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Physical fitness is at the heart of all we do at Fit Kids. However, the benefit we bring to the youth we serve goes well beyond the physical. While it's critical that kids learn to love movement and build healthier hearts, lungs and limbs, it is equally important and impactful, if not more so, that their physical fitness contributes to their social-emotional health.

That's why Fit Kids was so proud to host Diana Kapp, author of Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business . Her inspiring presentation to Fit Kids supporters earlier this month frequently referenced the value of sports and fitness in teaching kids what they need to know to take a path toward success in whatever endeavors they pursue. Please click here to learn more about Diana's message.
Save the Date: April 28 Lunch with Dr. Jen Welter
 As if Diana Kapp wasn't badass enough, we're thrilled to invite you to the second annual Fit Kids Lunch, featuring Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in NFL history!

Join us on April 28 at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, where Jen will both share and make herstory. Learn what it took for her to blaze her own trail to a place on the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff.

When you get home from that lunch, you can up your cool factor with your kids by sharing Jen's message with them. They'll listen, because they are used to hearing her voice in the Madden20 football video game and also may know her from the "Coach Jen" series of Minecraft games based on her Grrridiron Girls traveling flag football camp.

Fitness Testing Controversy: Your Thoughts?
What do you think of the recent proposal by California Governor Gavin Newsom to ban fitness testing in schools? The proposal centers on concerns around gender identity and body-shaming. You can learn much more about the topic in this episode of KQED's Forum .

Fit Kids takes great interest in the opinions of our supporters, and we hope you will email us with your thoughts on this matter.
Fit Kids in mOppenheim.Org's Non-Profit Spotlight
 Fit Kids appeared today in the Non-Profit Spotlight section of mOppenheim.Org, a non-profit committed to highlighting the work of other non-profits. The article focuses on Fit Kids Founder Ashley Hunter and our organization's continuing evolution, with an emphasis on impacting the youth we serve.
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