Hi all,
We hope this note finds you and your family well. We are so excited to announce that both our Pleasanton and San Ramon academies will be re-opening INDOORS on Monday, October 12th. We have successfully run outdoor classes for 10 weeks without incident, and are ready to move to the next stage of running indoor classes. Our same commitment to safety will continue both outdoors as well as indoors because the safety of our staff and team is the priority. I know this email is a bit long, but it includes a lot of very important info on our re-opening so we ask you to please take a minute to read through it.

We will be re-opening indoors on Monday, but we will continue to have outdoor classes as well temporarily. Our new Pleasanton Schedule is here. You will notice that some of the classes are marked with "(IN)." This means that the class will be indoors. All other classes will remain outdoors. We also realize that some of our classes are consistently full. Due to this, we have added some additional kids BJJ classes on Thursdays, along with Thursday night Limited Contact Adult BJJ, and Boxing -Pad work (limited contact) on Mondays. In addition, some of our San Ramon team members will be leaving Pleasanton and going to classes in San Ramon which will also free up some space in the classes. However, we are inviting all San Ramon members to continue training in Pleasanton if they prefer outdoor classes and aren't ready to train indoors. We are prepared to add more classes as we see more classes filling up.

San Ramon:
We will be re-opening indoors on Monday with very limited capacity due to the county's requirements. Initially, our classes can only have 5 students plus an instructor. We are re-opening with a light schedule until we have a better idea as to how many of our team are ready to return. We will re-open with 3 days, but we are fully prepared to open more classes and more days as more of our team returns. We will also be revisiting the schedule within 2 weeks and adding/changing classes to meet the needs of our team. And if you are currently training in Pleasanton and are ready to move back to San Ramon, please send us a quick email letting us know so that we can reassign your account.

For BOTH academies - please see our Safety Protocols and Reopening Info (link is at bottom of page) for all of the details on safety and how we are re-opening both academies indoors. Also, prior to returning to training, we will need our updated waiver completed, as well as your membership reactivation form. You can find both forms here https://linktr.ee/CrispimBJJ

ZOOM - We will also have to temporarily pause the Zoom classes for now, effective Wednesday, October 7th as our entire staff is working to get both academies ready for Monday. Because we are currently understaffed with instructors, it is difficult to have them teach all live classes, as well as zoom classes. Over the next several weeks, we will be working on a process to provide live facebook (or zoom) access to some of our actual live classes so that anyone who isn't comfortable returning to the academy yet, will still have access to live online training.

We would also like to apologize for all of you who have had issues with our scheduler. To say that it is a poor service is an understatement. Effective for classes starting on 10/12, we will be using a new scheduler. If you are already registered for classes for the week of the 12th, we will switch your reservations over for that week, and we will confirm with you via email. Please do not sign up for any additional classes from the 12th on until we get the new scheduler up and running. The new scheduler will be available to start scheduling on Friday, October 9th.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank all of you who have continued to support our team and academy during these past 7 months. We know too many academies (and other businesses) across the country who have permanently shut down, and our hearts break for them. Keeping a business afloat during a 6-7 month lockdown is no easy task, but we are so happy that we have made it through and can continue to provide incredible Martial Art training to our communities for a long time to come.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we are so excited to see all of you returning! Thank you for choosing to train with us!

All our best,
Crispim, Michele, Jeremiah and Beto