Important Dates: February 10 - March 1
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10: Freshman and JV BBall Tournament @ AOA, 2:30 - 6:30pm (Parents - see detailed schedule emailed to you.)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12: Advisory Committee Meeting, 9 - 10am; Grades 5-8 Parent Information Night for Sex Education, 6:30 - 7:30pm

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13: Varsity BBall Game vs US (AWAY), 4:15pm

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14: Elementary I Field Trip to Severance, 11am - 1pm; Varsity BBall Game vs Ruffing (HOME), 4:15pm



TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19: Early Enrollment Discount Deadline

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20: Varsity BBall Team Party, 3:30 - 5:30

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21: Faculty and Parents vs Students (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) BBall Game, 5 - 6pm

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22: Coffee with Mike, 8:30 - 9:30am; Montessori Morning Admission Event, 9 - 10:30am; Crazy Sock Day

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26: Grades 7/8 Parent Meeting for Florida Trip, 6:30 - 7:30pm

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28: RPO General Meeting at Burntwood Tavern, 5:30 - 7pm

FRIDAY, MARCH 1: Coffee with Mike, 8:30 - 9:30am; Seuss Spirit Day (dressy clothes or Seuss-inspired outfit for Seuss Awards!); Seuss Awards, 2pm
Reminder: Early Enrollment Deadline: February 19!
Early Enrollment Discount:
Enrollment forms for the 2019-2020 School Year were emailed to families last week. As we have in the past, we are offering an incentive to return the re-enrollment forms promptly. If you return all the forms and the non­-refundable deposit on or before Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (postmark date) your account will be credited $200 toward the 2019-­2020 tuition.

In addition to the Early Enrollment Discount mentioned, we offer the following discounts:
Full Tuition Payment Discount:
 Families who choose to pay a full one-time payment by July 1, 2019, will receive a discount of $250 per child enrolled. Families who choose the one-time payment option and pay in full prior to April 30, 2019, will receive an additional discount of $150. Discount will be applied to final invoice.
Multiple Child Discount:
2nd child enrolled: 5% discount
3rd child enrolled: 7.5% discount
4th (or more) child enrolled: 10% discount
Our tuition payment system is an online solution provided by FACTS Tuition Management. Signing up with FACTS is mandatory for all enrolled families who have chosen payment options B, C, or D. If you choose one of those payment options, your child's 2019-2020 enrollment cannot be processed until your FACTS account has been set up.

If you are new to FACTS, visit Ratner’s log-in page to create an account:

Already have an account? Simply log in to create your payment plan. Please see the Payment Options section in the Enrollment Agreement for more details. Additional FACTS information is available  here .
Ongoing Events: Pie War, Sock Drive and Clothing Sale
A reminder that the Ratner Student government is hosting a "Pie War" to raise funds for The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, as well as for Ratner School. For each $4 donated, student names are entered for a chance to be a “pie thrower” to put a pie plate of whipped cream in a teacher’s face. The Pie War runs now through "Pi Day" (March 14, or 3-14). 
Questions? Please email Mrs. Chapnick
Ratner 5th Grader Keely Souther has organized a sock drive to collect socks for children and teens at the Cleveland Clinic. This sock drive is in memory of Keely's friend Oliviah, who recently passed away after battling brain cancer. Socks are being collected at school, or you can shop via the
Amazon wish list that Keely set up for the sock drive. 

The sock drive will be held now through February 28. We'll have a Crazy Sock Spirit Day on February 22 to coincide with the sock drive.
RPO is hosting a youth gently worn clothing sale during March parent-teacher conferences (3/7-3/8). This is a good opportunity to stock up on the next size of your child's clothing or buy what you are low on. All proceeds will go toward future RPO events.

Clothing Collections:
Clothing can be donated now through March 6. There are labeled bins in the front lobby.

Click here to volunteer to help with sale.
RPO General Meeting: February 28
RPO is having a General Meeting on February 28

Time : Come early for Happy Hour 5:30 - 6pm. Meeting/Social time 6 - 7pm. 

Location : Burntwood Tavern in Lyndhurst (5835 Landerbrook Dr, Lyndhurst, OH 44124).

Details : All parents and teachers are invited (toddler class through 8th grade). There will be a business update, as well as time to socialize while enjoying appetizers. RSVP using the link below.
Purchase Tickets/Sponsorships for
The Kaleidoscope Gala on May 4!
MAY 4, 2019
Shaker Heights Country Club
6pm - 10pm
Dress in Festive Derby Attire

$100 Single Tickets

$180 Couple

$50 Ratner Alumni
Quarter Page Color Ad in Event Program

2 tickets to event

Acknowledgement in Event Promotional Materials and Social Media Coverage

Acknowledgement during Event on Screens, Monitors and Signage
Half Page Color Ad in Event Program

4 tickets to event

Acknowledgement in Event Promotional Materials and Social Media Coverage

Acknowledgement during Event on Screens, Monitors and Signage
1 Full Page Color Ad in Event Program

1 Table of 8 People

Acknowledgement in Event Promotional Materials and Social Media Coverage

Acknowledgement during Event on Screens, Monitors and Signage
1 Full Page Color Ad in Event Program

2 Tables of 8 People
Name Mentioned by Event MC

Acknowledgement in Event Promotional Materials and Social Media Coverage

Acknowledgement during Event on Screens, Monitors and Signage
Mindful Moments
From Rebecca Reynolds, Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Instructor
CHC, CAPP, AADP, Reiki Master

Meditation Stones & Your Child’s Peace

Creating peace in your child may be as simple as a stone. Last week I introduced meditation stones in Mindfulness class for the Children's House (ages 3-6) students. These weren’t just any stones, they were stones that I had lovingly harvested from Lake Erie, placed in a large canvas bag, and trekked up the steep stairs at Huntington Beach in Bay Village specifically to aid our youth in a meditation practice. The story is important to the students. The stone has more meaning to them if they know that I chose it just for them, and creates the image in their minds of just how the stones came to be in their hands. It is also important to them that out of the collections of some 150 stones, they choose the one that is the texture, shape, size, and weight that they desire to hold.

After they chose their stones, I gave the students time to really observe their new prize, turning it, noticing the color, feeling the edges, and texture. As they did this, they began to feel more connected with their stone. It was now THEIR stone, and their admiration would only grow. We practiced meditating with it, keeping it still in our hands, feeling the weight, and rubbing it during our silent time and breath work. We listened to the singing bowl that I often play, and they remained seated and deeply connected to their stone.

After meditation, their stones were collected, and we talked about how the 7th and 8th grade students would be adorning them with painted designs. They released their stones to me, already marked with their names on one side, joyfully anticipating their return this week. The 7th and 8th graders were thrilled to participate in a service project for the Children's House classes, and add their own creative flair to the stones.

When I returned with the stones this week, each child was in awe of the colors, and designs and was eager to tell what they loved about the art that the 7th and 8th graders did for them.

Why are stones so important and useful during meditation? A stone is a piece of nature. It has weight, texture, colors, and they are really not easy to find on one’s average day. You often have to look for stones, and that in itself holds its own mystery.

For now the meditation stones will stay at school, but if you wish to incorporate meditation at your own home, consider going on an exploration with your child when the weather warms, and allowing them to find one precious stone that is theirs to hold while they have quiet time at home. Make sure it has a revered location to sit when not in use, and that you express that mediation stones are not for throwing, they are for peaceful time, and calming breath time. As children learn the habit of holding their stone while breathing, this soon becomes a ritual to create greater peace in their day.
The Fund for Creative Learning (Annual Fund)
Thank you to the members of the Ratner Montessori community who have given generously to our School. Your gifts enrich and transform the educational experience of our students, allowing our children to grow into thoughtful, productive citizens, who will give back and transform their own communities. Every gift has great importance, and we are grateful. 
Circle Society ($10,000 and Up)
Abraham and Barbara Miller
Gabrielle Miller
Albert and Audrey Ratner*
Charles and Ilana Horowitz Ratner*
Mark and Nancy Ratner*
James and Susan Ratner*
Ronald and Deborah Ratner*
Tawny Ratner
The Seedlings Foundation*

Director's Club ($5,000 - $9,999)
Dick and Doreen Cahoon

Benefactor ($2,500 - $4,999)
Michael and Kareen Caputo
Rosalie and Morton Cohen Family Memorial Fund
(c/o Margaret Cohen and Kevin Rahilly)
Bruce and Andrea Geier

Patron ($1,000 - $2,499)
Samuel and Alwyn Chao
Michael Griffith and Donna Protts
Susi and Peter Meisel,  In Honor of Albert & Audrey Ratner and Abe & Barb Miller
Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Leonard, Lillian, Faye, Albert B. and Audrey G. Ratner Donor Advised Fund
Barbara and Stephen Rudolph
Mark Rudolph
Emilie Unkrich
*Denotes Legacy Gift to the Annual Fund

Supporter ($500 - $999)
Andrew Altman and Amy Lipson
Brian and Megan Bash
Rochelle and Harley Gross Philanthropic Fund
Sheldon and Bonnie Guren
Peter and Sunnie Hellman,  In Memory of Garrett Hellman
Bruce and Deborah Jarosz
Sarah Mowry and Paul Poommipanit
John and Susanne Rahilly
Vaishali Shetty and Akshat Dubey
Cathy and Dale Veres
Friend ($250 - $499)
Joanna and Josh Barney
Brendon Berns
Awilda Hamilton,  In Memory of Gretchen L. Oates
Don Isenstadt
Sally W. Isenstadt,  In Memory of Fred Isenstadt
John and Janet Larson
Davis and Carolyn Lincoln
Daniel Lockwood and Mari Sato
Susan Yarus Meisel and the Junior Ratner Club
Geoffrey and Linda Mendelsohn
Frank and Lynn Piunno
Shul Boys, Inc.
Molly and David Urban
Carol and Yair Weinstock
Contributor (up to $249)
Anonymous (3)
Ian and Gloria Abrams
Sherree Anderson
Karen and Ben Axelrod,  In Honor of Coach Dom
Fred and Harriet Bauer
Steve Bell and Pat Carey-Bell
Linda Bloomfield
Randy and Marcia Bowles
Errol and Ellen Brick
James and Andrea Cantwell
Jeffrey Chaitoff and Margo Vinney
Jackie and Billy Chapnick
Jennifer and Brent Cenkus
Grover and Bernice Coats
Emily Hazzard and Stefan Dupont
Art and Laurie Dye,  In Honor of Josh Barney
Denise and Jerry Falcon
Patti Fields and Ray Juaire
Helen Foley and James Kazura
Ruth and James Friedman
Phyllis and Avrum Froimson
David J. Goodman
Jennifer and Barry Hartz,  In Honor of Steve Goodman, Dianna Rocci, and Linda Shapero
Paul and Vicki Isenstadt,  In Fond Memory of Aunt Lil and Aunt Betty and all the Ratners
Marc and Karen Jaffe
Dan Kalleres and Bruce Contino

Contributor, cont'd
Joanne and Robin Ketcham
Roslyn and Edward Kowit
Sara and Aaron Manela
Arielle Miller**
Jake Miller**
Esther and Milton Moss
Kate and Matthew Nagy
David and Hermine Ostro
Over the Hill Track Club
Anjali and Parimal Patel
Jodi and Stan Richardson
Chelsea Rolen
Rebecca Bash Schneider and Daniel Schneider
Trysa Shulman-Shy and Peter Shulman
Nicole and Bob Smyk
Stacey and Mark Souther
Jon Statler
Howard and Terri Steindler
Valerie Smolik-Troiano and Gene Troiano
Gunta Usis
Paula Usis
Michael Vender and Toby Briskin
Nadia Vinogradov and Rick Carek
Ganpat and Virginia Wagh
Mandy Walden and Jeff Lachina
Happy Wallach
Matt and Melanie Weil
Callie and Jared West
Arlene and Doug Wieder

**denotes Ratner School alumni
27575 Shaker Boulevard
Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124
216 464 0033