We are back and we missed you!
These past few weeks have been challenging for everyone, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to welcome our athletes back to the gym on June 1. As the state of this public health emergency changes from day to day, we will remain focused on keeping our employees and our customers safe, healthy, and informed. Our normal procedures have changed in order to align with the State Mandates and Safety Protocols. Please read below in order to comply with our new operating procedures and registration.
Drop Off Procedure
Customers will need to enter the parking lot from the Comstock Parkway entrance. Follow around the building to the side entrance. Stop at the side entrance with the orange awning for drop off of your athlete. I will come to your car to facilitate an intake procedure. Please have your athlete remain in the car. PLease be on-time for classes.
Please wear a mask
Parents and athletes will need to wear a mask at all times in the car. We want to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Don’t have a mask? No problem! We have them for sale! Order online and we will deliver to your car.
Your athlete may keep their mask on during practice if you wish but it is not required.
Intake Protocol
Temperature Scan
We will be taking every athletes temperature with a non-contact digital thermometer scanner upon every arrival into the gym for every athlete every day.
COVID-19 Screening
We will be using the Rhode Island Department of Health's and Department of Human Services' COVID-19 screening tool to determine whether your athlete will be able to enter the gym for practice. If your athlete has a temperature of 100 degrees or more, a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, body aches or chills, runny nose or stuffy nose, soar throat or diarrhea
your athlete will be excluded from the gym until they are completely free of symptoms for 72 hours, AND 7 days have passed since their first symptoms started.
Practice social distancing
Parents, please remain in your car during this drop-off procedure. Please remember to stay a safe distance (at least 6 feet) from the intake coach. Parents are not allowed to enter the building. Viewing can happen from the doorways in the Big Gym and the Front windows in the Little Gym.
We will be installing cameras to watch classes online securely as we can. Let’s all be as safe as possible.
Social Distancing
New Athlete Requirements
Please have your athlete bring the following to class:
Yoga Mat and Towel
Bucket with a lid with chalk if you have it. If you do not have chalk we will provide one block.
Water Bottle with name
Hand Sanitizer
Coach and Athlete Safety During Practices
Athletes will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the builiding after intake.
Athletes and coaches will wash their hands and feet after each rotation.
Doors will remain open and fans will be on to create fresh air flow.
Social distancing between athletes will be enforced by using stations, their yoga mats and marker dots.
The locker room, lobby, front desk and congregating areas will not be used.
Athletes will enter the building and have a place in the storage racks inside the side entrance to place their belongings on their towel. They must take all of their belongings back home with them after each practice.
There will be no food allowed in the gym.
Coach : Athlete Ratio for Team will be 1:15
Coach : Athlete Ratio for recreation classes will be 1:8
Athlete Pick-Up
Athletes will be escorted by a coach one at a time to their parents.
During good weather please wait outside the front door for Rec classes and the back door for Team practices.
If it is raining you may remain in your car in a parking spot and we will escort your athlete to your car.
If you are going to be late, please call the gym at 401-228-8946.
PLease try and be ontime for pick-up as we will need to sanitize in between classes.
Gym Sanitization
Our entire facility has been fogged by Sole Source Restoration with Micro Thermal Fogging and Electrostatic Spraying. This disinfectant fog attaches to air particles and destroys any biofilms, including the novel coronavirus. Next, hospital-grade germicide was sprayed using electrostatic spraying, killing over 99% of germs and viruses.
The gym will be sprayed nightly with disinfectant.
The equipment will be sprayed or wiped after each rotation and nightly.
Bathrooms and all surfaces will be disinfected and wiped nightly.
All floring will be vaccumed and sanitized nightly.
New Schedule
Our new schedule will be a fluid schedule being updated every 2 weeks as we expect more and more athletes returning as the weeks go on. Please continue to read emails and checking back on our website for updates. Please click on the link below to register online. NO cash or check payments will be accepted at this time. Credit Cards will be the only form of payments and accepted through our customer portal online.

I would like to thank all of you for your constant support during this pandemic. We are all facing a health and economic crisis. You and your athlete's commitment to our programming is essential to the future of our mission. I have learned through all of this the true meaning of what this gym means to me, my coaches and our families. It has given me the clarity of what I want it to be for our future. We are not giving up. Gymnastics has taught me that when you fall down you have to get right back up. I have used this life lesson countless times in my life. This may have been a hard fall, but with hard work, team work and perseverance we will conquer.

I wish you all a safe return as we adjust to getting our lives back. I pray you and your families are healthy. I cannot wait to see all the kids back in the gym.

Dream BIG!!

Coach Shannon
Dream Big Academy 401-228-8946