Mrs. Warner's Science Recap
Hi families,

We have had a great start to the year in middle school science. In both 7th and 8th grades, we’ve covered the basics of Scientific Inquiry and delved into specific disciplines in science as well.

Seventh graders learned how and what our atmosphere is composed of. They’ve also learned about ways in which humans can affect our atmosphere and methods we can use to protect it. Students engaged in a creative project in which they made “Atmosphere Apartments.” describing each layer of the atmosphere in detail. I’m looking forward to see what this imaginary group of students will come up with next!

Eight graders have been focused on the amazing subject of chemistry. We’ve learned what physical and chemical properties matter has and the difference between physical and chemical changes. We discussed the structure of atoms and the history behind the atomic theory and its changes over time. Students even built their own impressive models of atoms in class!

I’ve had a wonderful time being back in the classroom with your students and getting to know those who are new to our school. I’ve seen great improvements, endless imagination and a lot of hard work. I’m looking forward to a fun year ahead!

Have a wonderful fall break,
Ms. Warner