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Rapido News Volume 67 - ?2015 Rapido Trains Inc.

Dear Rapido Customer,

This is a quick one, but it's full of fun videos! In this "short but sweet" issue of Rapido News:

Rapido LRC Shuttlecraft

Rapido LRC Shuttlecraft

Introducing the LRC Shuttlecraft!

In memory of the remarkable Leonard Nimoy (z"l), Rapido is excited to announce that a limited run of just 40 LRC Shuttlecraft DC/DCC-ready locomotives are being offered for bid in our online silent auction in support of the Canadian Lung Association's efforts to eliminate COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Now you can bid on one of 40 exclusive, never-to-be-offered-again, HO scale LRC Shuttlecraft. Only one shuttlecraft allowed per person. Bids are accepted from anywhere in the world. This campaign is open to everyone.

Starting bids are $199.95 for these once-in-a-lifetime units. Bid as high as you can because only the top 40 bidders will get their LRC Shuttlecraft!

In Memory of Leonard Nimoy

In memory of Leonard Nimoy (z"l)

Bidding ends midnight June 1st - all winning bids will be contacted by email and will have seven days to arrange payment. Shipping costs will be charged separately.

100% of all successful bids received will be donated to the Lung Association in memory of Leonard Nimoy. We're not just donating the "profits" but every penny.

Please click here to place your bid. Live long and prosper.

Rapido RailCrew

RailCrew Remote Uncoupler and Switch Machine - actual video stills

RailCrew Remote Uncoupler and Switch Machine - New Video

Since launching our new line of RailCrew layout accessories, we've been bombarded with requests for more information. To that end, I spent an evening with the inventor of RailCrew, Randy Schnarr, and we looked at the new Remote Uncoupler and Switch Machine in detail. The interview was recorded in my basement earlier this month, so you can see my triple-deck Kingston Sub/Plywood Pacific layout under construction.

This is not your usual ?ber-silly Rapido video, but a fairly straightforward look at how these new machines work and what they do. Hopefully it answers most of your questions about the new products. We're very proud of them - Randy really is a very clever guy.

Please click here or on the picture below to watch the video on YouTube.

RailCrew Video

These are in production now and the first shipment is due to arrive in June or July. We intend to keep RailCrew items in stock, but it's advisable to order early to ensure you get in on the first shipment, especially if you want to try them out before ordering enough for your home or club layout. We're developing a strict QC regimen so the uncouplers and switch machines will be fully tested in the factory - mechanically and electrically - before being packaged.

RailCrew is a joint venture between Rapido and Randy, and it's being made in our new factory - you know, the one that has been delivering so much stuff lately that our customers have all started shouting at us to take a holiday. So if you pick up a few Uncouplers or Switch Machines and you want to order more, we'll either have them in stock or a new shipment will be shortly arriving. I need enough of these for my layout to keep Randy in business for at least a year or two...

Click here for more info, and click here to watch the video. Please ask your dealer for these. We want to see RailCrew products in every hobby shop in North America, especially those ones in the far west who still think "Rapido" only makes N scale steam engines with traction tires and BIG couplers.

Dealers please note that full retail discounts apply on all RailCrew products. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'll be posting more RailCrew videos in the coming months.

Rapido Amtrak F40PH

Rapido Amtrak power on Chris Plue's layout
Pre-production models shown. Production models will have cab steps!

Amtrak F40PH Order Deadline

Here's a very quick reminder that the final order deadline for our next 100% American locomotive prototype is swiftly approaching. Please reserve your Amtrak F40PH Locomotives by May 15th, either with your dealer or directly from us.

I am currently editing an Amtrak F40 video, which we will (hopefully) have online by the end of next week. It's taking a long time because of all the monster trucks and crushed cars. (Don't ask.) To ensure you don't miss it, please click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Thanks to Amtrak locomotive engineer Paul Burmeister for pointing out that our F40 is missing the cab side steps. With all the experts on our project (including people who worked on the real thing) and all of our publicity to date, Paul was the first person to notice that we are missing the steps. They were on our 2D drawings but were omitted from our 3D design. We're fixing that in time for production. Thanks, Paul!

Click here to read about our ground-breaking HO scale Amtrak F40PH.


Rapido APT-E

Rapido's British Rail APT-E

British Rail APT-E Order Deadline

I normally don't like to mix our British and North American newsletters, but we are producing a British train that has truly international significance, and the order deadline is coming up this week.

The Advanced Passenger Train - Experimental, or APT-E, was a revolutionary train developed in the 1970s by British Rail's Research & Technical Centre in Derby, England. It was a gas-turbine-powered tilting train capable of speeds over 150MPH on conventional track. Like the LRC in Canada and the United States, the lessons learned in developing the APT-E have been applied in the development of today's high-speed trains around the world.

Rapido APT-E

APT-E - Original painting by Wilf Hardy

We are producing a OO-gauge model of the APT-E exclusively for LocomotionModels.com, the retail arm of the National Railway Museum in the UK. It is available as a DC silent model or a DC/DCC sound-equipped model, and will run on HO track using North American DC or DCC control systems. The model APT-E actually tilts around curves in DC and DCC! If you are ever in the UK, you can visit the real APT-E at Locomotion, the National Railway Museum at Shildon in northeast England.

LocomotionModels.com will ship the APT-E worldwide, and it can only be purchased through them. The prices shown are in British pounds, but your credit card company will convert your purhcase into your local currency. Each model comes with a commemorative book. Please click here to order yours by April 30th - that's this Thursday! More information on the APT-E, including all of the product features, can be found here.

We have three APT-E videos for you to watch on YouTube if you have some time to kill. Click on each image below to watch the associated video. The first is extremely silly; the second is slightly less silly (but it features nice shots of the train in action) and the final one is not silly at all but it demonstrates some of the model's sounds very clearly.

Very Silly APT-E Video

Extremely Silly APT-E Video

Slightly Silly APT-E Video

Slightly Less Silly APT-E Video

Not at all Silly APT-E Video

Not Silly At All APT-E Video

Please reserve your APT-E with LocomotionModels.com by Thursday, April 30th. Click here to visit their site, and click here for extensive product info. Order now and you can own a piece of history!

(How's that for an apt clich?? Ouch!)

Rapido FPA-4 Locomotive

Rapido's new HO scale FPA-4.

Delivery Updates

We'd like to apologize to your wives for all of the deliveries of new product lately. It seems that Rapido has delivered about three years' worth of products in the last three months. Please stop sending us your mortgage papers. We've already got liens on 12 modellers' houses in exchange for LRC and FPA-4 locomotives. Having acquired enough of your property, we're now accepting as payment: vintage muscle cars (for Bill), fine wine collections (for Mike), a luxury yacht (for Janet) and a beautiful wife (for Dan). I could personally use a real London Routemaster double-decker bus, but I'll accept a fully-loaded London RT bus in a pinch.

Rapido LRC

Rapido's long-awaited LRC.

In stores now:
Shipping in early May:

Rapido N Scale Passenger Cars

New Panorama Line N Scale Passenger Cars
We actually have stock of these! Order yours now!

Shipping in early June:
Shipping from early July:
  • RailCrew Remote Uncouplers and Switch Machines
And then that's it until late July or August when the HO scale FL9 Locomotives begin to arrive, followed by the HO scale CN 1100-series GMD-1 Locomotives, the N scale FL9 Locomotives, the HO scale Amtrak F40 Locomotives and more. Remember: I want a Routemaster.

Rapido Sleeper

Introducing... Edmundston! Sorry. I needed some time alone.

Rapido's New Passenger Car

A lot of people have said that I am nuts. Unfortunately, my recent actions have done little to repudiate this notion. You may have seen the passenger car in my basement, but this time we've gone one step further.

Rapido has purchased our first full-size passenger car not in a basement! It's a Pullman-Standard "E" series sleeping car, Edmundston. Click here or on the image below to watch a very short video of our new car on Facebook. You don't need to join Facebook to watch it and the little Facebook monsters won't invade your computer if you click on the link.

Rapido Sleeper Video

Though if you are on Facebook we will be posting updates on our car regularly to our Facebook page. Click here to visit our page and please "like" us to get the updates in your news feed.


So why have we acquired a real passenger car? Well, I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. I've complained vocally online, in print, and to anyone who will listen (and many who wouldn't) about the lack of VIA passenger cars that have been restored in preservation as VIA passenger cars. Most VIA cars are either restored in CN's 1954 paint scheme or are in tourist line paint schemes and often heavily modified without concern for preserving the cars' heritage.

Our VIA 4-8-4 sleeper has four sections, eight roomettes and four bedrooms. (In Canada, we classify sleepers from least to most expensive accommodation.) Edmundston will be restored to in-service condition as it was circa 1980, and will be the first passenger car in North America actually restored to VIA blue and yellow colours, as opposed to rusting away in faded VIA blue and yellow colours (there are lots of those around). We will be upgrading it to Head End Power, but we will be doing a "historically-sensitive restoration" and maintaining as much of the original steam-heating equipment as Transport Canada will allow us to have.

Rapido Sleeper

Edmundston in service. Senneterre, Quebec, February 1995.

My first ride in an E sleeper was on board Edmundston to northern Quebec when I was a university student, almost exactly 20 years ago. And, lo and behold, Edmundston is our first passenger car purchase! It must have been fate...

As the restoration progresses we will provide regular updates on our Facebook page, and we will create a web site for Edmundston in due course. We will begin to offer exclusive Rapido excursions in Edmundston as soon as the car is ready for service. Stay tuned for more information!

As you can tell, I'm very excited about this, even though I know it's going to be a money pit. We're looking for VIA/CN bedroom seats for the car, as we only have two and we need eight. If you can help, please send me an email.

If we can pull this off without completely losing our shirts, there may be more 1:1 scale VIA passenger cars in our future...

That's it for Rapido News 67, one of our shortest newsletters ever! Bill and I are en route to China in just over a week. Before we go, we'll try and get out one more newsletter with a link to our Amtrak F40 video. I say that, thinking I will have time....

While overseas we will be putting regular updates on our Facebook page, provided we can scale the Great Firewall of China.

Until then, take care and remember to bid high for your LRC shuttlecraft before the June 1st deadline!

All the best,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.

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