July 2019
Arts for Community
Connection, Collaboration, Education and Enjoyment
Our Mission

The Raymond Arts Alliance exists to inspire connection, collaboration, education and enjoyment. Its focus is to enrich our community through the 
arts and present events for all ages. RAA encourages community participation 
and provides a space where cultural diversity is celebrated.

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 Raymond Arts Alliance 
is pleased to announce
the adoption of
The Lakes Region Writers' Guild!

We heard your multiple requests, we studied hard on how, and we are proceeding with the regrouping of the Lakes Region Writers' Guild! The Guild, (circa 2002 - 2014), met twice monthly at the Casco Public Library. 

Having been granted permission to use its name, the Raymond Arts Alliance will launch the group under the stewardship of Mary-Therese Duffy, long term member of the original group and dedicated writer. 

Our goals will remain the same:

           -P roviding opportunities to read in a supportive                   community
           -Hearing and considering critique in same,
           -Exploring voice and honing skills,
           -Learning and sharing of resources,
           -Approaching avenues of publishing if desired.
Come join us for the inaugural meeting:
Tuesday, June, 25, 
2pm at the
Raymond Village Library

We will discuss hopes, expectations, and preferences
for format, feedback structure, group length and scheduling.
Writers of every genre and confidence level are highly encouraged to attend, published or not!
Your RSVP is appreciated at 712-6200.

Raymond's Best Kept Secret:
Father and Son Artists, 
Don and Holden Willard

Don Willard is best known as the Town Manager of Raymond, having dedicated his time to that position in service of the needs of residents here since December of 2000. His son, Holden, a 2017 Graduate of Windham High School, now enrolled in Montserrat College of Art in Beverly MA, is also, now becoming known for his artistic skill, having received the "Best in Show" award from "The Works", a worldwide competition sponsored by the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. 

 But did you know  that his father is also a man of great talent and creativity? 

 Come enjoy the inspiring, and thought provoking creations of this prolific, yet entirely unique, father and son, exhibiting during the months of July and August as part of Raymond Arts Alliance:  "Artists in the Library" program at the Raymond Village Library. Until then, enjoy the preview and be on the look out for a future "Meet The Artists" date, coming soon!


Senior's Beginner Painting
Raymond Village Library

Tuesday, July 9th, 10:00am-Noon

Taught by a Certified Art Night Out instructor. Art Night Out instructors are experienced artists who provide a relaxed atmosphere, lots of support, a step by step process, and quality materials/tools to ensure a positive experience. This class will be held during Tuesday senior library hours.   Space is limited. FMI or to register, please contact the library.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing." 
                                         Marc Chagall 

Glass Artist Jennifer Fuller Sparks Wonder and Delight!

Between social media and the internet, it's not easy to come by a true sense of wonder and surprise anymore but that's exactly what was inspired many times over at the Raymond Village Library last Saturday, as glass artist, Jen Fuller heated her torch to 4,000 degrees and demonstrated the making of her Infinity Fearless Designs: marbles!  Who would think that marbles would take the day by storm and infuse such fresh energy and delight in those who took the opportunity to watch and enjoy.

Invited by the Raymond Arts Alliance, Jen began exhibiting her glass works of platters, bowls, pendants, and marbles at the library, the first week of May and has been the recipient of glowing compliments since: "wow, it really transforms the space to something full of light and energy!"  and, "everything is so beautiful!" But she really out did it all, when arriving at 7am, she set to task of building a small work studio in front of the library entrance, complete with gas tanks, flame, molds, kilns and a 3 sided glass barrier so people could watch up close. And watch they did as sturdy rods of glass were heated, fused with others, molded and cooled into magnificent marbles of color and shine.  An added bonus was Jen's collection of what came to be called magic marbles that grew iridescent and glowed with even more radiant hues when placed under a black light.

But wait there's more!  Posting clues on Facebook participants were encouraged to use them to hunt for two marbles planted surreptitiously on the library grounds.  Hunting diligently, frustration burst into delight as children spotted the colorful orbs and ran back to waiting parents, treasure in high hand.  Jen has placed 4 more marbles in the Lakes Region hidden at various parks and trails. Find your clues on FB at Maine Art Marble Hunt and Hide and join the fun!  And do stop by the Raymond Village Library (Mon & Wed 9 - 6; Sat. 9 - 4) to see Jen's full exhibit on your way!

Her website, www.InfinitelyFearless.com, and her facebook page, "Infinitely Fearless Designs by Jen" are chocked full of photos of her glass work and current 

Jennifer is continuing her adventures with glass at the  Corning Museum of Glass in New York. She has set up a GoFundMe page to help her  raise money to attend a second session of classes. With these classes, Jen hopes to  continue to grow her skills and confidence in order to create more visually stunning  work. She is looking forward to bringing others the same joy through teaching the  creative process of glass art.

The Raymond Arts Alliance Presents 

Internationally Renowned Comic Performer 
Randy Judkins
"Hows Your Laugh Life?"

August 3, 2019
(Doors open at 6:30)
Raymond Village Community Church
27 Main Street, Raymond
Suggested Donation$10.00

The Raymond Arts Alliance is hosting a performan ce on August 3, featuring the comic arts of Randy Judkins. Randy, a past resident of Raymond, is recognized throughout the United States as a popular, professional new-vaudeville stage artist, a visually engaging performer, and an entertainer who also educates. He has instructed at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey's Clown College in Florida, and has served as a character consultant for Tri-Star Pictures in Hollywood, California.
The title for the evening performance is "How's Your Laugh Life?" Randy will do all the things he is most famous for: juggling, character-based comedy, magic, and more! And while all the fun happens, he will also educate - discussing how the brain reacts to humor, laughter, and why it is so helpful to our general health and well being. So come on down, and learn how to answer the important question - "How's Your Laugh Life?"
The performance will take place at the Raymond Village Community Church, 27 Main St. in Raymond. It will start at 7pm, and the doors open at 6:30. There is a suggested donation of $10. Light refreshments will be served.

To learn more about Randy, visit his website at:

or through Facebook:

Artists In The Library

We are constantly reminded of how many talented people live in Raymond.  Why not give them a place to show the community what they can do?  Raymond Arts Alliance and Raymond Village Library have teamed up to showcase local talent!  Every 2 months a new artist will have their work on display at Raymond Village Library at 3 Meadow Road, Raymond.
Interested in having your work displayed at the library?  Send us an email with your contact information and some photos sampling of your art to: RaymondArtsAlliance@gmail.com.  All ages and all types of art  (writing, sculpture, painting, fiber arts, jewelry and more) will be considered with enthusiasm!!!
Jennifer Fuller, glass artist extraordinaire is the first to be featured. Her work can be seen May 8 - July 7 at the Raymond Village Library.  We look forward to a new  Father and Son exhibit featuring Don and Holden Willard starting July 10.  The library is open Mondays and Wednesdays 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 9 am to 4pm with Senior hours Tuesdays 9am to 12pm. Stop by and take a look!

Felted Flora Class
Raymond Village Library

July 18th, 6:00-8:00pm

Sculpt a flower as beautiful as you. Create your own unique color blend using a high quality wool roving. Learn wet felting and needle felting techniques to make flowers that be worn in hair or on clothing.

Workshop fee: $20.00, Workshop fee includes all materials to make two flower pins or hair clips. Space is limited.  Please contact the library to register for this class.  Phone:  (207) 655-4283

This class will be taught by a certified Art Night Out instructor. Art Night Out instructors are experienced artists who provide a relaxed atmosphere, lots of support, and quality materials/tools to ensure a positive experience. Leave class with new skills and an amazing piece you created yourself.

Working Together

To Support A Wonderful Place To Gather

Raymond Village Community Church Renovation

The Raymond Village Community Church has been a central point of both religious and community events for over 140 years.  Our mission to serve sees many facets.  From the religious side we are a denomination of the United Church of Christ, from a supporter of the arts we are a sponsor and venue for the Raymond Arts Alliance, from a community outreach perspective, we are the venue for AA, a sponsor organization for the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and a member of the Raymond Age Friendly organization.  Our missions projects have helped those not only in Maine but nationally and internationally.

As we look toward ways of broadening our impact we need to make sure our building is a welcoming place.  Our current infrastructure has not seen an upgrade in many years and our exterior is in need of upgrading.  Our clapboard siding is in need of replacement and we are upgrading to vinyl siding for both long term reduced maintenance and improvement in  draft mitigation.   We are looking for your help in meeting our fundraising goals for the project and any contribution is greatly appropriated

For more information about Raymond Village Community Church Inc. click on thier website   www.rvccme.org .

Do you know somebody....
Who might know somebody....
Who could know somebody else .....
Who might even be you!!!
We are looking for a music leader for our Community Sing.

It could be for a season or just a couple of times or for a continuous program. Please let us know if you have any ideas about this program. Thanks!


Raymond Arts Alliance is a program of the Raymond Village Library
in partnership with the Raymond Village Community Church.