10.28.20 E-Newsletter
Rare Mono Di Twins, Now Happy and Healthy 3rd Graders: NICU Graduates Oliver and Frank's Story
Meet Oliver and Frank - rare Mono Di (Monochorionic diamniotic) twins. The occurrence of MCDA twins is so rare it only occurs in every three to four out of 1,000 live births and can cause many complications. 

Their journey began when mom, Harmony, was 12 weeks pregnant - confirming the boys were sharing the same placenta, known as Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTS). After traveling out of state briefly for care, at 19 weeks, the decision was made to bring Harmony back to Ascension St. Vincent Evansville (then St. Mary's) because of our high-quality NICU and capability to handle complex cases.

After four weeks of home bed rest, Harmony was admitted. Her room was put in the front of the building so she had a view of Washington Avenue, knowing she would be there until the boys were born. With the staff easing her mind and allowing for no surprises, Harmony and her husband toured the surgery suite and met the NICU caregivers prior to her c-section at 26 weeks. At delivery, the babies each had three doctors for six total present during the surgery.

Oliver weighed in at 1.12 oz and 10 inches long, and Frank was 1.10 oz and 10 inches long. The twins were in the NICU for three months and overcame some developmental delays. Today, after overcoming many challenges, the brothers are now happy and healthy third graders!

Harmony states, “I could not imagine what my pregnancy and delivery would have been like without the caring doctors and nurses at what is now Ascension St. Vincent Hospital for Women and Children. I was in great hands and felt totally at ease with the extension of the support network that I was given. The boys have had miraculous improvements and are charming, funny, and amazing little guys.”
YOU can support more happy endings like Oliver and Frank's with a gift to our Women's Services Fund. The fund supports life-saving equipment and important services for Tri-State women and children needing medical care through our Level III NICU, OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine Services, Labor and Delivery, and more.
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital ER: Kara's Story
“Everything was really made for a child.”

Kara describes her family’s experience in the ER after her daughter, Georgia, was injured at a playground. Kara says compassionate care teams made their whole family feel comforted and safe.

The Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room in Evansville was funded by our local Foundation and made possible by donors like you. It is the only dedicated pediatric emergency room in the region providing specialized care in a child-friendly space for the emergent needs of pediatric patients. Custom created artwork in this space was graciously provided by the Foundation's Ted and Clare Ziemer Society.
To support patients and families like Kara and Georgia, make a gift today to our Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Evansville!
Cared for in NICU, Now a NICU Nurse: McKenzie's Story
Meet McKenzie, an RN in the NICU at Ascension St. Vincent Evansville. McKenzie is a triplet who was also born at St. Mary's, now known as Ascension St. Vincent Evansville, and later this year, will deliver her first child at the same hospital where she was born and now works.

McKenzie says, “To this day I am working with some of the nurses and respiratory therapists who took care of my brothers and me in the NICU.”

Thank you, McKenzie, for your service to all the patients you serve everyday and to our Ascension St. Vincent Evansville NICU. Congratulations on your little blessing!
To support caregivers like McKenzie and the work of our Level III NICU, make a gift in support of our Women’s Services. Your gift truly means so much to the Tri-State Women and Children who depend on the services this fund supports.
Celebrating Spiritual Care Week 2020
During Spiritual Care Week 2020, we would like to thank all our Ascension St. Vincent Evansville Spiritual Care associates who continue to carry out our Mission of caring for the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Representing multiple denominations, their work brings the light of God into situations requiring their compassionate care. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, their much needed services have continued in new and innovative ways. Spiritual Care continues to be provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Thank you for being a true blessing to our ministry and an integral part of the healing process for so many.

Day shift Spiritual Care staff pictured from left to right are: Chaplain Kevin Morris, Chaplain Linda Joyner, Chaplain Robert Tonkin, Spiritual Care Manager Lynel Beaty and Chaplain Pedro Mendez. Not pictured but also deserving of recognition are our Spiritual Care night shift staff.
Support the work of compassionate caregivers like our Spiritual Care staff who are making an impact each day with a gift to our Caregivers Response fund. This fund provides for the mental, spiritual and emotional needs of our caregivers during this continued and exhausting pandemic.