Rapido Newsletter Vol. 147
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Dear Rapido Customer,

Feeling a bit empty? Did grandma get run over by a reindeer? Perhaps Cousin Eddie is overstaying his welcome in that RV in the driveway? Maybe Dominick wasn't able to help out Santa and deliver what you REALLY wanted? Well, look no further, as Rapido DELIVERS this Christmas! Without further ado, Rapido News 147... starts...right...NOW!

New Videos!
  • Our Very Professional New Announcement Video
  • Documentary Q&A with Jason Shron
  • USRA Single-Sheathed Boxcar with Bill Schneider
  • Santa Fe RR56 Reefer with Matt and Craig

New Announcements!
  • NEW! HO Scale EMD GP38 Locomotive (That "Other" Four Axle Loco)
  • NEW! HO Scale M420 Locomotives - New Versions!
  • NEW! HO Scale Canadian Pacific H1a/b Steam Locomotive

February Order Deadlines - February 15th, 2022
  • HO Scale Rohr Turboliner
  • More To Come!

Second Section
  • New Website
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Helping Exporail
  • New Arrivals
  • Factory and Tooling Updates
  • What Makes a Locomotive Unique?
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our Very Professional New Announcement Video

One of our favorite criticisms on YouTube is that we don't look professional enough. So Jordan and Jeremy have responded with our most professionalist-looking video yet. It is so professional, they are both wearing snazzy suits. And doing that hand/fingers thing.

Click here or on the image above to watch our new product launch video. You could just read the rest of the newsletter, but in the video... stuff... moves....
Documentary Q&A with Jason Shron

This is possibly as close as we've come to a proper documentary about the model train industry and Jason's personal experiences starting and running Rapido. There are tons of clips from past Rapido videos so its not just Jason's face for half an hour, even if he is on board The Canadian...

If you've got some quiet time over the holidays it's worth watching this one. Click here or on the picture of Jason's stubbly face to watch.
USRA Single-Sheathed Boxcar with Bill Schneider

Bill takes a close look at the first samples of the HO scale USRA Single-Sheathed Boxcars as well as the CP clones. Just look at his layout - isn't it gorgeous? He's been working on it for just over a year. Jason's been working on his for eight years, and he has less scenery completed. Hmmm...

While the order deadline has passed for these cars, we have not yet sent the numbers to the factory as we're waiting on the corrections Bill mentions in the video. So it's not too late to get your orders in.

Click here or on the picture to watch the video; click here for more information or to order the USRA cars; and click here for more info or to order the CP clones.
Santa Fe RR56 Reefer with Matt and Craig

Here's another one that we put live after the last newsletter came out - Craig gives the historical background and Matt shows off the model features of the HO scale RR56 Reefer. These cars operated all over North America and they look fabulous, especially the see-through grille with the generator visible behind it. Don't forget your reefer sound unit, available separately.

Click here or on the picture above to watch. Like the USRA boxcars, the numbers won't go to the factory for these until next month so you can still order. Click here to order yours today!

And now let's get on with the new announcements!
Yowsa! That PC 3D render looks great!
NEW! HO Scale EMD GP38 Locomotive (That "Other" Four Axle Loco)

January of 1966 might not have been the most memorable time in history for current events, but out in La Grange, Illinois, Electro-Motive Division was busy getting ready to roll out the brand new General Purpose "38" locomotive model. The EMD GP38 Locomotive was a 2,000 horse-powered beast, equipped with a fairly new 16-645 prime mover, which would pave the way for the GP38-2, GP40 and 40-2 line of locomotives.

Many variations were built, right down to different steps, battery boxes and more. Rapido has not overlooked a single detail on ALL of these variations. In fact, we spent hours measuring a GP38, as well as strained our eyes on drawings. This is the real deal! Scroll down for an intense look at the 3D renders.
The striking Southern tuxedo scheme always stands out, with the "Look Ahead, Look South" logo. Hey, that's a render, by the way.
Here's a render of the B&O GP38.
Here's the B&O GP38. As always, many things may change as these are only 3D renders. Maybe we'll keep the windows solid...
Note the correct bell placement.
And of course, the underframe. Amazing detail.
Here's the Southern GP38, with a buffet of details never done on a mass-produced Geep 38 before! Walkway lights, Nathan P3 horn, dual firecrackers, SOU style sunshades and more!
What's it like to run a High Hood GP38? Well, you could put the hood up on your car and drive down the street, but we wouldn't suggest that. Instead, we are giving you the opportunity to own the highest detailed Southern and NS GP38 ever made in HO scale. From the hood-end mounted bell right down to the melodious Nathan P3s, the Southern 38s were certainly eye and ear pleasers.

The Southern GP38s would last well into the 90s on Norfolk Southern in a variety of mainline, local and yard duties. By the early 2000s, they were either retired or sold to make way for the arrival of SD70M-2s that would share the same number series.
And how can we forget the correct-sized fuel tanks? This is a beauty!
Paper filters, correct battery box doors, oh-la-la!
For the PC version, here's an often overlooked detail: The cab signal box. Note, not only is it in place, BUT the grab iron has been moved to accommodate it!
Penn Central might not have been the most successful railroad, but it sure did have a fair amount of GP products. PC bought the most GP38 Locomotives with 263 and would later acquire 15 more from the PRSL through merger. After the formation of Conrail, many GP38s would be sold off to various roads, including Burlington Northern and eventually BNSF.
See-through fans, steps and more! This isn't your average GP38.
What about those HO Scale GP38 features? Glad you asked! Here's a list of everything I could think of:

  • Measured from a living GP38
  • Road-specific details for each model
  • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions
  • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables, air filters and a silly number of separately-applied parts
  • Road-specific battery box doors
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Operating headlights, rear lights, tri-color class lights AND ditch lights and beacons (where appropriate)
  • Highly detailed cab interior
  • Correct fuel tank sizes per road number
  • Multiple styles of stepwells. (ATSF has correct “Switcher-style" steps)
  • See-through, etched steps
  • High short hood
  • Appropriate cab or nose headlights
  • Multiple truck sideframes tooled
  • Different, prototype specific dynamic-brake hatches and air filters
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/ESU LokSound

Now, about those schemes... Scroll down to see the roads being offered on the first run of HO Scale GP38 Locomotives.
CSX had to be difficult with multiple versions. But boy do they look nice!
Ready to look at the catalog? It compliments the GP38 model very nicely. Click the photo below to view the pdf.
Are you impressed, yet? We certainly are! But just in case you were curious, we'll have samples of the HO Scale EMD GP38 Locos first, then announce an order deadline for this awesome project. So keep a close eye on future newsletters.
M420s, wood products and snow. It doesn't get more rugged than that.
Frank Ferguson photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
NEW! HO Scale M420 Locomotives - New Versions!

Now, as your friendly writer of the newsletter, I am very partial to this next announcement. This is the HO Scale Rebuilt M420 Locomotive. But this also includes the BC Rail and Providence & Worcester (Pronounced "woos-stah" by those people that enjoy brown bread and steamed hot dogs.)
The P&W M420Rs looked right at home in the Northeast. Here two sandwich a U23B.
The way it should be. Photo courtesy of Ken Goslett.
Now, this next part needs to be read very carefully: The rebuilt Canadian National 3500 versions ARE NOT conditional. Meaning there is no minimum total quantity required for production. But the BC Rail and P&W versions ARE conditional. The order deadline for the conditional models is March 15th, 2022.

Why are they conditional?

We honestly don't know what the demand is for the BC and P&W versions of the M420. The truth is that there is very expensive new tooling needed for the BC and P&W versions so we need to sell enough to make it worthwhile. In contrast, the CN 3500 version only requires a couple of new slides and some new details. It is much more affordable, and we know we will sell enough to make it work financially.
MLW in the 90s on a Class I railroad? CN made it happen. Jim Koglin photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
The CN versions will feature the rebuilt long hoods, with the knuckle buster door latches, front ditch lights, paper air filters, retention tank and the horn relocated on the long hood, with piping. Upon receiving many of these upgrades in the mid 90s, the MLW M420 Locomotives continued to ply away at local and mainline work. Notably, these were the last MLWs on CN's roster.

By 1997 and 1998, many would be scrapped or sold to second-hand owners. In fact, many still continue to operate for shortlines across North America today. On this run, we will offer the repainted CN stripes scheme with correct stripe height and four road numbers in CN North America.

We also will offer Minnesota Commercial and my favorite, Oil Creek & Titusville. Minnesota Commercial will be a conditional announcement, but we're fairly confident you Minnesotans will come through. Bring on the Purple Rain and make John Gohmann proud and meet that goal!
Fresh out of rebuild and looking spiffy. James Clafin photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
Perhaps the classiest looking M420 Locomotives? (Sorry CN fans!) British Columbia purchased 16 M420s, split in groups of eight A and eight B units. The A units were originally delivered with steps similar to CN's, but were rebuilt with a unique ladder arrangement which was similar to the M630s. During those rebuilds, BC added additional rock lights in the anticlimber face, turned at an angle to "criss-cross" and light up any obstacle ahead of them, especially around the Anderson and Seton Lake areas.

The B units or "cabless boosters" were equipped with remote control radio equipment to work as Locotrol units. Many times they could be found in groups of two on road trains. It wasn't uncommon to see one tucked behind an SD40-2 or similar consist in the late 1980s. By the early to mid 90s the B units and the A units were either scrapped from wrecks or sold off. One very prominent locomotive still earns its keep on the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad in Scranton, PA. (Yes, we are announcing that scheme to my delight... and constant bugging.)
Those B units need some love, too. Jim Boyd photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
The BC units also carried dynamic brakes, something the CN and P&W M420s did not have. They also had the standard BC style plow, K5L or K5H horns mounted on the bell bracket as well as smaller fuel tanks. This caused the frame to be reversed (and caused Jason to almost regret announcing these...) which means we need to tool a new frame for these. So with that said, EVERY BC loco and the single D-L loco on this announcement is CONDITIONAL. I am once again asking you to help us out and get your preorders in before March 15th, 2022 to get this project going! (Jordan had his funny looking turbo thingy, us BC and D-L fans surley can have ours.)
Perhaps the original P&W scheme was the nicest they had.
Richard Adams photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
Providence & Worcester was the only American road that purchased the M420R Locomotive variant, with five in a pretty orange, brown and white scheme. They were unique in that they rode on AAR trucks, which required different spacing. The P&W units also feature Gyralites on the front and rear, giving the appearance of a single headlight casting with the Gyralite above it.

All five remained on P&W's roster into the late 1990s, experiencing a few different paint schemes. We are doing the as-delivered and the final scheme they wore with the angular nose stripe. This is FULLY CONDITIONAL, so that means you must get your pre-orders in to advance this project. We know you can!
Double ditch lights, K5H and a matching set makes these M420s stand out.
Frank Ferguson photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
CN 3550 slamming through Brighton, ON.
Jim Koglin photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
Just in case that was too much reading and you skipped right to the features, here they are, but in list form. First the new features of the HO Scale M420:

  • CN 3500s feature rebuilt long hood with knuckle buster door latches, paper air filters, retention tank ditch lights and relocated horn
  • BC Rail has correct fuel tank size and location, four rock lights (in nose and pilot) and rebuilt steps
  • B-units are available as part of an A-B set or in one special B-B set.
  • P&W version has correct AAR trucks and headlight variation

Plus the usual features of the M420s:

  • 3D scanned from an actual M420. This is as close to real as it gets!
  • MR-20b and MR-20c classes available in the first run
  • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions
  • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables and other piping, rerailer and a silly number of separately applied parts
  • Two or three panel radiators, louvered or large opening electrical cabinet door, open or closed truck bearings
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Operating headlights, rear lights, tri-colour class lights and illuminated cab control stand
  • Highly detailed cab interior with optional open front door
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/ESU LokSound

Here come the schemes and variations! Scroll down to check out the M420 Locomotives being offered this time around. They're in three groups: CN version, BC and P&W.
Everyone knows the best scheme is Oil Creek & Titusville.
Have I said it enough yet? ORDER early and often for the BC versions!
New England fans, here's your chance to get that M420R, at last! You won't have to mortgage half your house to acquire an Overland one.
It's everyone's favorite Saturday Night pastime! No, not Hockey Night in Canada. It's Rapido Catalogue time! Click the photo below to check out the M420s.
The CN M420 Locomotives do not have the conditional tag applied to them. The BC Rail and P&W locos, do however. So that means if you want the BC Rail, Delaware-Lackawanna or P&W versions ORDER NOW and often! This also means samples will not be seen unless we get enough orders to go ahead, so don't wait for March 15th, 2022!

The CN 3500s are in tooling and we expect our first samples in the early spring. After that we will announce an order deadline for the 3500s.
What's more magical than a steam locomotive? How about one that's a movie star?
Photo courtesy of Adam Meeks.
NEW! HO Scale Canadian Pacific H1a/b Steam Locomotive

It's 2015 at Exporail. Jason has just announced an ambitious, but comprehensive list of future HO Scale steam locomotives, the CP H1a/b Hudson being one of them. Fast forward to 2021 and the dream is now a reality! (Just a few years behind, but who's counting?)

The H1a and H1b class was designed by Henry Blane Bowen, Canadian Pacific's Chief of Motive Power and Rolling Stock. What followed was a state-of-the-art 4-6-4 Hudson. In fact, these twenty locomotives were so successful that CP would later craft the Royal Hudsons, building upon the H1s successful design.
It doesn't get better than this. Photo courtesy of Adam Meeks.
The H1s 4-6-4 Hudsons were delivered in two groups, with ten H1a engines being first. These were numbered 2800-2809. Next up were the H1b engines, arriving in 1930. Those locos were numbered 2810-2819. The locomotives were used on mainline passenger trains across CP’s system. The H1a and H1b, along with the Royal Hudson classes survived until the end of the steam era, with the first retirements occurring in 1957.
CP 2816 was converted to run on oil when it was rebuilt in the early 2000s. Photo courtesy of Adam Meeks.

  • Designed from prototype drawings and measurements
  • Road number specific factory applied details for each unit
  • Separately applied metal hand rails and grabs
  • Blackened wheels and driving rods
  • Correct cylinders and valve gear
  • Smooth-running drive train
  • Accurate and complete piping, underbody and tender details
  • Correct coal tenders for regular service units
  • Correct oil tender for the post-restoration version of #2816
  • Early or later style walkways
  • “Elephant Ear” smoke deflectors on correctly numbered models
  • “Flickering” fire box in detailed cab (DCC controlled)
  • Working head light, classification lights, interior cab light and back up lights (DCC controlled)
  • DCC sound version includes synchronized chuff, accurate whistles, bells, air pumps, generator, safety valves and many other effects! (Not all sound features of DCC sound units will function in DC mode)
  • Accurate paint and decoration
  • 22” Minimum radius

But how could we forget the most famous H1...
There's just something about nighttime steam photos. Photo courtesy of Adam Meeks.
CP 2816 has a long and rich history running for CP at the height of the glory days of steam. But life for 2816 would start again in 1998, 38 years after it was donated to Steamtown. CP purchased 2816 and immediately sent it for an extensive overhaul. 2816 now resides as the crown jewel of the fleet, a sort of "ambassador" for the railroad. During its post-restoration career, 2816 gained the nickname the “Empress” as it hauled excursions. It even became a movie star, garnering a leading roll in the spectacular IMAX film “Rocky Mountain Express” in 2011.

As part of its restoration #2816 was converted to burn oil by pairing it with an original oil tender from a Royal Hudson. Other amenities such as diesel control and ditch lights were fitted to bring 2816 into compliance with modern standards, as well as a second generator to help power these new devices. A second whistle was also added alongside the stack.
Yes, it's 2816 again, but why not? This is the crown jewel of CP.
Photo courtesy of Adam Meeks.
Rapido is excited to announce, in addition to the H1a and H1b announcement, that we are offering CP 2816 in all its glory! Developed with the help and guidance of CP’s steam restoration team, Rapido’s HO scale model of #2816 will include the correct oil tender, working ditch lights, and the additional details that have been added, post rebuild. The loco will be sold in a high quality custom wood display box.
Now, are you ready for all of the schemes and variations you crave? Well, look no further, we have the steam! Scroll down to see EVERY H1a/b Steam Loco we are producing.
Note: The a and b versions are mixed in. 2816 also has operating ditch lights.
Chugga-chugga-Catalogue! OK, makes no sense at all, but if you wish to see a PDF listing of everything H1a/b Hudson, click the photo below.
Excited about the CP H1a/b Steam Locomotive? Whether you like CP 2816 or need a fleet to model the early 50s, the announcement is finally here! We'll announce an order deadline once we have a sample. Hopefully much quicker than the D10 went. (Heh)
February 2022 Order Deadlines

Only one order deadline so far, but it is quite possibly one of the most important. This is reserved for the HO Scale Rohr Turboliner. And we have a surprise for you!
So real it's 3D. Wait, did I say that right?
February 2022 Order Deadlines

Isn't that pretty neat? A working HO Scale Turboliner sample and some amazing editing by Jeremy (the artist, not the videographer!) and voila! A jaw-dropping leaf-less scene, where the Turboliner looks like it's moving at a good clip on its way to Brockville...er Albany.

Now, we said we were working on a painted sample and we weren't lying. Dan is hard at work to get it done for January and a date on Dave Abeles' layout. Once filmed, we will pack it up and send it off for the public to view it at Springfield. We can't wait! In the meantime, here's a few non-painted pre-production sample shots we wanted to share.
Friendly reminder that the Turboliner is not only attractive, but well detailed.
Plus it has three strobe lights and a P5 air horn, which appears to have fallen off this sample!
Can't forget the catalog. Click the photo below to view the Turboliner in pdf form.
The HO Scale Rohr Turboliner is a unique and amazing train: high speeds, comfort and because Jordan really likes it. So keep an eye out for that video and for the painted sample and don't forget to mark your calendars on February 15th, to get all of your orders in!

More To Come!

We're still getting lots of new samples from the factories so we will most likely announce one or two more projects with a February 15th order deadline. Expect a newsletter from us in mid-to-late January with additional products. I think the E8 orders will almost certainly be due on the 15th as well, but we're still waiting on the final sample and we don't want to count our chickens before they've hatched...
Second Section - December 2021

A new website, lots of new photos and much more for this edition of Second Section, December 25th, 2021. So off we go!
He's still smashing that website.
New Website

In January we will be launching a new website with all sorts of added features and additions. The good part is the new version will be better than the old. BUT the unfortunate part is both websites will be down for at least a week while the new one is brought online in January of 2022. PLEASE make sure you have all the info you need from the website before the changeover takes place.

We anticipate this will occur sometime during the second week of January.
Upcoming Shows

The Amherst Railway Society's annual Springfield train show is on January 29th and 30th. This should mark the first time this event will be held in-person since 2020, two years ago. We can't wait to show you ALL of the new items we have and maybe we might just have a surprise or two to announce.

As you know, the Omicron variant of COVID is wreaking havoc across Canada and there is a chance that we will not be permitted to do the show. Please follow our Facebook page where we will make the announcement should that occur.
Helping Exporail - A Good Cause

The good people over at Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, are hosting a 60th Anniversary fundraiser. Their goal is $180,000 (CAD) to restore VIA dome car Sibley Park, CN steam locomotive 6153 AND a third vehicle - but there's a catch. For every $50 raised, you get to vote which one!

A great event for a great cause! Click here to donate! And when you get a chance, check them out in Saint Constant, Quebec. They have a wonderful collection of equipment. My favorite is CP 4744, the one and only MLW M640.
Shipping and Arrival Updates

LOTS of new items are arriving soon!

These are currently enroute:

Leaving the factory soon:
Matching EP-5 Jets! Almost like we were standing in New Haven.
The prettiest HO Scale EP-5 of the bunch... Well, maybe not.
Look! All of the N Scale New Looks!
Look at that level of detail!
There's no denying that those class lights really stand out.
Getting excited?
Check out these early samples of the HO Scale U25B Locomotives! Still a way to go before everything is finalized, so what you see may be refined before final production, but we are getting closer to announcing an order deadline. Stay tuned.
Factory and Tooling Updates

LOTS of new photos, from the HO Scale Bilevels to the F59PH locomotives. Scroll away!
Metrolink Bilevels! The early stages. They still need most of the blue striping added.
HO Scale Bilevel bodies getting paint before having lettering applied.
Here are a bunch of HO Scale Bilevel pilot assemblies.
That's a lot of HO Scale Bilevel trucks.
A whole bunch of HO Scale AutoFlood III Hopper sides, ready for printing.
They're ALREADY painting and printing the HO Scale AutoFlood III Hoppers! Shouldn't be long before we see them.
Ribbons! Lots of them on this Metrolink F59PH
Where it all began. The "original F59", wearing the attractive green and white. As you can see, this shell is almost fully assembled.
It may not have been the flashiest scheme, but it certainly screams "LA" on this F59PH.
N scale New Look Buses in the print shop. These are almost ready to ship!
N scale Procor GP20 Tank Cars in the paint shop.
Who else gets overly excited when they see a matching set of two-tone green locos? Frank Ferguson photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
What Makes A Locomotive Unique?

What makes a locomotive unique? Is it the paint it wears? The railroad it works for? Or is it just "neat?" That's always an interesting question I have as a railfan and modeler. For me, it's anything Alco or MLW. The way the Century and M series look to me is just rugged. But mostly it's because of the 251 power plant. As Tim Allen would say "MORE POWER!"
Even the red, white and blue was classy. Frank Ferguson photo, courtesy of the Kevin EuDaly collection.
One of the locomotives I really enjoy is the British Columbia version of the M420. As any BC fan knows, you need four rock lights and two-tone green, along with the Dogwood logo to complete the look. It just has a unique look to it. I really can't tell you why, maybe it's their melodious Nathan K5H horns or the fact that they were seen on the less photographed Dawson Creek Subdivision, hauling wood products.

(Ed: Dawson Creek? That was a good show. Michelle Williams was cute!)

Do you see what I have to put up with? Oh, brother.
PT-99, with DL 2045 and four other MLW and Alco locomotives, gets ready to dig in for the climb to Scranton. Photo courtesy of Bobby Allard.
To me, what really sets this group of eight A and eight B units apart is that many of the A units made it to second-hand owners, but only a few were repainted. Enter Genesee Valley / Delaware-Lackawanna's 2045, which was ex BCOL 645. It now serves over 2,000 miles away from its original home, on an all-Alco/MLW powered road.

Now remember, this is 2021. An all-251 powered railroad is pretty rare by today's standards. But seeing 2045 soldiering on makes me smile. And adding in a shameless plug, get your orders in! This is one time where I can say this is a model that I would love to have! (Everyone else here has had their one model; it's my time!) Need more photos?
All five locos are in the eighth notch and three more on the rear are shoving hard, as PT-99 slugs past Cresco, PA. DL 2045 has found a home in Northeast Pennsylvania, almost twenty years after it rolled out of BC. Photo courtesy of Bobby Allard.
If you ever get a chance to see the Delaware-Lackawanna in action, it's worth enjoying their operation on the old Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad's Pocono Mountain road. It runs up a hefty grade from the Delaware Water Gap to Scranton. Just imagine six Alcos and MLWs digging, fully notched out with a good-sized train behind it. It may not be the Dawson Creek Sub, but it might be just as good, if not better.

(Ed: My kids complained that none of the guys looked like teenagers. And they thought Dawson was a suck, and that whole affair between 15-year-old Pacey and his teacher was GROSS. Other than that, good show. Why do you keep bringing up old TV shows, by the way? Does that mean we can talk about Doctor Who now?)

No. Please stop interrupting this newsletter. So what if you own the company. YOU'RE REALLY ANNOYING.

(Ed: Happy to oblige. Merry Chrismukkah!)
Another action-packed newsletter comes to a close, with a little help from Jason. Hopefully this year Santa Rapido brought you everything you wanted (Like BC M420s and how I, Bobby, would be disappointed if you didn't order them.)

From our family at Rapido to yours, Merry Christmas and have a very (safe) and enjoyable New Year! 2022 is almost here and you never know what we will bring you in January! 😉

Until next time,


Bobby Allard
The Only Poobah of Newsletters
(All the other imitators are just imitating.)
And ORDER those BC M420s
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