Hey, Pineville Church!

We’ve worked hard to make the process of re-entry into the building for indoor worship both safe and successful. Below you will find a FAQ sheet of all of the information to know before we return to indoor worship this Sunday. If you have further questions, please email office@pineville.church .

Indoor Worship Gathering FAQ

When are indoor worship gatherings restarting?

Sunday, July 26th, at 9 and 11 am, we will hold indoor worship gatherings and continue streaming online (9 am, 11am, and 8pm). We will be assessing everything as we move forward. This may mean in the future we may need to suspend indoor gatherings again for public safety and health. 

Is there a limit to how many people can be in an indoor worship gathering?

Yes, our limit is roughly 100 people per gathering. Some space will be taken by the volunteers and their families. We plan to leave a few spaces for guests who were not able to register ahead of time. We always want to welcome people who are trying to seek Jesus. 

Do I need to pre-register for the gathering?

Yes. We do need you to pre-register. Make sure to pick the date, gathering time, and fill in all the information for you and anyone who is planning to attend with you..

If you do not have internet access (or know someone who doesn’t) and would like to register please call 704-542-3618 and reserve a spot manually. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

In order to comply with the State of North Carolina, masks are currently mandatory for anyone over the age of 11 while inside a public space. Masks need to be worn correctly covering your mouth and nose. If you do not have a mask, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Unless you are on the stage speaking or leading worship, we are expecting everyone to wear a mask.

What happens when I arrive at Pineville Church this Sunday?

All traffic will enter at our first Park Cedar entrance (closest to Hwy 51 and across from K & W Cafeteria). Signs and parking attendants will be there to help direct you around the building to a parking spot.

If you are an adult 60 years or older, there will be a designated entrance at the coffee lobby (located on the east side of the facility) for you to take advantage of if you would like. We recognize this is a high risk age group. Once you enter, you’ll have a choice to either watch in the coffee lobby, or continue on into the back of the worship center/gym.

For General Parking/Entry:

Once you have parked, you will be greeted outside the Park Cedar entrance(on the west side of the facility). You will be checked in based on your registration. If you did not pre-register, a volunteer will be there to assist you. We need to know who is in the building for contact tracing purposes. 

Just inside the doors, our head usher will be there at a hand sanitizing station. Please stop there and make sure your hands are clean, and you have your mask on.

You will be guided to the worship center and ushered to your designated seating area for your group. You will not be able to choose your own seats. This is why it’s really important for you to register ahead of time. This allows us to know how many in your group will be together. Groups will not be more than 10.

The coffee lobby will be for adults 60 and older. The only open spaces will be the bathrooms, worship center, and classrooms for Kidville Jr. 

What happens when the gathering is over?

You will be dismissed in an ordered way and asked to exit out the back doors to the parking lot. Families with early elementary children and adults ages 60 and up will have separate exits and will be given further directions.

Please refrain from gathering in groups, and stay at least six feet away from others.

Will there be a children’s program or support provided for nursery and toddlers?  

Yes! Pastor Heather has some awesome things in store for your children! 

All of our volunteers will be temperature checked and have gone through our safety training and background check.

Kidville Elementary (rising Kindergarteners through rising 6th graders) will continue to meet outdoors in the playground area. You’ll be able to drop off and check them in beside the playground area (located on the east side of the property). 

All nursery and preschool aged children (5 and under) will be in the classrooms adjacent to the worship center/gym for Kidville Jr. Their check-in will be in the Park Cedar entrance (west side of the building).

Can I tithe or give financially in person on Sunday?

Yes! When you exit our gatherings, there will be a giving drop off box by each of the doors. If you would like to set up giving online, visit www.pineville.church/give

Can anyone come to the indoor worship gathering?

Yes, but please register ahead of time! Our registration page will be linked on our website and Facebook.

We do recommend the following people continue to enjoy gathering online for your own well-being. These are recommendations and not mandates, please use your own discretion.
a) Those with compromised immune systems 
b) Those not yet comfortable with meeting in person 
c) People who have sensitivities to cleaning products 
d) Those who are not comfortable with the safety measures we have put in place. 
e) Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been near someone who does. (This one is mandatory!) 

If you have been in another country in the last 14 days, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 you must stay home. If you have any of the classic symptoms listed below, you must stay home. 

fever, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, loss of taste/smell, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pneumonia, nasal congestions, runny nose (if you do not already have diagnosed seasonal allergies)

If after attending a gathering you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please contact the church immediately for contract tracing purposes. 

What will the indoor worship gathering look like?
It won’t feel like what gatherings used to be..

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols will be put into place. Chairs will be sprayed before and after each gathering as well as all touch points throughout the facility. 
  • Sanitizer will be readily available for your convenience.
  • Doors will be opened for you, so you won’t need to open them.
  • Arrows will be placed on the floors for a safe flow of traffic.
  • Seating will be spaced out for social distancing, offering will be taken up in drop off boxes as you exit, and bulletins will not be passed out. Communion will continue to be prepackaged and waiting for you at your seat.
  • Restrooms will be available for two people at a time.

Part of what makes a Sunday special for so many of you is the social time before and after. Consider calling someone after the gathering and connecting that way. Pray with one another over the phone, or share what God was speaking to you through the gathering. If you’d like to converse with others please do so outside the building while safely distancing.

Will there still be online gatherings?

Yes! Our online gatherings will still be available at 9 am, 11 am, and 8 pm!
Please know that the leadership of Pineville Church have taken the process of reopening very seriously. Even through restrictions, we can connect, pray, listen to, and worship God together. We are also working hard to ensure that the move to in person gatherings does not lessen the impact of the online gathering. We know many of you will still choose that medium to connect with church. If this is your choice, please know we are glad you are a part of Pineville Church online. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and encouragement!

Pineville Church