Growing Profits
June 2013


Back row left to right: Bede Miller ( Powerplants, Australia), Sergio Montesinos Fuster ( Cravo, Spain), Hector Garza de la Huerta ( Cravo, Mexico), Dr. Greg Lang, ( Michigan State University), Robert Rouhof ( Vonder Montage, Netherlands), Benjamin Martin ( Cravo, Canada), Richard Vollebregt ( Cravo, Canada), Front Row: Carlos Ruiz Mapula ( Cravo, Mexico), Yosun Cengiz ( Cravo, Turkey)
Raspberries in a retractable roof, Cravo sales team visits cherry trials

Raspberries are now being grown under the X Frame retractable roof at Michigan State University

Raspberries are now being grown inside the retractable roof X Frame greenhouse and outside at Michigan State University. The work is being directed by Dr Eric Hanson who has been performing trials of raspberries under tunnels for several years. The first harvest will be sometime in August.

Cravo's international sales team continue to gain valuable insight with the help of Dr Greg Lang

On June 12, 2013, Cravo's international sales team and distributors visited the cherry trials at Michigan State University to see first hand how the cherry trees developed on the open field, under a conventional rain shelter and under the Cravo X Frame greenhouse. During the visit, Dr Greg Lang shared his observations along with preliminary data.


Further discussions took place addressing detailed strategies for how to use the retractable roof to: 

  • advance the flowering period by 10 days to 3 weeks
  • increase overall photosynthesis to allow for a heavier fruit load
  • accelerate the growth rate to bring fruit to maturity faster
  • delay the ripening process to increase fruit size
  • prevent fruit splitting
  • prevent double fruiting

The harvest will occur over the next few weeks.


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