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We heard you ELT community! 


With the help of your feedback we have updated our IHHP EI360TM  platform.  

In the next month you will hear from your Program Manager with the specific details to help you transfer to the new report.  One of the reasons we choose the platform we did was because it's ease of use - see, we were listening!  

The supporting material will include updated EI360TM set-up and debriefing slides, F-Guide updates and a training webinar.  Stay tuned!


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Emotional Intelligence

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July 7,9,14,16,20


Toronto: June 16-17
Toronto: June 18-19

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New York: Oct 6-7

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Toronto: Nov. 12-13

We wrote the book on pressure  




IHHP is excited to introduce our enhanced EI360:


It's that time again.  Last year we began with the redesign and enhancement of our globally recognized and delivered Emotional Intelligence (EI) training program but we didn't stop there! Next, we focused on designing the virtually led EI training program.   Now, we are updating IHHP's accompanying EI360TM assessment. 


Not to worry, we haven't changed the core competencies of the assessment or the intuitive report structure. IHHP's new EI360 platform replicates the best of our current EI360 tool while adding a number of new enhancements and features:

  • Improved on-line usability of the participants and evaluator (rater) experience
  • Enhanced intuitiveness and readability of the participant feedback report
  • Enhanced Psychometrics to ensure overall validity as well as redefined performance ranges
  • Additional administrative self-service features providing monitoring of participant progress
  • New reporting feature allows access to your corporate EI360 data
  • A more reliable and stable technology platform

We are very excited with the platform and look forward to sharing it with our clients. We maintain our commitment to helping people and organizations everywhere be their best, especially in their most pressure-filled moments and this is just one more step we are taking to help that commitment become a reality for our partnering clients. 


If you are interested in seeing the new IHHP EI360TM platform, program updates, and virtual format try out our upcoming on-line "Performing Under Pressure - The Science of Emotional Intelligence" program starting July 7th - please click here for further inquiries and registration.


Webinar | Save the date
"Managing the Pressure of Change"
August 19th @ 12:00pm EST
Building your COTE of Armor. Introduced to you in our March newsletter: Part four of the four part mini-series. 

C - Confidence

O - Optimism

T - Tenacity

E - Enthusiasm



the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. The quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.


'So how do you make tenacity a choice? What steps can you take to more tenacious in high-pressure situations?


Step #1 - Energize yourself by establishing meaningful goals

Step #2 - Practice focusing

Step #3 - Be adaptable


Excerpt is taken from page 241 of the Performing under Pressure book.


Continue building your COTE of Armor with this 4 part mini-series. Next month, E is for Enthusiasm. Read more in July's newsletter.


Performing Under Pressure:
In the media!

When under pressure, how can you reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, fear or embarrassment? 

Pressure on leaders is unrelenting. Authors look at how to improve performance under pressure

Interview with one of the authors, our own Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

For even more media coverage, click here.
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