September 2017 Issue

  • Re-Routing Your Growth Strategy: What Got You Here Won't Get You There!
  • The Next Big Leap for B2B Product Management
In the Trenches FAQs
  • How Can Product Management Exert Stronger Influence & Leadership?

Product Management Playbook 
  • Five Steps to Solutions-Driven Product Management 

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In this issue we discuss your growth strategy and the length of time you can ride one growth model before the market shifts.

We also predict the next big leap for B2B product management and where it puts us on the maturity scale.

Also, check out our brand new lineup of training programs that are more conducive to ongoing learning and development of advanced skills required to accelerate your growth.

Enjoy our September issue!
John Mansour, Managing Partner
Re-Routing Your Growth Strategy
What Got You Here Won't Get You There!

Most B2B organizations get started the same way. They identify a niche problem and develop a solution. Then they do it again, and again. This formula might work for years. But eventually products commoditize, markets shift and the law of diminishing returns kicks in. The ideal time to re-route your growth strategy is before your growth starts to taper off.

Here are seven things to consider to keep your growth in high gear.

The Next Big Leap for B2B Product Management
From Market Problems to Customer Goals

The next big leap for the B2B product management profession will be a complete shift away from "market problems" to a focus on "customer goals." This will be the turning point that finally takes B2B product management to the level of influence and leadership it has always aspired to in the organization. Why? 

Here are the three biggest reasons.

In the Trenches 
FAQs For Inquiring Product Management Minds

  1. What are some things product management can do to exert more influence and demonstrate stronger leadership?

Product Management Playbook 
Quick Refreshers to Keep Your Team at the Top of Its Game
  1. Five Steps to Solutions-Driven Product Management