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Canteen Franchise Reaches 100% Cashless Machines; A Big Competitive Advantage! 
By Elliot Maras
Robin Rawls
Rawls Distributing, a Canteen franchise in Savannah, Ga., has nearly doubled the number of vending m achines equipped with cashless capability this year, making almost all 1,400 of its machines cashless enabled. Owner Robin Rawls looks back on his decision to go cashless six year s ago as one of the best business decisions he ever made.  Ra wls Distributing has experienced the power of cashless payment, wireless DEX data and new efficiency services delivered by USA Technologies (USAT), Malvern, Pa., VendSys, Quincy, Mass., and LightSpeed Automation, Alpharetta, Ga.   
Next Generation MEI Conlux MCM5 Gives MoreTube Capacity

MEI Conlux's next-generation five-tube coin changer replaces its CCM5 model coin changer. The new Conlux MCM5 provides increased tube capacity, additional float options, and enhancements in product durability and aesthetics.
The Conlux MCM5 accommodates two full rolls of coins, and the coin tubes are fully accessible from the back of the cassette for faster coin filling. The MCM5 also provides new float options to manage coin inventory. Operators can either select from one of two preset factory float levels ($34 or $52) or they can program the float level by pressing the discriminator's float button up or down to the desired dollar amount.
The MCM5 automatically programs the cassette when it is snapped into place and provides simultaneous three-coin payout for faster transactions. In addition, the MCM5 uses 30 percent less power than the CCM5 while in idle state, giving operators a competitive advantage to win new accounts. 

Microtronic Teams With On Track Innovation For Closed Loop Cashless System
Microtronic, a Switzerland-based provider of closed loop cashless payment systems for vending and office coffee service, has partnered with On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI), an Israel-based global provider of near field communication. 
The companies will introduce a solution that integrates Microtronic's e-vending and closed-loop payment solution into OTI's CONNECT 3000 telemetry device and proven line of TRIO and UNO NFC cashless readers. The system will offer vending operators a unified solution that accepts traditional credit and debit cards (open loop), as well as prepaid NFC payment cards and wearables (closed loop).

Airlift Rolls Out I-Pad-Based Micro Market Kiosk

Airlift, founded in 2014 in Bellevue, Wash., has introduced its iPad micro market kiosk. The kiosk consists of an iPad, stand and management software. Airlift also offers shelving and refrigeration, but the operator can source these components on their own.

The iPad uses a   cellular connection (primary) and wi-fi (backup) connection. The iPad configuration gives Airlift the ability to control when updates are pushed out remotely, perform remote monitoring, and prevent customers from using anything but the Airlift app. 

Airlift serves companies and employees with features extending into rewards and recognition, fresh food programs, feedback channels, and office-friendly branding. Recognizing that HR managers will invest in employee engagement tools and programs, Airlift continues to expand on what micro markets can deliver.

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