Cup of Empowerment
August 27, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Re-Align and Re-Assign!
Dr. CarolMarie

"Where do babies come from, Daddy?" Starlie asked. We were sitting on the back porch of our California home when her inquisitive mind kicked in.  I watched Sonny to see how he was going to explain this to his five-year-old daughter.  Pointing to our garden, Sonny began to explain the process as I held my breath.  "You know how we plant a carrot seed in the ground to grow carrots?"  "Un huh", she followed him.  "And we plant corn seeds to grow corn?"  "Un huh" (again).  "Well, when a Mommy and Daddy want a baby, the Daddy plants a baby seed in the Mommy and it grows into a baby!"  With that Starlie was satisfied and I was relieved.
Later we were visiting some friends whose wife was quite pregnant.    Starlie went up to Jan and asked, "Did David plant a seed inside you to grow a baby?"    Jan was surprised that such a question came out of this little girl!    We all giggled as I explained the garden concept and how babies grow!
Isaiah 49:1 says, "The Lord has called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath He made mention of my name."    Interestingly the word "bowels" used here can also be translated "womb".    But it is a different meaning than the word used for "womb" earlier.   
He has called us from the "womb" or from our forming.    But our name (or character, individuality, position) is mentioned or declared from the bowels!    "Bowels" used here means "from the seat of intimacy"!    In other words, God is the One who calls us, and God is the One who declares who we are!    We are much more than the planting of a seed!    We are God's idea and we can discover who we are through intimacy with Him, our Creator!
He "declares" our name or position in Him!    "Declares" refers to God making record of us!    It is "recounting and being mindful" of us and what He has in mind for our lives!    It's not a winsome farmer throwing seed anywhere it may land.    It is God planting us with divine purpose, so He may be glorified through our lives!    Ephesians 1:4 tells us God chose and selected us even before He created the world!    He has been mindful of us from the beginning!    We are not an afterthought, a mistake or an "oopsie"!    He has loved and chosen us with purpose!   
The lie is that we are not making a difference...that it would be better if we were not here...that we cause pain...or that we are not loved or wanted!    The lie wants us to feel overwhelmed and to either quit or to run to other things instead of to Him!    But God's word says differently!    Let's agree with truth and it will dispel the lies!    Agree with Heaven that He has called you and declares who you are!    Take time to love on Him daily!    It's in this time of intimacy that you discover who you are and why you have been "planted" at this time in history.    If you are not in the habit of reading scripture daily, go to the Book of John and read God's love letter to you!    Journal what stands out to you!    Expect Him to impress insights that you didn't know before!    It will become exciting!
You are loved!    You are created with purpose!    The situation you may be facing is not too much for you and God to handle!    His burden is  light,  and His yoke is easy!    (Matt. 11:29 )  If  it is hard, pressing and heavy  then  you have taken on more than what He has given you!    Lay it all down and re-align with Him!    This love relationship will re-assign your priorities and bring you  into  peace!


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