Raven Report: April 21, 2021
Our third annual Ravens Reach Out Day is TOMORROW, Thursday, April 22nd (Earth Day) in The Summit's Big Backyard!

The Girl Scouts have painted beautiful identification stone markers for our pollinator garden with the scientific and common names of the native plants.

We look forward to welcoming our community on campus for this day of service! Check your email for more details, and be sure to bring a jacket!
To Do List
Questions? Contact the Front Desk.
Pre-Order Hot Lunch
Lunch orders need to be placed by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday the week before to receive the $4.50 pre-order price.

All lunch menus and pre-order forms are available at thesummitprep.org/lunch.
Register for Fun Zone
Morning Fun Zone drop off begins at 7:30 a.m.

Afternoon Fun Zone pick up ends at 5:30 p.m.
Register for Spring Family Photo Session
Space is limited! Sign up for your Spring Family Photo Session now! Photos will be taken in The Summit backyard on Saturday, April 24th. $75/session and includes 5-10 digital images. All proceeds benefits the Summit Parent Organization (SPO) and their school events.
Order Spring Flowers
Support the Summit Parent Organization (SPO) and your order spring flowers today! $22 for a 10" hanging basket from Wheeler Gardens. Valid April 24 - May 31.
Pre-Order 2020-2021 Yearbook
Yearbooks will be available in May 2021.
Reporting COVID-19 Exposure Procedure
If you or someone in your household is notified, or if you suspect, that you have been exposed to COVID-19, please email administration at frontdesk@thesummitprep.org. An administrator will contact you during school hours to discuss necessary precautions to follow before returning to the classroom and/or transitioning to Hybrid Learning.

Please stay home.

Administration will maintain communication with your family and notify the appropriate personnel and families if someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19. This information is considered confidential, and your privacy will be maintained in all such communications.

Please contact your primary care provider or the Springfield-Greene County Health Department for more information on COVID-19 and for recommendations on testing and quarantine.

Questions? Contact Front Desk for an administrator.
Spring Picture Day This Friday, April 23rd
Spring Picture Day is this Friday, April 23rd. Spring pictures are a free dress out photo opportunity. Students may dress in any school appropriate outfit, school spirit wear, or their Summit uniform for Spring Picture Day. Just be sure to bring your smile!

Pre-order your photos online at www.pearcephoto.com.
Grandfriends' Day on Tuesday, May 4th
Save the Date! The Summit's All Virtual Grandfriends' Day will be Tuesday, May 4th from 9-11:15 a.m. We will have lots of content to share from every grade with all the fun projects over the year, and we will be going LIVE from every classroom!

Check out www.thesummitprep.org/grandfriends on Tuesday, May 4th for pictures, videos, and information on how to access our live sessions!

Tuesday, May 4th is also an EARLY RELEASE day at The Summit.
All students will need to be picked up at 11:30 a.m. (No Afternoon Fun Zone).
Upcoming Events
April 2021
22: All-School Service Day in Big Backyard
23: Spring Picture Day
24: Spring Family Photo Fundraiser, 8:30am-7pm
28: Senior Recognition: Free Dress Out Day, Red & Gold (Oberlin)
29: SPO meeting, 9am

May 2021
4: Grandfriends’ Day (virtual) & EARLY RELEASE at 11:30am
 5: Late Start at 9:30am
11: Graduation (Details TBA)
12: Chipotle Dine Out Fundraiser, 4-8pm
13: SPO meeting, 9am
17: Board of Trustees meeting, 5:30pm
18: $2 Uniform Buyout Day
19: Field Day/Last Day of School & EARLY RELEASE at 11:30am
Senior Spotlight
Matthew (back, left) has served as High School Representative on
The Summit Student Council his senior year.
Q&A with Matthew Davies
What grade were you in when you joined The Summit?
I joined The Summit in 7th grade.

What are you looking forward to most after graduating?
Enjoying college life to the fullest and getting to know new people from different walks of life.

Where will you be attending college/university? 
I will be attending Oberlin.

What major or course of study do you plan to pursue? 
I’m interested in studying engineering of some kind, or possibly another science or math-related major.

Why did you choose that? 
I choose to follow that course of study because of the diverse routes one can go in engineering and the combination of math and science offered by that path.

How have you grown in the past four years? 
These past four years have made me a more responsible and reliable student that strives to meet expectations and find some form of success in any opportunities I’m given.

What advice do you have for younger Summit students?
Summit students should enjoy and appreciate the unique experience The Summit gives them.

Pick a word to describe your future. What made you choose that word? 
Hopeful. I chose this word because being hopeful is half the battle for fighting your way through life.

If you could meet anyone in the world (real or fictional, past or present), who would it be and why? 
I would meet with someone from the Roanoke colony and ask what "Croatoan" means to figure out what happened on that island.
Teacher Memories
“Matthew has always been a great student. I have several great memories of him in class, but my favorite memory is when we went to the Watershed, and Matthew spent the afternoon splitting tree trunks for fencing. That is the day I realized that Matthew was not only in possession of a keen intellect, but he also had an inner lumberjack waiting to get out.”

- Rob Powers, Upper School Science Teacher
“One of my favorite memories of Matthew was when we held a mock debate in Model United Nations. After thorough research, Matthew confidently and authoritatively argued his points, earning applause from his classmates.

Matthew is the definition of an intrinsically motivated learner. He enjoys the process of learning, and he digs deep to understand. In history class, this has served him quite well. When giving a presentation, Matthew is prepared to deliver an excellent explanation of the time or event or person he has chosen to research.

This past year, I've also really enjoyed watching Matthew step into the role of leadership in our Upper School. He is a guide to his peers, providing an example of excellence and showing a willingness to come alongside and help them grow. I am so excited for Matthew's bright future. His teachers are incredibly proud of him.”

- Emma Smith, Upper School Social Studies Teacher
Ode to Matthew Davies
Matthew’s mind, always working, forever searching for errant riddles.
Artistic in a science way, finding angles where others can only see curves.
Throwing caution to winds that, winding, bestow fresh air on arid lands.
Tempestuous as a three-year-old, adult perceptions tuned to hardwired channels.
Happiest only when perfection is mastered, or at least the closest alternative to it.
Ever pursuant of dangerous dreams dug deep in hillsides of video games.
Winning the course, wavering in moments of thought that call his true name: Critic.

We are so proud of who our son Matthew has become. When we look back at photos of his younger self, looping red-gold curls and dimpled smile lighting up any and all spaces, we wonder where this next chapter will lead him. His father used to call him The Philadelphia Lawyer when none of our answers were acceptable to his young ears. To this day, he can still argue any one of us to the ground. 

He is both poet and pragmatist,
Tyrant and treasure,
Essayist and evaluator,
Homebody and hope.

There is no doubt in our minds that Matthew will succeed as someone who excels at everything intellectual. It is often more difficult for those good at many subjects to choose just one for their career path. He could become a teacher, though salaries in the Professoriate should deter him. He might follow the Law, arguing cases as criminally packed as OJ Simpson, and one pities those who would argue against him. He is perhaps likely to become the chemical engineer of his generation who invents the next pandemic vaccine and saves a good portion of our populace. In a parent-teacher conference, we took great pleasure in hearing from all sides that he should “Follow me!” This is truly the best of compliments: having your mentors vie to claim you for their own professional territories. Matthew owes a great deal of his prowess to the academic challenge and social graces of the Summit Preparatory School. After rejecting three other schools in sixth grade, he finally found his place here as an appreciated and appreciative member of this private community. For this reason, we encouraged him to reach for the stars and apply to Oberlin College in Ohio. This small, liberal arts environment chose him as one of 800 in next year’s freshman class out of 9,200 applicants. If that doesn’t speak equally well for both our son and the Summit, we’re not sure what does. Although we have fond memories of young Matthew exploring California’s Stanford University that birthed him, we hope that his future academic sites will offer similar standards and provide equal opportunities.

Above all else, we look to Matthew for the inspiration to change all things in need of improvement. He and his younger brother, Jesse, have now taken to playing chess together, trying to both educate and outwit each other with every move. And whereas in earlier times, Matthew could not stand this competition, he has now become a young man who cares, leads, supports, and advises those around him. To us, this makes him a well-educated citizen and a child we are proud to have raised.
-Telory & Tim, Ron, Matthew's Parents
Welcome to Oberlin, Matthew!
Around Campus
Poem in Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 29th
Summit students will be participating in Poem in Your Pocket Day next Thursday, April 29th, to celebrate National Poetry Month! Students will select a poem to carry with them that day to share with their friends and teachers. Here are some fun ways to participate if you would like to celebrate, too!

  • Select a poem and share it on social media using the hashtag #PocketPoem. 
  • Print a poem from the Poem in Your Pocket Day PDF and draw an image from the poem in the white space, or use the instructions on pages 59-60 of the PDF to make an origami swan. 
  • Record a video of yourself reading a poem, then share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or another social media platform you use. 
  • Email a poem to your friends, family, neighbors, or local government leaders.
  • Schedule a video chat and read a poem to your loved ones.
  • Add a poem to your email footer.
  • Read a poem out loud from your porch, window, backyard or outdoor space. 
6th Grader Enters LAD Fair Hall of Fame!
What better way to celebrate National Poetry Month than by celebrating our very own poet? 6th Grader Liya J. had TWO of her poems entered into the Writer's Hall of Fame for LAD Fair!

Liya's award-winning poems, "The Last Breath" and "Dusk and Sunrise", took first place in the tanka and short free verse categories in this year's LAD Fair. From all the winning entries, the judges considered Liya's poems part of "the best of the best" and selected her for the Writer's Hall of Fame!

Mr. Alexander, Upper School Language Arts Teacher, was thrilled with Liya's accomplishments and recognition. He says, "Liya has blown me away with her talent for poetry, and I couldn't be prouder of her abilities. She most definitely has earned these prestigious awards. If you see her around campus, be sure to congratulate her on her accomplishments!"

Congratulations, Liya! We sense a future Poet Laureate in the making!
5th Grader Honored in Creative Writing Contest
The creative energy is strong at The Summit! Congratulations are in order for 5th Grader Violet B.! Out of hundreds of submissions, Violet was selected as a runner up to the Storyworks Create a Character Contest!

Storyworks is an online library of vibrant stories accompanied by useful learning resources for literary devices including figurative language, character, and plot. Violet's imaginative character, Lizzie Davis, "flickers in and out of reality and into other dimensions" with her bright blue glasses that can see monsters & portals!

Mrs. James, 5th Grade Teacher, knows Violet's creative talents are poised for success. She says, "I’m continuously impressed with Violet and thrilled that she’s being honored for this accomplishment. Violet would like to be a published author one day, and I always tell her that I'd be first in line to buy her book!" 

We're right behind you, Mrs. James! We look forward to reading more about Lizzie's adventures from this future bestselling author!
Pooja graduated from UMKC with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minors in Anthropology and Chemistry. She is currently in her second year of medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. She will be completing her clinical rotations in the Denver area.
Soaring into the 2020-2021 School Year!
The Summit is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year! We have virtual admissions options and screenings flexible for a variety of family schedules. If you know someone who would love to learn at The Summit, please contact Amy Maas, Admissions & Communications Officer.

Don't forget Family Referral Bonuses! Current Summit families who refer a new student to The Summit could receive up to $500 in Growth Fund credit! Email Ms. Amy for more details.
Camp Raven Corner
Register for Camp Raven!
Spend your summer at The Summit with Camp Raven! These weekly camps provide a fun, safe, and stimulating way to continue learning over the summer break. Each camp, led by talented and enthusiastic instructors, focuses on a central theme from explorations in STEM and art to music and movement. Campers will have fun while learning and making new friends! 

Check out some of these exciting camp offerings, and register today!
Jr. Camp Raven: Our Trip to the Farm
Morning Camp: July 12-16 (Early Learners/PreK-Kindergarten)
Camp Instructor: Mrs. Halina West, Fun Zone Coordinator

We will find ways to travel to the farm! Our theme will be divided into categories: kinds of animals, types of homes, needs of the animals, caretakers, where the animals originated. These categories will incorporate math, music, language, art, fine and gross motor skills and geography.
Camp Raven: Gaming Camp
Morning Camp: July 12-16 (1st-5th Grade)
Camp Instructor: Señora Leighninger & Mrs. Smith, Summit Teachers

Experience the joy of playing board games, outdoor games, and doing puzzles through fun and friendly collaborative cooperation. Learn appropriate gameplay etiquette, good sportsmanship, and how to read and interpret rules as we enjoy a variety of games and puzzles.
Camp Raven: Yoga for Children
Afternoon Camp: July 12-16 (1st-5th Grade)
Camp Instructor: Mrs. Dulsey Stewart, Summit Teacher

Yoga for Children is a yoga themed camp with mindfulness, movement and breathing exercises daily. Kids will learn basic pose breakdowns, how they benefit their bodies and how to use the breathe to calm themselves. We will play yoga and movement themed games and partner postures. We will also take plenty of breaks and be outside as much as possible. 
Sr. Camp Raven: Game On!
Morning Camp: July 12-16 (6th-12th Grade)
Camp Instructor: Señora Raven, Summit Teacher

Bring your A-game as we go head-to-head tournament style for the winning title! Campers will engage in friendly competition in both individual and collaborative games, ranging from card games, board games, scavenger hunts and even outdoor games like hide & seek and capture the flag. Scores will be tallied at the end of the week to determine who is the Raven Games Champion.
Summit Parent Organization
Family Photo Fundraiser THIS Saturday 4/24
Have lots of pictures of your kids but not many of you with them? Looking for a Mother's Day gift that she/you will be able to keep forever? Or just want to get dressed up for a photo shoot? This is for you!

The Summit Parent Organization (SPO) is having a Spring Family Photo Fundraiser on Saturday, April 24th in The Summit's Big Backyard.

Here are the details:
  • Cost: $75
  • 20-minute photo session
  • 5-10 edited digital images
  • Floral archway as a backdrop (sneak peek to come soon!)
  • Receive digital files by Mother's Day
  • Multiple poses (i.e. only kids, whole family, grandparents, pets, etc.)

SPO fundraisers help support teacher appreciation, classroom celebrations, and Summit community events!
Spring Flowers Fundraiser
Decorate for spring and help support The Summit! SPO is partnering with a local greenhouse nursery to offer 10" hanging baskets for our spring flower fundraiser. Wheeler Gardens is family-owned and has been in business for over 30 years. 

To purchase hanging baskets: 
  • Fill out the Google Form (linked below).
  • Each hanging basket voucher is $22.
  • Orders will be billed to your family account.
  • Flower vouchers will be sent home in your child's backpack (if you are virtual, your vouchers will be mailed to you).
  • Take your voucher to either Wheeler Gardens location to redeem.


How much are they?
Each voucher is $22 and is good for one 10-inch hanging basket.

Where do I get my hanging basket?
Once you have received your printed vouchers, take them to either Wheeler Gardens locations during their regular business hours. Visit www.wheelergardens.com for more information. 

Where is Wheeler Gardens located?
They have two locations. One is located at 1925 S. Bedford Ave in Springfield; close to the east Sam's Club. The other is located at 454 State Highway EE in Ozark.

What flowers do they have?
There will be a variety of baskets to choose from including impatiens, petunias, begonias, vinca, geranium, callies, and more!

How do I pay for the hanging baskets?
Once you place your order, your Summit family account will be billed for the total.

Can family members or friends buy too?
Yes! You can order vouchers for anyone. Just understand that your Summit account will be charged so you will need to collect their money on your own.

Do the vouchers expire?
Yes, they are valid April 24th through May 31st.
Parent Education
ISACS Virtual Parent Education Series:
Watch All Webinars Now!
We hope you have enjoyed the ISACS parent education series!

For full instructions on how to access each webinar, please click here.

We would love to hear from you! If you view the webinar series, please email us your feedback at info@thesummitprep.org or let us know what suggestions you have for other topics in parent education you would like to see in the future.

"I benefited so much from the recent ISACS webinar! Learning about executive function skills in children was incredibly eye-opening. I am definitely better equipped to parent and support my kids now. Thank you for making these webinars available to parents. I'm already looking forward to the next one!" - Dana Thomas, Summit Parent
Support The Summit
Shop with Scrip

Mark your calendars, there is another ThankScriping Day coming! April 29-30 you can earn up to 20% on select retailers. Use the RaiseRight app to make these Egift and reloadable card purchases. For more information check out this link.

As always, feel free to reach out to Phil Isley, Summit Parent and Scrip Coordinator, with any questions.
When you shop on smile.amazon.com, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% fo the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice, The Summit!

Mabel's Labels
Mabel's Labels are great, adhesive labels for everything: uniform shirts, water bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, laptops, etc. They stick and won't come off in the wash!