Come see us at Warley for a sneak peak of something completely different.

Rapido UK News Vol. 14
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Dear Rapido Customers,

I'm stuck in Canada while Bill and Gareth are having all the fun in the UK. They have just finished setting up our booth at the Warley Show at the NEC and as they have worked so hard these last few days I have given them permission to go out for a hearty supper on my dime.
Nouvelle Cuisine
We hope you can come join them (at the show, not at supper). Terry Wynne, Rapido's Chief Navvy (UK division), will also be at our booth this weekend. Terry used to work for British Rail, so you can commiserate with him at how rubbish the Voyagers are and how they can't hold a candle to a rake of loco-hauled Mk IIs. (I personally like Voyagers, but I'm getting off topic.)

Warley is the biggest model railway exhibition in the UK, and let's face it: your country is tiny. I've driven to Ottawa and back in one day and that's almost 300 miles each way. If you have to drive that far to get to the NEC you probably live in Scotland or France.

For most of you, the NEC is an easy day trip. With the current state of British road traffic, you may need to leave your house in Watford at 02:00 to make it to the NEC by lunchtime, but what's a little lost sleep between friends? Go on - come to Warley. 

Below are some photos to give you an incentive to join the Rapido guys at the NEC this weekend. No, I don't know what those white blobby things are either.
Warley Rapido
Rapido Stirling Single
Dynamometer Car
Toby Train
The Pendolinos were doing test runs on nearby layouts when Gareth took the booth photos. They will most definitely be on display - especially as the entire production run leaves the factory in a couple of weeks!

Bill and Gareth are personally responsible for all of our UK projects. (Except the bus. The bus is MINE.)

So when you visit our booth, you will be speaking to the two guys who actually designed the models that have gained us such a positive reputation in the UK. We are (probably) unique among the larger manufacturers in that you get direct access to the guys who not only choose which models to produce but also go ahead and develop them.

If you've got a wish list for British outline models, these are the two guys to speak with. I'm personally keen to do a Class 28 that fills your layout room with real thick, black smoke.

I'm sorry I won't be there to meet you all in person. Please mark your calendars - my next trip to the UK will be for the late May bank holiday weekend, when I will be at the Transport Museum Wythall, showing off the first samples of the pretty thing below. More info to come. Bill and/or Gareth will also be in the UK for the York Show at Easter.

Thanks for your continued interest in Rapido!

All the best,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.
Rapido Bus BCT
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