May 23, 2021

Re-Gathering & Re-Imagining

“...the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” – Carl Jung

We stand at the cusp of a new chapter. Will the chapter be the status quo or will we each bring more light to our existence? Perhaps your most recent chapters have seemingly lacked kindling and appeared more as a sputtering spark. Reimagining can be the kindling you seek! I am grateful for the Unity of Dallas community which has begun to regather in many ways. While regathering, we can appreciate our past while reimagining how we will collectively light our future! 

I find it fabulous that our “mere being” as Carl Jung put it, finds itself elevated and more joy-filled through ideas taught and demonstrated by our Wayshower such as love, understanding and utilization of faith. At Unity, dedication to our principles and teachings assist us in reaching inward while raising self-awareness. If we are dedicated to this spiritual practice, we will no doubt add fuel to our own Christ-light resulting in a reimagined bright path. From there we can’t but help to light the way for others! I recognize It’s been a tough year. and the light has seemed dim for many. but isn’t now the time?

Regathering and reimagining give us a new opportunity to take stock. At Unity of Dallas, we are currently enjoying multiple conversations around the potential which exists. I have come to realize that reimagining and regathering may require something more challenging: relearning or 
rethinking. We may need to explore outside the box techniques if we are truly going to light the way. Oh, what a fun and great path to explore!

In the series beginning on Sunday, I will give inspirational examples from spiritual masters, philosophers and thought leaders, who had the gift of reimagining, even shunning, common wisdom of the day. They sometimes went against the grain, zigged when others zagged, to create fresh and brighter ways forward. Ask yourself, are there areas in my life that I assumed, or thought was the way to be, versus reimagining a higher light filled path?  Again, not always easy!

If by Kindle a light” Jung meant, “Kindle our Spirit to illuminate God”, then he may have been on to something! Are you willing? What will you reimagine about your life and your future?

Let’s Thrive,
Rev. James
In case you missed it – watch our service from last Sunday

"What's Your New Normal Going to Look Like?"

Sunday Music

Guest Artist - Bob Goodwin and Da Band

Rex Bozarth - Bass
Randy Hudson - Guitar
Michael Dooley - Drums
Bob Goodwin - Piano/keyboard

Opening - "All That I Need"
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Sunday, May 23
2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World
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July 4th Picnic: A Re-Gathering Of Unity of Dallas!

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