November 2016 Newsletter
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MessageA Message from Jay & Scott
With Autumn's arrival, a lot changes in our neck of the woods: boats and bathing suits are put away, and the leaves along with books pile up once again as school takes center stage for many of our families.  Fortunately, one thing doesn't change - the role that seafood plays in our weekly diets and get-togethers. During the Fall, it's still fun to have clam bakes and lobster boils, or prepare salmon on the grill, but we also start to fire up the oven again.  Baked cod and baked stuffed shrimp are staples in our homes, and we encourage you to add some new twists to old favorite recipes by using healthy seafood options in lieu of chicken or beef.  This month we're also excited that our new J. Scott foods line of premium seafood is now available for supermarkets to order.  These value-added options are ready for you to just heat and serve, making it easier than ever for you and your family to fall into flavor this season.  Enjoy!
~Jay and Scott Hutchens

ProductsNew Products
     We've recently launched our J. Scott Foods brand of premium value-added seafood. From a taste, packaging, and meal solution standpoint, this line-up is a premium and compelling portfolio of retail seafood products.  We have classic and on-trend appetizers; delicious value-added entrees that are marinated, include seasoned butters, or come on a cedar plank; and seafood burgers that make meal-time healthy and easy.  The products are available in retail cartons, as well as in oven-ready trays for the appetizers and in bulk form for the entrees.
     The line-up includes 50 product options across 11 different seafood species, providing a diverse range of taste options that will give retailers a broad line-up to satisfy their seafood consumers on the shelf, in bunkers, or behind the glass. The entire line has a consistent J. Scott Foods brand identity and design motif for optimal shelf presence.
In our first month of making these products available, we're excited to note that multiple retailers have already made commitments to bring these products in and offer them to their consumers. Our goal is to have these available to seafood-loving Americans nationally in every market!

SpeciesSpecies Update - Scallops
      With approximately 85% of this season's N. Atlantic Sea Scallop quota already landed, we expect ongoing tight supplies and high prices until the summer of 2017.  Plans for increasing the USA quota in 2017 should provide some supply and pricing relief later next year. Note that the US 2017 fishing season's start date has NOT been pushed back until April 1, but the 2018 fishing season will begin April 1,2018. The Canadian quota is down slightly and will remain down or flat for the next year. Large sizes (U-10's) continue to be in short supply, putting a strain on the resource, resulting in firm prices for all sizes once again.
     From a Japanese Hokkaido perspective, production is expected to be down again this year by 35% and expected to be down by over 50% from the more representative 2014 season. Sizing is running closer to historic count norms of mainly 16-18, 18-23 and 23-28 and a small amount of 14-16 and 28-36.  Quality is excellent, and fishermen and producers are trying to extract the highest price possible for their limited production. The first loads of new production will begin arriving later this month but are mainly scheduled for arrival in November and December which should help fill the projected domestic void.
     Bay Scallops are also in a challenging supply position.  Peruvian harvests have been poor each of the past two years due to El Nino.  Expectations for the new season, beginning with arrivals in December, are for continued tight supply. 
     In general, the Scallops market in Q4 2016 and well into 2017 too will again pose difficulties for buyers, especially for large sizes.  As a leading Scallops supplier, Raw Seafoods is here to help meet your needs in this challenging market environment.

FundraisingFundraising Effort
     The Extreme Team at Raw Seafoods recently got together to raise money as part of a company-wide event of participating in the Buzzards Bay Triathlon on September 18th.  Teams of employees successfully completed the triathlon, and in doing so raised thousands of dollars to benefit the Luke Gurney No Regrets fund as part of their entry fees.  Luke, a well-known fisherman based out of Martha's Vineyard and close friend to many at Raw Seafoods, tragically lost his life doing what he loved this past year, and the funds raised will help his family during this difficult time.  It was a fun and inspiring event, with everyone banding together to train and ultimately complete the physical challenge, and more importantly help community members in need.
     If you would like to help the Gurney Family, please click the link below. 

Recipe From the Raw Seafoods Kitchen

Now that fall is upon us, our chef has decided to feature a recipe showcasing Shrimp. Shrimp come in a variety of sizes and are sought after by leading chefs to help them differentiate their menus - as well as by seafood loving consumers who can't get enough of the sweet and succulent taste of these little crustacean's.