 80s more than a Station Wagon, with wood paneling.
Representing the 1980-85 model years with revised sheet metal, new grills and other trim changes, our sedan and wagon models fill a much-needed place on your layout. As one of the most popular vehicles in North America throughout the 80s, these cars can still be seen on the road today!

BOBBY: Thanks, Jordan! And Jason is very happy as he needs these for his layout.

Check out the service versions of the HO Scale Chevrolet Caprice below!
Ready to start a Taxi company? We hear Judd Hirsch is available.
What's more iconic than a wagon? How about an 80s cop cruiser?
Imagine busting through cardboard boxes that "magically appear" in an alleyway?
Speaking of police Caprices... We have big plans for our vehicle line, including emergency vehicles. If there's an agency you'd like us to make models for, please let us know and if you want to get bumped to the front of the line, direct us to a contact for acquiring licensing.

  • Both wagon and sedan car bodies
  • 1980s body style designed from photos and drawings
  • Real rubber tires (and white walls too, where appropriate)
  • Correct grilles for each trim including separately applied headlights
  • Multiple rim designs (wire spoke, Dog Dish and more)
  • Realistic chrome finish on bumpers, rims and more!

Scroll down to see all of the colors and service schemes being offered.
Even CN and Amtrak Police! But my favorite is the wood-paneled wagons.
(Shaggy dog not included.)
Want to place an order for the Caprices? Use that nifty catalog we create by clicking on the photo below. Every paint scheme and correlating item number is in it.
The Caprice and Impala is just the beginning! So, make sure to show your support and place your orders by June 15th! We're actually starting production in June and we will make plenty of extras, but we can't guarantee to have the color and style of your choice if you don't pre-order.
Nice photo, it's almost as if they staged that, there.
New! HO Scale FPA-2u and FPB-2u Locomotive - Yes, All Four Locos!

In 1955, CN ordered six pairs of the FPA-2 and FPB-2 Locomotives from MLW. They were delivered with a 1600hp, Alco 244 V-12 prime mover. By 1958, CN wanted to improve the reliability of the FPA/B-2 locomotives so it rebuilt two pairs with a 251 V-12 motor - thus giving them their unique "FPA-2u and FPB-2u" designation. (Ed: You mean MPA-18c and MPB-18c?) Go away.

CN also enlarged the fuel tanks and made other changes. All four would survive into the VIA Rail Canada era.

These were truly unique locomotives, important to CN and VIA's history. In fact, the two rebuilt FPA/B-2us would become prototypes for the future MLW FPA-4 and FPB-4 locomotives.
It's all about that... ONR loco in the back. FPA-2u in the foreground.
So what's the catch? Well, because there were only four in existence, this run is FULLY CONDITIONAL. As in it survives on your orders, much like the Amtrak Turboliner.

This means if we receive enough orders by the order deadline of September 15th, 2021, we will proceed with the run.

Here are the FPA and FPB-2u Locomotive Features:

  • The only HO scale MLW FPA-2u and FPB-2u units ever. Full stop. End quote.
  • Operating headlights, class lights and back-up lights
  • Canadian-cast Dofasco Type B trucks
  • Full underbody piping and conduit
  • Separate grab irons and handrails
  • Correct MLW-specific large-capacity fuel tanks
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis
  • Rapido’s improved 5-pole motor with dual flywheels
  • Full, multi-colour interior
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound) options
  • Accurate sounds recorded from the REAL FPA-2u #6758
  • Improved light grey colour on the CN 1961 scheme

OK, now time for the FPA and FPB-2 Locomotive schemes! All three of them!
Check out the FPA/B-2u catalogue for all of the lowdown on item numbers. You can do that by clicking the photo below of that fancy looking FPA/B-2U on the front.
So, just to summarize, this run is based solely on conditional orders. This means DO NOT HESITATE to slam down that order for one or all of the FPA and FPB-2u Locomotives. The order deadline is set for September 15th, 2021, plenty of time to shovel those orders in!
May Order Deadlines - May 17th

Can you believe it? It's already May and that means the HO Scale Barrel Ore Cars and the N Scale New Look Bus orders are just about due. Let's take a quick look at each.
It's not like we disrupted Dan to shoot this.
HO Scale CN/ONR Short and Long Barrel Ore Hopper!

The Barrel Ore Hoppers are a cult classic! But just in case you needed some more reason to get excited about these cars, we made a short video highlighting their features. Click here, above or below to watch!
It's photo time! Dan took some time a few weeks ago to hand-paint three sample Barrel Ore Hoppers and they look outstanding! But don't listen to me, just look at them!
Choose your fighter...I mean ore car.
(Ed: They don't even look like X-Wings. You're such a nerd.)
Want to learn more about them? Click here to read the Barrel Ore Car Master Class. Their history is fascinating, and they are one of Canada's most iconic cars to ply the rails.

Before we jump to the catalogue, how about another photo?
Think we put enough detail on the back?
The Barrel Ore Hopper is truly the little car that could. So, if you're ready to check out the item numbers and paint schemes, some check out the fancy catalogue. You won't be disappointed! Click the photo below to see it.
Just a few more days until May 17th, which is the order deadline for the Barrel Ore Cars. Once these unique cars hit the shelves, they won't hang around long, so get your orders in ASAP!
N Scale New Look Bus - New Painted Sample and Video!

Possibly the most iconic item we offer - but maybe we're just impartial because we own a real New Look Bus! In all seriousness, this is one nice model. Lots of detail, excellent paint schemes and we even did a BRAND NEW video for your audio-visual entertainment! Click here or on the image below to watch it.
Wasn't that fantastic! And its similarity to a movie featuring a real New Look bus is entirely coincidental.

If you want to see the features of the bus in more detail, click here or on the image below to watch our more "normal" video. I believe that some of our competitors think we make SNL sketches (Note: I'm more of a Kids In The Hall fan...) for our videos. Yes. Yes, we do. Enjoy!
Dan Darnell painted up one of our New Look Buses in Santa Monica 2525 colors. There is no significant reason for us choosing that particular bus number.

This bus is really tiny and now Dan hates N scale buses. But have a look:
Keep this bus above 15 MPH!
(Ed: Don't you mean 50?)
No. 15.
Whether you're going to display one, place it into service on your layout or try to motorize one...well OK, maybe that's a stretch, but the N Scale New Look Bus is certainly a show piece. Three styles of front bumpers, super-detailed rubber tires, inside driver's controls with grooved flooring and much more. These buses might be the most detailed vehicles to appear in N Scale!
No mistaking that number!
I'm sure you've heard it before, how we own our very own New Look Bus, but have you read the restoration story on it? Click here for more info.
Timmy and the Bus.
Ready to order one? Check out the New Look Bus catalog for more info on paint schemes and item numbers by clicking the photo below.
On May 17th, the N Scale New Look Bus order desk will close. We do plan to make some extras, but the usual caveat applies: if you don't preorder, you may not get the one that want.
June Order Deadlines - June 15th

It's that time, again. The next order deadline is June 15th. This will include the HO Scale F59PH Locomotive and the HO Scale North American Bilevel Commuter Car. In fact, we have new samples - so let's get started.
Believe it or not, this scheme is still in danger. Don't keep it that way!
HO Scale F59PH Locomotive

You've seen this before. Many times. But the HO Scale F59PH Locomotive is finally getting ready to call for final preorders. Believe us, we're just as excited as you are to announce this!
The original F59PH.
It's been a little while since we discussed the HO Scale F59PH Locomotive, so here comes a quick refresher on the finer details of this versatile commuter locomotive.

The Rapido F59PH features:

  • Scaled from field measurements and blueprints
  • End metal handrails with plastic stanchions
  • Prototype-specific details
  • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables and other piping, and a ridiculous number of separately-applied parts
  • Etched-metal grilles and separate, stamped-metal grab irons
  • Full cab interior
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis with Rapido’s NEW coreless motor with dual flywheels and silky-smooth drive
  • Operating headlights, rear light, and ditch lights
  • Operating ground lights and step lights
  • Can we just say that again? WORKING STEP LIGHTS!
  • Tri-colour class lights (white, green, red) or red markers, as appropriate
  • DCC/Sound units come equipped with an ESU LokSound decoder

And... Yes, we are tooling the current E-Bell and horn combination that are used on GO's units today. (Remember, Jason likes E-Bells for some reason.)

Now for all of you Metrolink fans out there, here's a pretty photo taken by our very own Craig Walker. The original periwinkle scheme was hands-down the best. Remember, this scheme, as well as the new Metrolink ribbon scheme, are both still at risk. The orders are just not coming in for those two schemes. If we don't get enough orders, we will have to cancel them.
Can't get enough of this photo! Such simpler times.
Don't forget! We recorded a video waaaay back when on the sounds and details. Check it out by clicking here or the photo below.
What's Janet looking at?
Now, on to that catalog/catalogue! You can check over all of the schemes you may want or just peruse through the item numbers. Click the photo below to have a look.
This is the exciting part, where we can say the HO Scale F59PH Locomotive has just over a month to go before all orders need to be in. We mean it this time, too!
These might be early pre-production samples, but YOWSZA!
The Metrolink Cab Car is on the right, while a Series IV is on the left.
HO Scale North American Bilevel Commuter Cars

With the F59PH closing out in June, what better way to complement it than with the HO Scale North American Bilevel Commuter Cars due on the same day! Mark your calendars, June 15th will be an important day for commuter modelers.

But with an announced order deadline, that means we have preproduction samples to show you! Check them out!
Yeah, we put the see-through step in by the door.
Because that's the kind of stuff we do.
Aren't these just stunning? The most popular commuter car in use today gets done right!

The Bilevel Commuter Cars feature:

  • Accurate body shell designs with or without rivet details
  • Five windows or four windows on the lower level, as appropriate
  • Free-rolling, highly-detailed inside-bearing trucks with roller-bearing axles and metal wheelsets
  • Full underbody and unrivaled interior detail
  • Accurate painting and lettering, both inside and out.
  • Tinted windows
  • Metal side grab irons
  • Constant interior lighting in DC and DCC
  • Controllable cab car lighting in both DC and DCC
  • Minimum 22” radius curves

More photos? Sure!
The Metrolink Cab Car - full of rivets and the iconic single front window.
Where it all started! A Series I Cab Car - the first correctly one tooled in the industry!
Hey Jason! These are too new for your layout!
(Ed: I don't care. I want.)
How can we forget that infamous video? Here's Jordan and Janet coming up with the great idea for Bilevel Commuter cars. Click here or the photo below to watch it again.
Catalog/catalogue time! To see all of the commuter agencies being done, click the photo below to whisk yourself away with the catalog/catalogue.
Commuter fanatics, mark your calendars for June 15th. That's June 15th, the HO Scale Bilevel Commuter Cars (And F59PH) orders will be due. Your layout townsfolk are counting on you to get them reliable transportation.
These are our new semi-scale couplers.
Kadee Couplers and Rapido Models

Recently we announced that several upcoming Rapido freight car models would include Kadee #158 couplers installed at the factory.

Unfortunately, discussions with Kadee have revealed that, due to production restrictions in part due to Covid-19, they will not be able to supply us with the quantities that we need for these models until close to the end of the year.

As a result, we have created our own semi-scale coupler that will be included on these models. However, our coupler boxes are still completely compatible with the #158 whisker couplers from Kadee for those that want to use them.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we look forward to working with Kadee in the future.
Grand Trunk Western models ready for final QC and packing
HO Scale SW1200 Locomotive Arrival - The Second Half

The first batch of HO Scale SW1200 Locomotives have arrived. They are being sorted and QC inspected now, and we hope to start shipping next week. The second half is ready to leave the factory but is waiting for a container. Unfortunately, there is a container shortage in China right now.

What's on the second shipment of SW1200s? Good question, here's the remaining list:

  • Baltimore & Ohio
  • Burlington Northern (ex GN)
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
  • Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
  • Conrail (ex PRR)
  • Grand Trunk Western
  • Missouri Pacific
  • Northern Pacific
  • Penn Central (ex NH)
  • Soo Line

Before you know it, you'll be seeing these show up on a layout near you!
Yes, the beacon on the BN models (and NP and Soo) really works in DCC!
One of master modeller Mike Salfi's many BGR kits.
Thanks to Mike for the photo.
The Toronto Railway Museum - Preserving History

For many, the Toronto Railway Museum is a place full of memories, equipment and amazing exhibits. Sitting on top of the old John Street yard area in the southern part of Toronto, it houses some of Toronto's most iconic pieces of railway equipment. But they need your help to retain a few more iconic pieces of Canadian history: The John Newland / BGR collection.

For many years, John Newland ran BGR models, which contained many CP Heavyweight pilot models. The TRM is interested in acquiring some of these models for display, which will tell a story rich in information on how they operated. They will be part of a future model railroad display project, providing visitors an understanding and appreciation of a long bygone era in railroading.

How can you help? Check out Toronto Railway Museum's website by clicking here and help support TRM in this great project to save Toronto's railroading history!
This photo was taken last week during final assembly of the GTW SW1200s.
Factory Photos

We've got some good ones. Jordan has not seen these yet. OK, well he hadn't seen them until he proofread this newsletter. But he is very excited at the progress with the Rohr Turboliner. Click here to pre-order yours!
Turbo-time! Check out the coach mold slides!
Things are starting to take shape on the Rohr Turboliner!
This is the power car mold core and top.
Growing Up With Trains

Well, it's time to wind down this newsletter. Normally we'd have a big paragraph of something we're passionate about, but we thought we'd change things up. The passion had to start somewhere, didn't it? So, some of the Rapido staff have dusted off the old photo albums and brought out the memories of their childhood. Let's take a quick look back at some of Rapido's own childhood photos involving trains.

We start with Josh on the pilot of CP 1201 with his grandfather in 1990. This excursion was the first train Josh ever rode. What a way to start!
Up next is Jordan in the cab of a VIA F40PH-2D while on layover at Toronto Union Station. (Yes, we're surprised it's not Amtrak, too.)
It's Bill's turn. Here he is with his cousin on board the London & South Western M7, a 04-4T, at Steamtown (the Vermont rendition!).
Next is Dan D, standing on a CN RS-18 in Tempo colours at Spadina Yard in Toronto. Note the smokestack and roundhouse in the background.
And closing out this edition of Growing Up With Trains is Mark. As he said, this was taken "before they invented colour." He's standing next to Royal Hudson 2850, in St. Constant, QC. This is now the site of Exporail.
Stay tuned for part two!
Well, that concludes May's newsletter. Three more new announcements, but - hint hint - we aren't done yet! Might even be a surprise or two in addition to more new announcements coming your way shortly.

Until next time,


Bobby Allard
Marketing Officer and
Grand Poohbah of Newsletters
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