was used to rescue these three from the Bowie Killpen in Texas.  All three had pneumonia ~ and after an 8 day stay at the equine hospital, miraculously all three survived. They are still in quarantine recovering.  
    After treating so many sick donkeys, we researched and wrote a blog post on "Pneumonia in killpen donkeys and horses."  
    Once healthy, they will be shipped to MA where they will be looking for homes.  All three are minis, and very friendly.
Horses helped in August, 2016.
Hip #2034. SAVED from the Bowie Texas Killpen and REUNITED with a previous owner.  It happens too often, you sell a horse with all good intentions and next thing you know, you find the horse is owned by a killbuyer! 
Pickup. Unlike the owner of the grey horse above, this previous owner jumped in her truck and drove through the night to save her horse!  F ortunately ERN was there to help! 
Within hours, he is picked and getting some R&R with other lucky horses from Bastrop.
Is there anything more sad than an old horse at a killpen?
This aged gelding was dropped at auction with a tub of joint supplements.  He was immediately purchased by the Moore's Killpen in Pennsylvania.

Fortunately ERN was there to pay his bail and he is now in a retirement home (Sanctuary) with other lucky old-timers.

ATLAS AIR:  an American company that s hips live horses to slaughter in Japan.  We have been working to try to convince representatives of Atlas Air that stuffing 3 draft horses in one small crate and flying them to Japan for sashimi dinners is inhumane.   We have created a petition and reached out to representative of Atlas Air with no luck -   [Learn More] [Sign Petition]
Update on Strawberry.
Strawberry was saved from the Texas kilpen in May and is now with an approved MicroRescuer in CA.  She is a young horse who has only known humans to be harmful.  After months of daily care and kindness, she is overcoming her trust issues and turning into a pretty young mare...
ERN regularly reaches out to pervious owners when we can identify a horse with a tattoo number, freeze brand, microchip or registration papers.  Most times we are successful as many owners simply didn't know that their previous horse is in danger.  Bill-of-Sale or restrictive sales contracts, even free lease horses can wind up in bad places.  If you don't ever want to receive this email below; download ERN's
and learn more at

Text "ERN" to 978-338-6316 to make a tax deductible contribution