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Ezra Taft Benson
Meet Ezra Taft Benson.

He said:

"You are free to choose,
but you are not free to alter the consequences of your decision."

Sobering, isn't it?

Almost always, 
there's a point in the process where we realize that 
our own actions have 
directly or indirectly, 
immediately or eventually
been at the root, 
the genesis, 
the origin
of what we find unacceptable, 
unpleasant, or
about our situation.


To cut through the multifaceted 
ego-preserving bullshit designed to obfuscate 
your own role in creating your own reality, 
turn your reality  Hubble  toward assessing 
how much time you spend on  
- and the full cost of -
what I call  "re-achieving." 

The Cleveland Cavaliers must re-achieve.
The Kansas City Royals must re-achieve.

But I'm not talking about situations where there's a partial or complete re-set of the starting line.

I'm talking about you extracting the accumulated wisdom 
gained from every single day of your life,
from every single experience filling those days,
and using it to overstock your wisdom archives
so that you never, ever
have to waste a moment of your precious time
by re-achieving a goal that you already nailed.

We do not have to re-achieve.
It wastes time.
Wasted time is wasted life.
Life is short.
Make yours count.


I specialize in teaching you to avoid  "re-achieving."

I teach a "blow off the roof"
 no-nonsense,  straight line approach to
aggressive achievement
and after that,  I teach you to parlay that achievement 
by strength-training it so it forms 
a self-confidence version of the federal reserve, 
indestructible bedrock of  self-knowledge
and jersey popping pride of heritage, 
on top of which you can construct palaces made of 
decades of success, emotional and financial independence 
and tremendous satisfaction.

All through being so smart,
so accountable,
so aware,
so motivated,
so fascinated,
so full of self respect
and respect for life
that you would never make a decision that would
result in having to re-achieve anything.

It's possible to live like that.

If you want to but don't know how,
I'll help you.

There's no time like the present to begin figuring this stuff out because, literally, there IS no
time OTHER than the present.

Be brave.
Start here.
Start now.

What have you chosen for yourself?

And from those choices, 
what consequences have come?

I'm right here.

+1 206 963 0755

the Importance of S kepticism

Read this.

Did you read it?


I'll wait.

What'd you think?

Here's what I thought.

Pilates schools are  legally  defined as trade/vocational schools and most exist at the level that triggers the threshold of requiring  legal  regulation  at the state level.

If you've ever state-qualified your teacher training program as a legal trade/vocational school, you'll recognize many of the PMA SAP operating criteria; it's lifted almost point for point from a typical state application.  But the PMA wants you to believe this program came from years of in-depth collaboration between the PMA and teacher training schools, it wants you to believe that schools have a vested interest in pursuing SAP status and it wants you to believe that having SAP status matters in the marketplace.  In reality, the PMA SAP is a toothless knock-off of a typical state licensure, and, as such, there is no real world value to any school achieving PMA SAP status.  Finally, it doesn't matter in the marketplace because the entire industry is an unregulated free-for-all at the consumer level - you can't feign order to certain segments of an unregulated industry, and reasonably assert it matters to the whole.  Now can you?

How do I know about the state licensure process?  Over 10 years ago when I registered my finishing school in Washington State, I worked so closely with the then Vocational/Trade School Administrative Manager, Peggy Rudolph, and I filed so complete an application and guidebook, that Peggy waived the field inspection requirement.  So there's that.  

Next point.

It's logical to assume that the PMA operates its own non-profits according to the SAP standards, right?   I mean, how completely disingenuous would it be, otherwise.  But are you willing to assume that?  

I'm certainly not.  

What is it reasonable for us to be able to know about an organization that claims to represent us?

Based on how other transparent non-profit organizations share information, here's what I think we, conservatively, deserve to know .
We deserve to see full financial records.  
We deserve to see every budgetary line item.  
We deserve to have committee and regular board meetings conducted in the open with transcripts of full discussions and meeting minutes available to any PMA member.  
We deserve to see voting records.
We deserve to know about any claims of inappropriate conduct including sexual  harassment claims.  
We deserve to know the chain of custody on all PMA assets especially its self-proclaimed most valuable asset, the teaching credential.  
We deserve a transparent organization with staff accountable to fostering that transparency.  

But what we deserve from an organization that claims to represent us and what we get are very different things.  

The PMA has no obligation to share information beyond what's publicly available a nd the PMA has no obligation to answer any of our questions - yours or mine.

How do I know?   If you ask enough pointed questions, for long enough, the PMA will tell you precisely that.

It's under no obligation to answer me.
To answer you.
To answer to anyone.

So let's forget that one.
For now.

If you perused the state vocational/trade school staff educational criteria, at the state level the qualifications of school educators include significantly  more expansive meritorious  pathways to expertise than the PMA SAP .   In this regard,  the PMA power structure is  feathering its own nest.   Again.

The PMA SAP includes no independent safety, effectiveness standard, regulation or authority behind it.

More on that?
Of course.

The PMA SAP simply perpetuates the PMA's long-established history of addressing safety.  When it can get away with it, like in the SAP, the PMA completely avoids any mention of the science of spine safety.  But sometimes, safety is too central an issue to be ignored and when that happens, the PMA has a decade+ history of willfully and purposely misleading its membership and the public.  How?  By continuing to MISuse the words "safe" and "safety" in reference to examples in the PMA exam study guide and other educational materials that depict positions that are directly counter to and *the precise and exact OPPOSITE of* every known standard of spine, spinal cord and disc safety.  That's right.  The PMA knowingly uses the words "safe" and "safety" in reference to movements that the PMA knows there's 30 years of science proving are unsafe.  

Here's a brief anatomy lesson for those of you who need it.

Why is it unsafe to bend your back?

The location of the spine toward the back of our bodies, with so much body weight in front of it, is what creates unsafe pressure on our discs, and shoves them toward our spinal cords.  It doesn't matter if we're young, strong and healthy and it doesn't matter if we haven't had a single moment of back pain in our entire lives; the membranes inside our discs are only going to take so many cycles of the kind of pressure that moving our backs causes, before they yield, crack, leak, bulge and rupture.  

And nobody is exempt from the forces of this physical reality.

If you can't sit safely at your desk in that position, you can't safely duplicate that position in exercise.  

Because of the realities of disc anatomy, bending the back is not safe. Period.

Good news!  It's super easy to retrofit the science of spine safety onto classical Pilates!  

Great news!  I've already done it!  

Fabulous news!  There's tons of free videos and free podcasts on my free sites that will teach you about spine safety FOR FREE!  Operative word?  FREE!  And if you want some in depth help at very affordable prices, I'll sell you the video of courses where I teach it so you don't even have to track me down to learn it! 

But let's get back to the PMA and how its very calculated, it-must-be-opposite-day stance on safety causes a trickle down problem that greatly degrades our industry.

Because of the PMA's willful refusal to address spine safety,  Pilates teachers continue being taught to teach unsafely.  Because of the PMA's willful refusal to address spine safety, Pilates clients in the open market continue being taught unsafely AND are egregiously led to believe it's safe.  

How ironic is it that the actions of an organization self-identified as being in support of an industry so dramatically degrades it?

Pretty fucking ironic.

Do you see how, regardless of how much you may love and respect the individuals who make up the PMA, the organization is based on a premise of safety that is, one moment conveniently-absent, and the next moment egregiously-inaccurate?

Do you see how, regardless of how much you may love and respect the individuals who make up the PMA, the organization continues to build programs that are irrelevant in the real world, that do not carry regulatory weight and are blatantly self-serving?

Setting aside your disappointment, applying your critical reasoning skills, being skeptical and above all, being honest and a realist, you surely must come to those conclusions, and probably more.

Where do we go from here?

Well, I can tell you where Body Control Pilates is going.

Actually, they're already there.

Body Control Pilates is the UK's largest Pilates school.  With over 1400 teachers, the Body Control educational conference was last weekend and - are you sitting down? you might want to sit down! - their conference is HUGE - it's half the size of the PMAs but it's carried out on a fraction of the budget and with a fraction of the staff.  Plus, Body Control Pilates is not a science-denier!

Body Control Pilates very elegantly, very quietly proves what's possible.  

We make up this industry, you and I.  

If the PMA were a true reflection of us, it wouldn't operate in the dark, it would open its records and processes to all, it would welcome scrutiny, it would answer serious questions instead of vilifying the asker (that would be me) and it would endlessly endeavor to operate in complete accord with scientific and regulatory  reality.

Take a look and see if you think expenses are in line with revenue.

Realizing that the existence of both branches of the PMA do NOT operate as member-driven industry advocacies or endeavor to scientifically standardize the teaching of Pilates, but rather are based on a convenience-driven vacillation between a non-existent safety standard and a wholly unscientific and inaccurate one,  take a look and see if you think Elizabeth Anderson's salary is warranted.

The creation of these types of meaningless, arbitrary self-regulating statuses become more and more desperate as the PMA searches for traction in an unregulated, uncontrolled, free-for-all  industry .

If you're ready to take back your industry, 
let me know.

It's always the right time for a revolution of integrity, 
of accountability,
of professionalism,
of transparency.

Think critically.
Or run the risk of believing that the PMA SAP matters to anybody other than the folks who run the PMA
and the ones who blindly ask for more Kook-aid.








I'm right here.

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Rebecca Leone Logo

100% spine safe Pilates
100% functional Pilates
100% strength building
100% customized for the modern client
Teacher Qualifying Intensive
Gap Filler & Portfolio Pilates
October 7 - 13, 2016

Course includes:
Pain Relieving Problem Solving - Leone Align
Biomechanical Problem Solving
Screening & Prepping for Mixed Level Groups
3 days of Safe Spine Portfolio Pilates repertoire

Includes full video
Includes specific strategies for you to make back your investment quickly and from 100% new money from existing clients

Questions?  I'm right here.

+1 206 963 0755

November 11, 12 & 13, 2016


Master Class - Stand Up for the Classics
November 11, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Science of Spine Safety Applied to Movement course
November 12 & 13, 12:30 - 7:00 pm
$400USD thru September 30
$450USD October 1 & after

Developmental Privates available all weekend.

I'm handling all admin for registrations.

Questions?  I'm right here.

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2-day Reality-Check Retreat
REVAMP Distillation - Business & Personal Development: 
Goals, Roles, Resources, Go!
November 17 & 18, 2016

For those of you on the fence about the lab,
make your move.
If I don't have my contractual minimums by October 15, 
I'm cancelling it and because I'm making long-disclosed changes in how I work, I'm not certain when I'll offer it again, or if I'll offer it again.

Cadaver Anatomy 
for Movement Teachers
Sunday, November 20, 2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

Bundle Both & Save

Supercharge It with 4 hours of Bespoke Consulting

A ton of me is free 
and the rest of me is for sale.


For safe teachers everywhere, 
regardless of whether or not they've learned from me, 
I host a private podcast called
where I answer your questions, teach virtual workshops, and where we're currently working our way through Dr. McGill's current book, Back Mechanic. 
for free. 

If I don't know you, 
you have to test in by emailing a short video of you teaching.

Don't like scrutiny?

Video Camera

Video Bundle 

I also sell videos of all my courses including the often voluminous materials that go with them.   
Video sales INCLUDE the "same as in person" 
follow up and ongoing support.

But because I'm nothing if not thorough, 
you probably won't need me much at all but if you do, 
I'm right here.
And I'm available the rest of my life.
To you.

I have videos and materials for sale 
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4.  Video bundle: Over 30 days of coursework; 8-day Gap Filler, 13-day Classical *SAFE SPINE* Pilates Repertoire Intensive, 9-session REVAMP Professional Ascent Mentorship, over a dozen classes & problem solving Developmental Privates - $3900 with partial credit for other of my recent courses you may have taken. 

5.  Custom video packages of whatever content you're most interested in.  I work within whatever your budget is and give you the absolute most in exchange for whatever you can afford.  Examples of recent custom bundles include Portfolio Safe Spine Pilates, Floorwork only; Gap Filler + a dozen commonly taught classical exercises from the Torino July repertoire intensive and I'm currently putting together a package for classical Mat only, harvesting only the mat exercises from the classical repertoire intensive.  

6.  Bespoke Consulting, your problems, solved - $250 an hour
Your wish + your money = my command.

Put my critical reasoning skills to work for you!

Ask me anything.

Mobile access:   +1 206 963 0755

facebook and I 
broke up

For a long time now,
I've told you I'm going to change the way I work,
and I am.

I've deleted all my Facebook pages and f rom now on, my content will appear exclusively on sites I control and manage.

For the time being, I'll still push information to you via email, just like this one, but I will eventually post the content that I've historically pushed to you via email directly onto my other platforms.  
I'll give you plenty of notice before these emails go away .

My video and podcast sites are well established and you can go there now and sign up to receive a notification whenever I post new content.
That way, you'll never miss a thing.

I'm redesigning and streamlining my and sites and those will be relaunched by the end of the year.

All the content you're used to me publishing on Facebook 
- professional, technical, personal, all of it - 
will eventually appear between my various other platforms.

Let me change.
Change with me.


Who am I 
and why should you care?

Cadillac Arms Facing

I'm a thinker,
a researcher, 
a problem solver, 
a  forever helper.

I'm a good mover,
I'm strong in body and mind,
I completely understand Pilates,
I'm a Pilates pioneer.

I unify:  As an educator,  I welcome to my courses all teachers  and dedicated clients  - all lineages, all experience levels.

Unlike any other educator, I respect your time and investment so much, and I'm so confident in the quality of my work that I film all my courses except the Cadaver Anatomy course - cameras are prohibited in the lab - so, with me, you're not paying for what you remember, you're paying for a complete video record from just before the first word to just after the last word.  I personally copy all video, triple checking that every file transfers properly.
Plus, when you attend a $1000 or more course, you'll also receive a complete video of the NEXT time I teach the course.  Why?  Because I got smarter working with you and I believe you have a right to the enrichment of my ability to do a better job 
for the group that comes after yours.  

I was the first educator in the industry to teach business development.  

I am the industry's leading spine safety advocate and all my work meets every known scientific standard of spine safety.

I was the first educator in the industry to offer post-graduate, finishing school content.   

For over 10 years, I've been the only educator in the industry who answers questions from anyone, about anything, anytime, for free, and if I don't know the answer, I will use the full extent of my network to get the authoritative answer for you.  

I have a free substantive educational  websitevideo sitepodcast site and free exclusively for  safe spine teachers Facebook page where I teach, for free, every month.

I'm the only educator in the industry who offers ongoing support for workshop attendees, free of charge.  

I'm the only educator in the industry to develop custom cadaver anatomy content especially for movement teachers.

I'm a leader, I'm lineage indifferent, I'm a unifier, 
I'm an innovator, I'm a problem solver.

Stick with me, I'm going places.


+1 206 963 0755

This is my mobile number.
My phone is always with me.
Unless I'm flying, teaching or sleeping, I always answer my phone.
Unless I'm flying, teaching or sleeping, I answer all emails within 10 minutes of receiving them.

That's professional grade service.
That's professional grade respect.
That's professional grade commitment.

Anything else simply isn't good enough for me, 
and it shouldn't be good enough for you.

For me, everything revolves around you and 
I won't stop until I help you get where you want to go, 
and teach you how to grow from there .

Questions?  I'm right here.

+1 206 963 0755

Other thoughts: I've been seeing a "pain management psychologist" at the UW clinic for pain. I can't tell you how many times he has suggested a thought process for meditation or a relaxation breathing technique, and I've said "oh yes Brett, I've learned that in Pilates". 

Makes me miss you even more. 

 You are STILL the calming voice in my head. 

I often think back to one of my most cherished conversations with you where you gave me the precious wisdom "The ice is the same. 
The music is the same. You are the same." 

 Xoxoxoxoxo Sammy

As a competitive figure skater
competitions often caused Sammy
to over-arouse which is why my
work with her was so grounding.

Sammy no longer skates because she now struggles with a very serious case of rhabdo and the brain science work we did together ten years ago has all the more meaning.

It is an honor for me to teach.
The highest purpose we can attain is to help others.

Need something?
I bet I can help.

Mobile Access:  +1 206 963 0755

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