Can "estate planning" actually be fun?
We like to think so. Planning for your future should be simple and joyful!
Of course, things that are new are often intimidating, especially when we’re talking about things like wills and estate planning. That is why I support you every step of the way.
Take it from my wonderful client, Matt:

β€œIt is a surreal process working through one's estate planning and will. Lori makes the process simple, fun, safe and comforting. Her price point is very reasonable, and you can count on her to follow through!”
Ready to have the "peace of mind" you deserve
so you can focus on enjoying your amazing life?
Pandemic Planning
Yes, we are stuck in this pandemic for now, but has this made you start thinking about how COVID-19 may impact your life?

Rather than stress, why not take some action steps?

Check out our latest blog about the simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to get started on your plans, such as appointing a healthcare surrogate.

pandemic planning law office lori vella picture of person planning
We have a future "Pandemic Planning" class coming up on our online course portal, Florida Lawyer Online. These classes are free and created to promote estate planning awareness in our community.
As we continue on this 2020 roller coaster ride, wishing you a big dose of "hope" this holiday season.
covid law office lori vella
Law Office Lori Vella have hope this holiday season.
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