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Rare Succulents & Hardy Subtropicals Just Arrived!

Hello Fellow Gardeners,
We have just received some very special and rare succulents and hardy subtropicals at the nursery.

This is a great opportunity to pick up some exciting new and unusual plants for your collection.

Scroll down to learn more.

And you'll also discover our full Rare Spring Bulb, Bare Root and Cypripedium pre-order on now for pick-up or shipping this fall.

See you soon in person or online!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians
The Succulent Situation
200+ Amazing Succulents
Rose Pre-Order 2023
Launching this fall.
Stay tuned to the Rose Alert to be the first to get your order in!
We are open February 25th to November 13th, 2022 seven days a week 10am-5pm including all holidays.
Upcoming Garden and Botanical Tours

Here's your up to date information on Gary's upcoming tours.

Gardens of France: Versailles, The Loire Valley, Normandy
Late June/Early July 2023
Tour itinerary is currently being developed. For now, you can email World Wide Quest at travel@worldwidequest.com to get on the list for more information once it is released.

South Africa: The Cape Floristic Province 
and the Bulb Capital of the World
New Date! Fall 2024

To receive information on these tours once the itineraries and details are ready, please email Worldwide Quest at travel@worldwidequest.com. Mention the name of the tour and the tour guide, Gary Lewis.
Launching October 2022!
Pre-Order Your Signed Copy of Gary’s New Encyclopedia
The Complete Book 
of Ground Covers
4000 Plants That Reduce Maintenance, Control Erosion, and Beautify the Landscape

In this meticulously researched reference, Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis profiles more than 4000 ground covers for zones 1-8. No matter your conditions —shade, dry soil, heavy clay, excess moisture—there’s a ground cover that will thrive and beautify your garden. Comprehensive, practical, and copiously illustrated, this indispensable volume belongs on the shelf of every designer, landscape architect, and serious gardener.
Now booking speaking engagements for October onwards
The Complete Talk on Ground Covers
Plants that reduce maintenance, control erosion, improve the environment, and beautify the landscape

Have Gary speak at your garden club meeting or conference in this companion talk to his encyclopedia The Complete Book of Ground Covers to be published by Timber Press in fall 2022. Gary will highlight the functional and aesthetic uses of ground covers in the landscape including tips and tricks for designing with ground covers to take your outdoor space to the next level. He'll also discuss the diverse services ground covers can provide to make gardens more sustainable. His talk will be accompanied by a colourful Power Point presentation filled with images from the book. The talk will be followed by a book signing with an opportunity to buy his book.
Plants to the People!
Pick-Up, Courier, Freight, and Mail Order Shipping Services
Workshops 2022 Postponed Until Further Notice
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In this Issue
  1. Rare Succulents & Hardy Subtropicals
  2. Spring Bulbs & Bare Root 2022
  3. Rose Pre-Order Update for 2023
  4. The Succulent Situation
  5. Main Mail Order Catalogue
Just Arrived!
Rare Succulents
& Hardy Subtropicals
We are pleased to have recently received a shipment from our friend Todd of some beautiful and unusual rare succulents and hardy subtropicals. If you love oddball plants, cool foliage, gorgeous forms, and weird flowers, these plants are for you.

We have three shelves of botanical intrigue for you to explore which are pictured here. A plant list follows. Enjoy!
Acacia baileyana 
Acacia pravissima 
Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'
Aloe ciliaris 
Aloiampelos (Aloe) striatula 
Baeckea gunniana
Crassula sarcocaulis 
Erica arborea ‘Albert’s Gold’ 
Euphorbia mauritanica 
Grevillea 'Marshall Olbricht’ 
Grevillea 'Neil Bell’ 
Grevillea ‘Constance’
Kalanchoe grandiflora
Leptospermum ‘Mt. Wall’ 
Leptospermum ’Silver Form’ 
Myrtus communis ’Tarentina’ 
Olearia moschata
Phlomis ’Sunningdale Gold’ 
Sedum oxypetalum
Selenocereus costaricensis – Yellow Dragon Fruit 
Senecio decaryi 
Solanum quitoense 
Syzgium jambos 
Tecoma stans ‘Bells of Fire’ 

These plants are available now for in-person shopping. If you are mail order customer and are interested in any of these plants, please email the mail order staff to set up a special order. However, some pots may be too large to ship. But we can advise you.
Spring Bulbs & Bare Root 2022
Canada's Most Exciting Selection with 590 Species and Cultivars!

We are very excited to launch this year's bulb and bare root line-up with 590 different species and cultivars to choose from including 140 new items that we've never offered before! Shipping and pick-ups will take place in from late September through to the end of October as our shipments arrive.

Over the next few months we'll highlight our selection and all our new additions. For now, as subscribers to the Bulb Alert, you've got a jump start of a day or two before anyone else knows! Follow the link below to explore and shop.
The Great Rose Pre-Order 2023 - Update
We have placed our orders with our various rose suppliers and are planning a very exciting and expanded selection of roses for you for 2023. However, our suppliers will not be able to confirm our orders until the fall so we are going to hold off on aunching pre-ordering until our orders are secure and you can order with confidence that all the roses should be available.
Make sure to stay subscribed to or sign up for the Rose Alert to be the first to know when we launch pre-ordering! When we launch pre-ordering subscribers to the Rose Alert will have a few days notice before we tell anyone else!

The Succulent Situation
200+ Amazing Succulents

At Phoenix Perennials we are proud to offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of succulents in Canada. In 2022 we bring you more than 200 different rare, unusual, and intriguing succulents including 38 new succulents we've never offered before! Our succulents are available for advance ordering by both our local and mail order customers for pick-up or shipping once the succulents are ready in May and June. They will also be available in the nursery, again once they are ready, which will be some time in May. They are not available now for in-person shopping as most are still growing. We recommend ordering in advance since many succulents will sell out during the pre-ordering period.

All of our Tender Succulents are provided as potted plants so you will not need to pot them up and root them. Though we sometimes call The Succulent Situation a pre-order, since the plants come ready at the same time as our Main Catalogue items, you can mix succulents with any other plants in the Main Catalogue.

Tender succulents are usually hardy in zones 8 or 9 through 11. Some could be hardy in coastal BC if protected from rain but most require indoor winter protection and temperatures above about 5 degrees Celsius. In winter, keep your succulents cool, dry and in bright light. In summer, give them full to part sun and lots of heat. Also, don't be afraid to give them a good amount of water and some fertilizer at this time. Just let them dry out between waterings and apply fertilizer at half strength.

If you're looking for hardy cacti, you'll find them in the hardy succulent section on our mail order site available now for online ordering for shipping or pick-up.
Main Mail Order Catalogue
864 Amazing Garden Plants for the Upcoming Season including 300 New Plants!

We are so excited to launch our Main Mail Order Catalogue for the new season. We have so many amazing plants to share with you this year including more than 300 plants that are new to horticulture or new to our mail order catalogue.

IMPORTANT: This year our Pre-Orders have been migrated into our mail order system to make ordering easier. Please DO NOT mix plants from our Main Catalogue with our Pre-Orders and please don't mix Pre-Orders with each other. Orders must be placed separately for our Main Catalogue and for each Pre-Order. These various groups must ship at different times. If you do place mixed orders, we'll need to charge $5 for each separate invoice that ships to you to cover our extra admin time. Thanks for your help and understanding.

We welcome orders for both shipping and pick-up. If you're a pick-up customer, please follow this link to our Plants to the People page and read the "What type of customer are you?" section to understand how your order will be handled and for advice on how to best use the services connected with our mail order site.
300+ New Plants
We are truly crazy for plants at Phoenix Perennials so we love anything new and exciting. That's why we've added 300 new plants to our mail order offerings this year!

Most of these are new to horticulture like Delphinium 'Red Lark' pictured here. A few have been available before this year but are making their debut in our mail order catalogue for the first time. We don't know how you will decide which ones to get. We can't decide, so we just grow them all!

Check out our New Plants section to discover all the new possibilities.