We promised big new product announcements, and we weren't kidding...
Rapido Newsletter Vol. 90 
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Well this is a surprise! In today's special edition of Rapido News: 
Rapido SW1200RS
Announcing the SW1200RS in HO scale!
Hand-painted pre-production samples shown.
NEW! HO Scale SW1200RS - CP and CN!
Canada's Most Versatile Little Engine

The whole team here at Rapido is delighted to announce the latest museum-quality model in our True North line of iconic Canadian locomotives: the HO scale SW1200RS. The ubiquitous SW1200RS has been a mainstay of freight railroading in Canada since 1955. Equally at home in the yard or on the mainline, the GMDD (General Motors Diesel Division) SW1200RS operated from coast to coast, and many are still in service today for short lines in Canada and the United States. This has easily been our most-requested locomotive ever.
CP Rapido SW1200RS
A pair of CP pups brings some colour to a gloomy day in 1982.
Photo courtesy Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
Canadian National and Canadian Pacific each rostered large fleets of the SW1200RS. While internally identical, the locomotives had numerous spotting differences, such as the exhaust stacks, cab number boards, fuel tanks, classification (marker) lights and stanchions. Rapido has tooled all of the major spotting differences between the two versions, as well as numerous variations between eras. No expense has been spared to bring you as accurate a model as we can, whether you model CN or CP.
Canadian Pacific SW1200RS
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
Canadian National SW1200RS
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
The handrails won't be so crooked on your model... Really, we mean it!
The HO scale SW1200RS will be available in six different CP paint schemes and four CN paint schemes. Both CP and CN versions will be available as undecorated models. Unnumbered and undecorated models will include various different exhaust stack types and handrail styles. The undecorated CN model is supplied with three different cabs! So you can easily model a secondhand owner if you so desire. There are so many possibilities!

We don't expect you to be an expert on the SW1200RS, so we've conveniently produced an SW1200RS Master Class, which can be viewed on our web site by clicking here or on the image below. Thanks to railroad author extraordinaire Kevin Holland for his excellent work on our Master Class. This guy is the expert... on most Canadian trains! Of course, if you find any errors please let us know and we'll update it.
SW1200RS Master Class
Click on the image above to read our SW1200RS Master Class.
Yes, it's another gorgeous photo of CP pups in the snow.
Photo courtesy Ken Goslett.
The detail on our SW1200RS model extends from the roof to the rails, and even inside the cab:
Rapido SW1200RS Cab
Our SW1200RS cab interior. Yes, the fire extinguisher will really have a silver handle.
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
The HO Scale Rapido SW1200RS features:
  • Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Two different versions: CN and CP
  • Heavy diecast frame, chassis and gearboxes for superior pulling power
  • Rapido's renowned smooth-running drive system
  • Working number boards and classification lights
  • Full cab interior with working cab interior light and non-working fridge and fire extinguisher
  • Working inspection lights and ditch lights (where appropriate)
  • Separate handrails, including crash bars inside the cab
  • Four different exhaust stack styles
  • Three different battery box door styles
  • Undecorated CN models supplied with three different cabs
  • With or without working drop steps, as appropriate
  • Numerous optional parts, including all-weather windows, winterization hatches, watchman's heater, snow shields, radiator covers, and alternative MU stands
  • Incredible underbody piping and conduit detail
  • DC/Silent or DC/DCC/Sound versions featuring an ESU LokSound decoder with accurate recordings
  • Sound models feature an updated high-fidelity MP3 quality speaker
Rapido SW1200RS
You can see the obvious differences between the CN and CP SW1200RS tushies.
Hand-painted pre-production samples shown.
The photos show our actual first test shots from the moulds. You can see that the window glass has not yet been polished, and there are other minor issues that we need to fix (such as the end handrails - they are a bit wibbly and they extend down too far). The tooling revisions will take us about two months. That means that the Rapido SW1200RS will be ready for production in September, immediately following the FA-2 locomotives.

The FINAL, FINAL order deadline is September 15th, 2017.

That's right - you have fewer than three months in which to order your fleet of SW1200RS locomotives. Delivery is expected to begin in January. The MSRP is $225 (DC/Silent) or $325 (DC/DCC/Sound). Amazingly, we have kept a lid on prices - those are the same prices as our locomotives delivered in 2012!
Yes, those weird roof-mounted class lights will really work.
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
We anticipate this will be one of our most popular products, and we suggest you place your order by the deadline. We have proved that we can deliver Canadian diesels of unmatched quality - our GMD-1 and F40PH-2D are just the two latest examples.

Click here to find out more information or to order direct. The SW1200RS is available to order at all fine hobby retailers.
Turbo N Scale
It's the sensational new model railroading act from Rapido Trains Inc.!
NEW! N Scale TurboTrain - US and Canadian!
It's a train! It's a plane! It's... THE TURBO!

It is my pleasure to announce that the most awesomest train in the whole universe is coming to N scale. And I am completely unanimous in that assessment.

The United Aircraft TurboTrain is an important part of our railroad heritage. The Turbo was a high-speed passenger train that operated in Canada and the United States from the 1960s to the 1980s. To this day, it is the fastest production train in North American history. It achieved the American speed record of 170.8 MPH in 1967 and the Canadian speed record of 140.6 MPH in 1976, both of which still stand today. (Unfortunately - it speaks to the under-investment in our passenger trains here in North America.)
Rapido Turbo Train
The N Scale TurboTrain
Hand-painted 3D-printed sample
The TurboTrain was designed and marketed by United Aircraft Corporate Systems Center (later Sikorsky Aircraft) as a gas turbine-powered, high-speed intercity train. Each train was powered by four or five Pratt & Whitney ST-6 gas turbine engines, with an additional gas turbine providing auxiliary power. The Turbo featured a unique pendular suspension over articulated single-axle trucks, which allowed the train to tilt on curves. That feature, combined with the short Intermediate Car length, meant that the Turbo could travel much faster than regular trains on conventional track. It was a high-speed train without the need to invest in high-speed train infrastructure.
Amtrak Turbo
The Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing TurboTrain
Photo courtesy Robert A. LaMay.
The American TurboTrain operated first for Penn Central and then toured the United States in 1971 to introduce the nation to Amtrak. The Amtrak Turbo operated mainly between New York and Boston until 1976. In Canada, the Turbo operated first for CN and later for VIA Rail Canada. Operating between Montreal and Toronto (and, for a time, Ottawa), the Turbo became one of the most reliable trains in the country. Sadly, the Turbo era came to an end in 1982. Each and every Turbo was scrapped.
N scale Turbo
The N Scale TurboTrain - a bigger picture!
Hand-painted 3D-printed sample
The Rapido Trains Inc. N scale TurboTrain is your chance to recreate this important piece of our railroad history on your own model railroad. This unique model features:
  • Accurate dimensions scaled from original blueprints
  • Two powered Power Dome Cars with smooth, reliable drive systems
  • Articulated single-axle trucks with needlepoint axles
  • Full interior detail with interior lighting
  • Different Canadian and American versions with accurate details
  • All wheels pick up power for electrical reliability
  • Working headlights, tail lights, and Gyralites
  • Prototypically-tinted windows
  • CN and VIA customers can add a four-pack of Intermediate Cars to complete their trains
  • Sound-equipped models feature a sound decoder and sugar cube speaker in each Power Dome Car
  • Sounds are accurate Turbo sounds sourced from original Betamax video recordings
  • Sound decoders are custom ESU LokSound with amazing sound quality.
N scale Turbo interior
The interior of the Canadian Turbo cafe car, officially called TurboBuffeteria
(Say that ten times fast.)
Hand-painted 3D-printed sample
Full information, including pricing and ordering info, can be found here. You can reserve the Turbo directly with us or with any high quality hobby shop.

Special 5% Early Bird Discount
Although we have received many, many, MANY requests for the N scale TurboTrain, we're not actually sure of the demand. Maybe there are just 100 guys who really, really want one and keep asking for it over and over again. The HO Turbo was a hugely popular model despite running like a one-legged rhino with gout. (I really had no clue what I was doing back then.) We hope the N scale Turbo will prove as popular, and we actually have enough experience now to make sure it will work!

We have fully designed the N scale Turbo, and we are ready to press "GO" on the tooling. Any orders placed before September 15th - either direct or through a dealer - will receive a 5% Early Bird discount. If on September 15th we have 12 trains ordered, we will take the money earmarked for Turbo tooling and invest it in an alpaca farm.

Assuming y'all want your Turbos, delivery will be later in 2018.

Here's that N scale TurboTrain link again: that link again.
N scale New Haven
New Haven's long sought-after 8600-series coaches in N scale!
NEW! N Scale New Haven 8600-Series Coaches!
We're Nuts about the New Haven!

Following the Osgood Bradley Lightweights and the iconic EMD FL9 locomotive, we are delighted to announce the introduction of another classic NH prototype to our N scale range, the 8600-series "Stainless Steel" coaches.

The New Haven decided to modernize its fleet with new lightweight passenger cars. In December 1945 a large order was placed with Pullman-Standard for a variety of car styles, including 103 coaches. These were produced in the old Osgood Bradley factory in Worcester, MA, so they bear more than a passing resemblance to the Osgood Bradley Lightweights delivered in the 1930s. They are the perfect partner for the FL9.
Rapido New Haven
Our new N scale 8600s. A perfect fit for your New Haven fleet!
Hand-painted pre-production samples shown.
The New Haven touted the 8600s as "the newest of the new in coach equipment - gleaming stainless steel on the outside, the last word in attractive decoration and design on the inside." The 8600-series coaches were ubiquitous, used on trains system-wide from delivery until the Penn Central years. Around three quarters of the coaches were later sold to MBTA and they remained in service in the Boston area until 1988! N scale Northeastern modellers have waited far too long for accurate models of these iconic cars. The wait will soon be over.
N scale coach interior
Fully-detailed and coloured interior.
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
The Rapido N scale 8600 coaches feature:
  • Accurately scaled from original blueprints
  • Correct tubular cross section with accurate Pullman-Standard stainless steel fluting profile
  • Rapido's renowned stainless steel finish
  • Partial skirting or no skirting as appropriate
  • Full underbody detail
  • Separate grab irons, factory-installed
  • All-new 41-BNO-11 outside swinghanger trucks
  • Full interior detail
  • Battery-powered constant lighting for DC and DCC layouts
  • Can operate on 11" radius curves
  • Many car numbers available per paint scheme
Rapido N scale New Haven
The etched end gates and separate grab irons really add a nice touch.
Hand-painted pre-production sample shown.
The order deadline for the N scale 8600 coaches is September 15th. The MSRP is $59.95 per car. Delivery is early 2018.

Click here for more information or to order direct. You can order your New Haven coaches at any fine hobby dealer.

When Rapido released the N scale New Haven Osgood Bradley coaches, they sold out immediately. Please make sure you reserve your 8600s before the deadline.
N scale Baggage
Quick snap of an N scale baggage car before it left the factory.
Apologies for the low depth of field. This really was a quick snap by Zhou.
Arriving Soon - N Scale Baggage Cars

So much N scale news today! Our entire shipment of N scale Baggage Cars has left the factory and is en route to Rapido HQ. As you can see in the photos, these cars look absolutely gorgeous.
N baggage Rapido
Here's another one.
Our N scale Baggage Cars feature:
  • Super-detailed underbody
  • All air, steam and electrical lines represented
  • Insulated 36" metal wheelsets (no pizza cutters!)
  • Diaphragms and separate safety bars
  • Painted grab irons applied at the factory.
  • Four numbers plus unnumbered available in each scheme
  • Standard End or End Doors as appropriate
  • Super-detailed Commonwealth Cast Pedestal tri-axle, 41-N-11 Inside Swinghanger or 41-BNO-11 Outside Swinghanger trucks as appropriate for each roadname and car type.
Rapido Baggage CN
Here's another one.
More information can be found here. We have produced a handful of extra cars for each paint scheme. If you missed out on these, you can contact your dealer.
Spring Creek Model Trains
Spring Creek Model Trains
Rapido at the Spring Creek Model Train Show

As if hosting a massive Dealer Open House and launching three products weren't enough, Rapido is also coming to the Spring Creek Model Open House and Train Show in Deshler, Nebraska. The show is this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, July 1st and 2nd.

We hope you can come meet Dan and Jordan in person. Due to the wonders of the modern carrier pigeon system, we will have samples of all of our new announcements at the show.

Click here for more information.
N Pendolino
Gorgeous N gauge Pendolinos in production
Delivery Schedule

The factory deliveries are coming fast and furious now that we have our second factory fully up and running. Here's the latest schedule.

Deliveries will continue throughout the fall and winter. We're finally beginning to catch up... 

Not happy
This guy is not happy with our latest release schedule.
An Oasis of Calm in Our Crazy Lives

As Rapido has grown, we've become more exposed to what can only be described as customer fury. I'm not talking about customers upset that a Rapido model didn't work properly - that is totally understandable and we try very hard to take care of customer warranty requests as quickly as possible. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like, and of course we understand your frustration and we are most apologetic when that happens.

The customer fury I'm talking about is when people send us really nasty emails, phone calls or Facebook messages because we've done something that they seem to perceive as a model railroading crime, whether we've unfortunately had to delay or cancel a project or even when we just didn't announce the model they specifically wanted to see.

Model railroading is a hobby. It is supposed to be an escape for you to get away from the cares and concerns of real life and enjoy a precious moment or two in a miniature world of fantasy. Immersed in your model railroad for an evening, you can leave aside worries about your bills, about your kids, about your health and just enjoy the moment. Our real lives are so complicated and so full of anxiety. Allow your model railroad to be a respite from that.   

You can be passionate about your hobby without letting it add to your anxieties. I have to be anxious about our hobby because I have ten people working for me here in North America and I need to make sure they all get paid on time so they can feed their families. Not to mention our team in China. If too many models get delayed or the sales don't materialize, I get closer to hitting the panic button. But you don't have to worry about all that. That is my headache, not yours.

If the hobby of model railroading is getting you so worked up that you feel the need to call our office and scream at us about our release schedule, then I can only say I am sorry. I hope that you one day are able to find solace and peace, if not in model railroading then in some other endeavour.

Next time you find yourself getting angry or frustrated with a model train manufacturer or some other aspect of model railroading, please take a step back and remember: this is a hobby; it is supposed to bring an oasis of calm to our crazy lives. If it is not achieving that aim, take a break from it. Maybe find something new for a while that can help bring you that moment of peace, and then come back to the hobby later. We want you as a customer, but your spiritual health is far more important.

On that note, I wish all of you a happy and healthy celebratory weekend. Happy 4th of July to our American customers and of course I wish an incredible Dominion Day (150 years, eh?) for our Canadian customers. Enjoy the festivities!

I'll be in touch next month with yet another new announcement.

Best regards,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.
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