Last year, the New Mexico Hospitality Association launched the Member Information Center (MIC) as a benefit to members to serve as the Association's main platform for industry resources, year-round networking and increased visibility.

As the summer tourism season kicks into high gear, now is a great opportunity to refresh you on all capabilities and features of the MIC and how you can use this tool.
MIC Feature: Building Your Profile

With the MIC, you can expect a variety of tools and portals that will not only provide you and your associates with the knowledge to thrive in the hospitality and tourism industry, but also receive exclusive, 24/7, access to other key decision-makers and professionals throughout the state to network, collaborate and potentially establish business partnerships.

Creating an engaging profile for both your business and yourself as a professional is the first step in the MIC experience. With a completed profile, you will increase your digital touch points with your colleagues through the MIC and the public through our member directory.

What you can expect with a company and personal profile:

Company/Organization Profile
Personal Profile

You will have the opportunity to build a web page for your company or organization that will display both within the MIC for members and on the NMHA website through our member directory for all website visitors to access and view.

With your web page, you can:
  • Add company contact info
  • Add your website
  • Display the date your business or organization was established
  • List your employees or associates
  • Link your company social media accounts
  • Display hours of operation and map location
  • Feature a video and photo gallery
Along with your company page, every representative will have the opportunity to create personal profiles so individuals can connect with other professionals through the MIC. Each membership allows access for up to 10 people.

With your personal profile, you can:
  • Add personal contact info, a short bio and a display photo
  • Join interest groups to connect with like-minded professions and access exclusive content
  • Link personal social media profiles
  • Control display preferences for all information
  • Direct download the vCard for other NMHA members
The member profile for the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a great example of using the MIC to create a great web page that appears in our public-facing member directory!

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Who should be using the MIC?

The capabilities of the MIC can provide benefit to many of the people at your business or organization.

The MIC would be great for your:

  • Owner/Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Event Coordinator
  • Billing or Finance Manager
  • Development Specialist
  • Marketing Director
  • HR Director
  • Web Designer
  • Public Relations Coordinator
Have Any Questions? 
If you have any questions about the MIC, Cody Johnson with the New Mexico Hospitality Association would be happy to help.

phone: 505-506-8624
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