Welcome to Summer!

I hope you will have the opportunity to spend time with those you love and recharge from your hectic schedules. CCCAOE will be active in creating all the energizing Fall Conference details. We have a dynamic conference planning committee and they are working hard to refine the conference experience and make positive changes based on your feedback.

The CCCAOE Board gathered this month to transition and engage in reflection and setting direction as we head into the 22/23 year. They are excited to serve and engage in the continued growth of the association while serving career educators, students, and engaging industry partners.

We officially welcome our 22/23 Board members on July 1st, but they have already been active in the work of CCCAOE. We want to bid a very fond farewell to the amazing Eva Jimenez, who has served on this board for over 10 years and is a powerful leader in career education. She will be missed, but we know we will still see her at the conferences. We also want to wish the fantastic Debra Mustain a fond farewell and hope she stays closely connected with us. She played an integral part this last year in helping reshape Leadership Academy and attendees were blown away at the new learning opportunities and resources.

We welcome Tina Recalde to the role of Immediate Past President. She will lead the advocacy efforts with Austin Webster this year. Her leadership has been exceptional. Robert Cabral now takes on the role of President and continues to lead the conference planning committee with a strong set of values, experience, and openness. Pedro Mendez steps into the role of President-elect and joins Robert in our professional development planning. We are grateful for his insight and knowledgeable experience. Maniphone Dickerson continues to serve as CCCAOE's Treasurer and Angela Cordell serves as our elected Deputy Treasurer. Both have served on the board as RVPs and their depth of knowledge is a strong asset to the association. Harriet Happel serves as our Communications Officer and she looks forward to bringing new and exciting ways to engage our membership.

Continuing in their appointed terms are Sandy Fowler for North Far North and Gary Quire for South Central Region, and Marie Amboy for San Francisco//Bay Area Region. Welcome to our newly elected RVPs Anthony Cordova and Dan Word. We enjoyed getting to know them during our board work this month and know they will make a great addition to the board. Nichol Roe will continue to serve in her role as the San Diego/Imperial Region RVP and Elizabeth Arteaga for Orange County Region RVP. We also thank Marla Uliana for continuing to serve in her role as RVP for Los Angeles Region! Kimberly and I are grateful to work with just a strong group of leaders.

Membership Engagement is an important pillar of CCCAOE and we are looking for more committee members to join the team. If interested please reach out to Harriet Happel (harriet.happel@canyons.edu) or Amy Christianson (executivedirector@cccaoe.org). We would love to have you on the team.

We can't wait to see you all in the Fall at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas!

(Not Pictured but joined us via Zoom - Eva Jimenez, Pedro Mendez.
Also not pictured - Nichol Roe and Gary Quire.)
In May, it was an absolute joy to return to Leadership Academy Level 1.0 in person! An enthusiastic group of over 50 CTE professionals reminded us of why we do what we do. With over 15 sessions/modules attendees walked away with powerful resources and tools as well as a fresh new perspective of what it takes to be a leader. The amazing participants are ready to influence the work of their organizations and lead with heart. Thank you to all the participants and to CCCAOE for this fantastic opportunity.

Leadership 2023 Level 1.0 will be held January 10 -13. More details will follow in the coming months.
Leadership Academy Level 2.0 followed in mid-June, with 26 career educators from community colleges across the state. The journey was guided by Mickey Porter who led us through a series of modules and reflections. Plus special sessions with Dolores Davison, Dr. Alex Davis, and Tina Recalde. We can't wait for the follow-up mentor sessions!
Legislative Update from Austin Webster - Principal | W Strategies LLC - June 2022

June wraps up the end of a busy season for the Legislature, as leaders in both houses conclude budget negotiations with the Governor and make the final push for legislative proposals ahead of the Summer Recess.

The final budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year tops $300 billion in spending and came with a $97.5 billion surplus that has led to a considerable amount of one-time funding. The Legislature and Governor struck a deal late last week to pass a final budget and both the Assembly and Senate are expected to vote on the final budget bills on Thursday before departing Sacramento for the month of July. Below are a few highlights from the final agreement:
  • 6.56% Cost of Living Adjustment
  • $600 Million Base Increase
  • $650 Million One-Time Block Grant
  • $834 Million One-Time Facilities and Instructional Equipment
  • Increases Apprenticeship Reimbursement Rates
  • Allows For Three Year Budgeting on Apprenticeship Programs 

The Legislature will likely have additional action when they return in August, as part of the typical budget finalization process. This is associated with final expenditure reporting due at the end of June and lingering corporate tax revenue payments. These changes will be minor and are normal procedure at this point in the fiscal year.

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CCCAOE's Fall 2022 Conference kicks off on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at 8:30 am at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas. There will be 3 full conference days with profound keynote presentations and plenary sessions. The conference will wrap up on Friday, October 7, 2022, by noon.

There will be pre-conference sessions on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

The virtual conference will run from October 25 - 27 and November 1 - 3, 2022.

We are thrilled to offer the special classified strand again during the virtual conference!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the presenters for the conference.
Full Registration Price – $695
Two-Day Price – $525
One-Day Price – $275 Wed/Thur
Virtual only Price – $425 10/25-10/27 & 11/1-11/3
Classified Virtual Price – $150 10/25-10/27 & 11/1-11/3
Sneak Peek at some of the Fall 2022 Conference line up!
Keynote speaker:
Dr. Kevin Fleming
Founder and CEO of Catapult
Plenary Session:
Penny MacCormack
with Faculty Panel
Keynote speakers:
Kathy Booth from WestEd
and Peter Bahr from the University of Michigan
Keynote speakers:
Sandra Sanchez and Marty Alvarado
from CCCCO
Plus more...

More details to come over the next few weeks! Stay Tuned!
We are happy to offer several Sponsorship Opportunities for the Fall 2022 Conference.

Our sponsors are an impressive supporting partner in the work of Career Education, helping you work towards a stronger, smarter, and better-prepared workforce in California.

We look forward to seeing them all in the Fall!
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